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    LifeAstro 46: 5 Sun Sign Pairs That Make Great BFFs

    Astro 46: 5 Sun Sign Pairs That Make Great BFFs

    Swipe left in the slideshow below to know more about 5 sun sign pairs that make great BFFs (best friends forever):

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    Astro 46: 5 Sun Sign Pairs That Make Great Best friends Forever
    The world works in mysterious ways. At times, you bond with others based on your similarities because that helps you relate to each other. However, quite surprisingly at other times, your innate differences bring you together and make you respect each other for the qualities that you don’t have in yourself.

    Know more about these 5 sun sign pairs that work like a house on fire when they are together and check out whether you and your BFFs are one among them.
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    1. Virgo & Aquarius
    Virgo & Aquarius share similar interests and the degree of independence, and the ways in which they like to spend their time. In short, they are highly compatible as friends. There are certain qualities in them that may clash like they both have stubborn outlooks and don’t like sharing everything all the time. But neither of them are too pushy and let’s each open up in the manner that they want to - qualities that keep them together.
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    2. Scorpio & Cancer
    Both are emotionally intense sun signs and that’s exactly the reason they connect so closely with each other. Scorpio is intense with all that goes on in her heart, while Cancer feels emotions very deeply. The intensity, generosity, and passion in each of their individual characters helps them find themselves in one another.
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    3. Libra & Scorpio
    There are certain elements in their characteristics that clash with each other. And yet the deep bond that they miraculously form is a force to reckon with. This arises from the fact that, despite the differences, they are completely comfortable in each other’s company.
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    4. Pisces & Pisces
    There are few other friendships as fast as the one that Pisces shares with her own sun sign. There’s mutual admiration between people belonging to this sun sign. That apart, the friendship between them flows with ease because that’s how they are individually as well. As a result, they don’t let each other feel pressurised and bring out the honest selves in each other. The fact that they prefer avoiding problems than dealing with them and abhor confrontations further enables them to nurture their friendship.
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    5. Scorpio & Aquarius
    The strength in the friendship that these two sun signs share is rooted in their differences. However, the steadfast nature, which each of them possess in ample, creates mutual respect between them and cements their friendship from the core. Like they say, opposites attract! And the same is true when it comes to friendships as well.
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