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    5 Digital Communities You Can Reach Out For Help & Support During The Lockdown

    Since the lockdown period began in India, people have been searching for ways to stay connected online. With misinformation spreading like wildfire, people are sharing online resources to curb the spread of rumours. Also, a lot of different communities of people are on the lookout for a platform to connect.

    Here are some digital communities you can reach out to for help and support during this time.

    1. MyGov Corona Helpdesk

    MyGov Corona Helpdesk To Support You During 21 Days Lockdown
    Picture Credit: MyGov

    The Indian government is well aware of the power WhatsApp holds in India. And during the last month or so, it became evident that there are several anti-social elements busy spreading lies and misinformation. To curb that, the government launched WhatsApp Corona Helpdesk. This text bot helps you get instant authoritative answers to the coronavirus queries. This includes the symptoms of the viral disease and how they could seek help.

    The information is being provided by the Indian Ministry of Health. The bot was built by Mumbai-based firm Haptik Technologies. The firm was acquired in 2019 by Reliance Jio. With the tagline, ‘prepare, don’t panic’, this resource is helping billions of Indian citizens receive correct information.

    2. World Health Organisation

    Get In Touch With World Health Organisation During 21 Days Lockdown
    Picture Credit: WHO

    WHO partnered with WhatsApp to create a helpline that works across the globe. This ensures the provision of accurate health information related to the coronavirus. The WHO Health Alert provides tips on how people could protect themselves. Along with that, it gives out the latest news updates and findings on the pandemic. It also answers some of the frequently asked questions.

    3. Corona Support India

    Corona Support India
    Picture Credit: Corona Support India

    This is a people-led initiative uniting everyone in the fight against COVID-19. From news updates from credible sources to articles on how to cope with emotional stress during the lockdown, this is a great resource for all. Corona Support India is recruiting online volunteers to help the citizens of India fight this pandemic. They are dedicated towards facilitating crisis support, therapy and counselling, mobilising of essential resources, debunking fake news, spreading awareness and communication around the world.

    They are looking for online volunteers who are;

    • Aware & Enthusiastic Citizens willing to help in any way possible
    • Mental Health Practitioners
    • Medical Practitioners
    • Health & Fitness Professionals
    • Influencers
    • Media & Public Administration Professionals

    You can connect with them on Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and Twitter. You can also use the hashtag #HelpKaroNa to reach out to the CSI community. For partnerships, reach out at [email protected]

    4. YourDOST

    YourDOST To Help You With Counselling During 21 Days Lockdown
    Picture Credit: YourDost

    An online therapy platform is essential in today’s time. People, during the lockdown, may experience isolation, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Those already suffering from mental ailments will not be able to go for sessions in person. To assist the ones going through a rough emotional time, yourDOST is the perfect solution.

    They provide counselling for all areas with the help of experts all around the country. t anonymously connects you with the right expert consisting of psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, life coaches, career guides and people with rich and deep life experience, who understand you and guide you through completely confidential individual sessions. 

    5. Malini’s Girl Tribe

    Stay Connected With Malini's Girl Tribe During 21 Days Lockdown
    Picture Credit: Miss Malini’s Girl Tribe

    This digital community is a place for girls to talk, share, support, empower and inspire each other. It is a space for women to find allies and this comes handy in a situation like the lockdown. Many of us are living on our own, far away from family and home. The group welcomes questions from the members, encourages them to seek help and share inspirational stories. This community is open to discussing the burning topics and claims nothing is off limits. The only requirement is to approach each other with empathy and kindness. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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