Budget ShopperBudget Shopper: 10 Top-Of-The-Line Online Stationery Stores That Fit Your Budget

Budget Shopper: 10 Top-Of-The-Line Online Stationery Stores That Fit Your Budget

Do you remember when you would shop for your back-to-school stationery and books, choosing the prettiest-designed books and cutest pencil box? And show them off among all your friends? Cute stationery, colourful pens and hardbound notebooks are a few things that made school really really fun! And even as an adult, you have to admit that notepads, sticky notes, and planners make working fun! Teach your kids how to make a pen stand at home. and help them learn new hobbies. Especially when you go back to your worklist and take into account everything you’ve done. But with the lockdown, not all stores are accessible and shopping psychically for stationery is a little difficult. That’s why we have brought 10 amazing online stationery stores that you can shop from. And it’s even better because they all fit on a budget!

10 Fun Online Stationery Stores On A Budget

1. The June Shop

The June Shop is a space that provides cute pastel-coloured stationery for all your assignments. When working or studying, you must have remembered that ‘you need to dry the laundry’ or ‘the deadline for your assignment is nearing.’ Writing notes along the way to remember what needs to be done is a way to keep track of your work. And what better way to remember than writing it down on a board, that is right before your eyes. The June Shop offers cute writing boards for you to note down all your important points and assignments. 

Price: Rs 499 onwards

2. Alicia Souza

This is a store that will make you smile as you browse. With cute illustrations, Alicia Souza has created a range of illustrated stationery. Life is busy, and following up on dates and tracking them gets hectic. At times like these, planners are the best friend to have. One of the most loved planners by Alicia Souza is the undated planner. It includes a section for goals, grocery lists, bookmarks, stickers and a period tracker! Check out Alicia Souza’s journey to becoming an independent designer here

Price: Rs 899 onwards

3. The Messy Corner

Personalized notebook! A book with your name engraved on it! Isn’t it exciting! The Messy Corner is a space that will personalize beautiful, floral notebooks with your name on them. And what’s more, is that the notebook is hardbound. Make journaling, sketching or even writing random notes more fun with The Messy Corner’s notebooks. 

Price: Rs 699 onwards

4. Brown Living

Brown Living is a place for all things sustainable and plastic-free. Approximately 1.8 billion plastic pens are tossed into the trash, each year. Hence, opting for recycled paper pens and pencils is a step towards living a sustainable and eco-friendly life. They also have plantable seed pens and coloured pencils! Check out desi eco-friendly brands here. You can also shop from a wide range of sustainable and eco-friendly brands from the Red Dot Shop, here. 

Price: Rs 150 onwards

5. Sapna Book House

Sapna Book House is a large bookstore chain that sells everything from books to stationery and craft supplies. While walking into the store is like walking in heaven for all stationery lovers, the online store is no less! It is a deep sea of books and stationery that you can get lost in. It is a destination for all stationery requirements. 

Price: Price varies depending on the brand. 

6. The Paper Company

Washi tapes, sticky notes, and page tabs are some of those things that you need to buy because they are oh-so-cute! Also helpful! The Paper Company sells beautiful floral sticky notes and washi taps and adorable penguin page tabs. They are perfect to decorate your project, wrap a gift or just make tiny notes in your novel or planner. 

Price: Rs 250 onwards

7. Itsy Bitsy 

Another craft heaven for stationery and DIY lovers. Find the most unique and aesthetic item for your project at Itsy Bitsy. The store has chalk paint and cute canvas pencil pouches. If you are looking for accessories or craft supplies for your new home project, this is the space you need to check out! 

Price: Price varies depending on the brand. 

8. Craft Boat

Ever thought of sending a beautiful handwritten note to your bae? And with the lack of proper supplies, you wrote one on a white sheet, and burnt the edges for an old-school look? It’s time to step up from that old hack! Craft Boat has beautiful naturally dyed papers, envelopes and notepads, perfect for your love confessions. 

Price: Rs 350 onwards

9. Origin One

What if your dream is to have your own bookstore? Or maybe just a home library where your friends can borrow books? Or maybe you just LOVE books. Personalise each book as your own with a stamp! It may be over the top but you have to admit it’s beautiful. Origin One has the most rustic and creative stationery supplies and the stamps are to die for. 

Price: Rs 595

10. Supple Room

You can never have enough pastels and stationery. They simply light up the room and get you excited! The Supple Room has the perfect combination of pastels and stationery, with the right colour balance and shine! Shop for the most dreamy stationery at Supple Room. Buy pens, washi tapes, paper clips and many more!

Price: Rs 175 onwards

With this list of online stationery stores, are you excited to get back to school or work? We bet you are! Let us know in the comments which store or product is your favourite! 

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