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    Cold Water Bath Or Hot Water Bath – What Is Good For You?

    Every morning seems to be a task to get up from your bed, doesn’t it? We all struggle, snoozing the alarm for 5 minutes, even though we’ve had a good night’s sleep. However, one thing that truly refreshes us all is a shower. So are you a hot shower person or a cold shower one? Most of us want to take a hot shower in the morning and relax our bodies. We all have the notion that only a hot water bath can freshen us up. But there are a lot of benefits of bathing with cold water as well.

    The debate about cold shower vs hot shower has been going on forever. Bathing relaxes our body apart from cleaning it. It is nothing short of magic how the feel of water on our skin just rejuvenates us. We feel fresh, activated and energised. However, most people prefer hot showers over a cold. One of the main reasons for this is that hot water is comforting. And many still prefer it, be it the scorching summer heat or the freezing winter morning. But very few are aware that cold water baths have amazing benefits as well. So, today let us discuss both; cold shower benefits and hot shower benefits.

    Pros Of Hot Water Bath

    1. Elevates The Mood Instantly

    It is undoubtedly the most known fact about cold shower benefits. If you are low on energy or if you are emotionally and physically tired, a hot water bath will instantly boost your mood. Studies have shown that a hot water bath helps release body enzymes and makes you feel calm and relaxed. 

    2. Makes You Sleep Better

    After a tiresome day, a hot water bath is soothing. As mentioned, it relaxes your muscles and brings relief. As you are relaxed and soothed after a hot water bath, you can sleep peacefully. At night your body temperature drops, therefore, having a warm water bath helps in balancing the body temperature. That increases the level of melatonin and allows you to sleep better.

    3. Provides Muscle Pain Relief

    It is all about relaxation. When you bathe with warm water, your body temperature increases, your muscles relax and you tend to feel calm. If you have a sore muscle, you are advised to put a hot water bottle on the area. Similarly, a hot water bath yields the same results. 

    Cons Of Hot Water Bath

    Along with pros, hot water baths to have their set of cons. Following are some of the most common ones:

    • A hot water bath sometimes over-dries and irritates the skin, which might result in redness.
    • Hot water baths, if taken regularly, cause itching due to the extreme dryness.
    • Skin conditions can get worse if a hot water bath is taken regularly.
    • It is said that hot water increases blood pressure.

    Pros Of Cold Water Bath

    1. Gives Your Skin A Healthy Glow

    A lot of research studies mention that your hair and skin should be washed with cold water, especially your face. One of the main reasons is that hot water makes the hair and skin weak. We tend to experience more hair fall when it comes in touch with hot water and the scalp becomes too dry. Dry skin and hair fall strips away the natural shine and glow of our hair and skin. Therefore, the benefits of bathing with cold water includes giving your skin a healthy, shiny glow and less hair fall.

    2. Lowers Depression

    A cold water bath might need courage but, once you begin, the body adjusts to the temperature and the benefits are aplenty. A cold water bath might not sound soothing compared to hot water. But studies have claimed that a cold water shower will provide your body with a deep cleanse and lower depression as well. You feel more activated and less sleepy. 

    3. Boosts Blood Circulation

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    A cold water shower is recommended by many doctors since it helps increase blood circulation. As the cold water comes in contact with your limbs, it helps in increasing circulation and maintains the ideal body temperature. 

    Cons Of Cold Water Bath

    Along with a  lot of benefits of bathing with cold water, it does have fewer demerits. Below are the cons of taking a cold water bath:

    • It is too harsh for your weak body when you are sick. Therefore if you are suffering from severe cold or high fever, avoid taking a cold water bath.
    • It is very important to maintain an ideal body temperature since our body takes a lot of time to warm up. Thus, cold water baths should be avoided during extremely low temperatures.

    Cold Shower Or Hot Shower – How To Choose Between The Two

    Choosing between a hot water bath and a cold water bath is subjective. One may not like cold water baths at all or vice versa. There are a lot of people who would choose to take a cold water bath even in freezing low temperatures. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, one should always make sure to address the requirements of their body. If you are suffering from lack of sleep or muscle pain, it is better to take a calming hot water bath. Whereas, if you feel lethargic and inactive, a cold water bath will stimulate energy and wake your body up instantly.

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