Budget ShopperBudget Shopper: 10 Affordable & Unique Housewarming Gifts

Budget Shopper: 10 Affordable & Unique Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming parties are seeing the light of day due to vaccinations and social distancing. They are always a good time, whether you have bought your first-ever studio apartment or arrived in a charming suburban neighbourhood. And while a housewarming party is to take in the place, space, and vibe and offer congratulations, showing up empty-handed is an absolute no-go. But that certainly doesn’t mean you have to gift an expensive item that results in some serious damage to your bank account. Here are some thoughtful and affordable housewarming gifts you can bring in tow so you aren’t banned from the next shindig! Have a look at these glass bottle craft ideas and share with us the glass crafts you made.

10 Budget Gifts For The Next Housewarming Party You Attend

1. Mellow Ways Vase – Green – Chumbak

Make your living space more beautiful with this unique glass bottle vase. Made of glass & MDF, this Mellow Ways Vase is a perfect pick for home decor! The jute twine and leaf accents give it an old-world charm and the subtle green colour is soothing. Add some pampas grass or an assortment of bougainvillaea flowers.

Price: Rs 495

2. Blue Serveware – Vaani Crafts

A must-have for your next house party, this Blue Serveware from Vaani Crafts makes events extra special. It’s perfect to serve curries and all kinds of pasta. It is ceramic, handmade and lead-free and is dishwasher and microwave safe. The lid design and the grooves make it a stunning piece on your dinner table.

Price: Rs 625

3. Boho Ornate Lantern – Gold – Chumbak

Add a vintage touch to your home with the Boho Ornate Lantern – Gold. Made from iron with intricate filigree work, decorate it with fairy lights or make it a centrepiece using wildflowers. This metal decor piece is a great addition to your mandir, balcony or favourite corner of your house. You can add tealights to make it a highlight decor piece.

Price: Rs 495

4. Longpi Black Pottery ‘Matsya’ Serving Bowl – Terracotta by Sachii

With eco-friendly, natural and sustainable products in organic materials like terracotta that aren’t easily available in the market, Terracotta by Sachii brings functional and decorative products showcasing beautiful heritage crafts. Made with ground serpentine stone, clay and cane, the Longpi Black Pottery ‘Matsya’ serving bowl adds an ethnic vibe to your home.

Price: Rs 750

5. Carnival Pom – Pom Planter – Chumbak

For friends and family with a green thumb, the Carnival Pom Pom Planter is the perfect gift. This colourful and vibrant planter features hand-carved patterns and is rimmed with colourful pom poms. Made from cement, they add vibrancy, light, and fun to your space and are wonderful housewarming gifts for a friend.

Price: Rs 695

6. Longpi Black Pottery Coffee Mug Large – Terracotta by Sachii

If you want to make your morning coffee time a special affair, then this one’s for you. Longpi pottery from Manipur is made from a mixed paste of ground black serpentinite stone and special brown clay, which is found only in Longpi village. Get your morning cuppa in this Longpi mug and enjoy the sunrise or add a splash of whiskey to turn it into an Irish coffee after a long day.

Price: Rs 630

7. Forest Animals Jewellery Box – Green – Chumbak

Styling your look on the go with jewellery just became easier with the Forest Animals Jewellery Box. Made from eco-leather, velvet lining, and cardboard, it has one main compartment, a ring compartment and a smaller compartment. The design makes the piece stand out and is a must-have for your dresser.

Price: Rs 795

8. Redolence Neptune Lotus Light Holder Set – Home Centre

Gifting solutions are made easy with this set of lotus light holders that add grace and charm to your loved ones’ home decor. Sustainable, ecologically sound, pesticide-free manufacturing is a key element that makes this piece unique. Add a tealight of your choice and make your space aesthetically exceptional.

Price: Rs 349

9. Tribal Decal Elephant Figurine – Home Centre

Gifting woes take a back seat with this elephant figurine that adds a sophisticated charm to your living room decor. The intricate white-coloured designs on the smooth black colour of the piece are mesmerising. And it certainly is in line with the belief that elephants bring home luck and prosperity.

Price: Rs 899

10. Turquoise Streak Platter

This Turquoise streak platter is a great way to serve kebabs, sushi or burgers. It is a handmade ceramic piece that’s dishwasher and microwave safe. Add the perfect pop of colour to your serveware collection and make your guests go gaga over this exquisite piece that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Price: Rs 875

The best way to turn a home into a house is to add pieces and decor items that reflect your vibes, beliefs and self. So the next time you get an invitation to attend a friend or family member’s housewarming partyor festive celebrations like Diwali or Christmas, grab one of these gifting solutions and help them make their home a house. Additionally, check out 9 customized christmas gifting ideas for your loved ones here., grab one of these gifts and help them make their home a house.

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