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6 Lessons From Alia Bhatt’s Candid Conversations About Her Mental Health

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6 Lessons From Alia Bhatt’s Candid Conversations About Her Mental Health
There have been quite a few B-Town celebrities who have dared to come out clean about their battles with mental health, despite it still being a taboo subject. And one of the most recent ones from them is ace actor Alia Bhatt. She talked about her anxiety that she experienced back in 2016, when she was riding high on the success of her movies Gully Boy and Raazi. Know more about 6 lessons we can learn from her mental health journey.
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1. Recognise The Symptoms
“I haven’t been depressed but I’ve had bouts of anxiety. It comes and goes. It’s been happening quite a bit since the past five to six months. It’s not like an anxiety attack but I just feel low.”
Apparent symptoms of mental illness are most often brushed under the carpet, even if they start happening with alarming regularity. Because that feels like the easiest way out, without realising that it does us more than good in the long-run.
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2. It Can Be Confusing
“Initially, I’d be a little confused. I’d constantly give reasons that it’s because of work or maybe I’m tired or haven’t been able to meet anyone.”
A lot of times, mental health conditions cannot be logically explained. It may occur even if you're doing great in life. Don’t get perturbed, but recognise their presence.
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3. Accept
“Everyone told me that you’ve got to realise that it will go away. What’s important is to accept it and not say that you’re fine. If you’re not feeling fine, then you should just say you’re not feeling fine.”
Alia’s friends guided her well in making her understand how to deal with her mental health situation the right way. And kudos to her for taking their advice the right way and acting upon with positivity.
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1. Stay With It
“No matter how bad it is, I just let myself feel it.”
Don’t brush it away as something minor, so it doesn’t blow out of proportions later. Instead, sit with the turbulent emotions and let yourself feel them. That’s the only way to take mental disorders head-on and treat them from their roots.
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5. Know About Your Condition
“Thankfully, I’m aware of it because of my sister, Shaheen. She’s fought depression. I’ve read her book.”
Rather than brushing your symptoms under the carpet and trying to forget all about it, make an effort to know more about it - how to recognise the symptoms and what to do to treat it effectively.
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6. Reach Out For Help
“I spoke to friends about it.”
Don’t think twice about talking to your friends and family about yourself. The real well-wishers will stay by you through thick and thin, lending you the support that you need.
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