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Video: 5 Ways To Take Charge Of Your Own Happiness

You might have heard people saying your happiness is in your hand, and that’s true. We might feel joy when others do or say nice things but in reality, it is you who allows yourself to be happy. Happiness is a great feeling and most of us try a lot to stay happy in our lives as much as we can. Staying 24×7 happy isn’t that practical unless you live with a dog! But you can definitely invest more in yourself to stay happy.

5 Ways To Make Place For Happiness In Your Life

1. Be Patient With Yourself

Prof. Virus from 3 Idiots said life is a race and you must run, but there is absolutely no reason for you to believe him. Life is a journey and you must take your time to travel and do the things you have to, feel the things you want to. It can be as simple as you wanting to take a gap year before you opt for a Master’s degree or you wanting to sleep for an extra half an hour at times. It’s okay to do the things you find satisfying because, in the end, these are the things that don’t let us burn out.

2. Carve Out Me-Time

Our mind and body are connected and for both of them to function properly they must be in sync. This is why me-time is so important. The best way to practice me-time is by meditating. You can take some time out each day to connect your mind and body and concentrate on what it needs. The only way you can truly listen to yourself is when you take a break from listening to others.

3. Let Go Of What You Can’t Control

Sometimes we waste too much time overthinking. We analyse the possibilities and fall into the rut of regrets, the only thing you can do to avoid this is letting things go. This can’t be done by either actively not thinking about things or just talking to yourself about why certain things don’t matter to you anymore. This will also give you a rather practical approach to life.

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4. Dance Out The Stress

Dancing releases endorphins into our bloodstream and that’s why we get super excited each time we hit the floor. It is always a great way to kick out the stress, we feel much better after sweating and it is a great form of exercise too. If you can’t dance because of something, you can go for a run maybe as it can be equally effective. But whenever you get the chance, groove a little, it’s fun!

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5. Don’t Take Everything Personally

For us, we are the centre of the universe and honestly, why not? We should care a lot about ourselves. But in this process we sometimes take everything happening around us personally even when we shouldn’t. Because not everything has got to do with you. 

Your happiness is in your hands so take charge of it by adopting these ways, we wish you nothing but happiness!

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