HealthMenstruationGreen Period: A Menstruation Term All Women Need To Understand

Green Period: A Menstruation Term All Women Need To Understand

We often tend to feel that products that are tagged as “sustainable” are not reliable enough. We feel that them being sustainable or eco-friendly implies that they won’t be functional enough. This is because, in a lot of cases, plastics have made our lives infinitely easier. But while easier in the short term, there are places where using chemicals and plastics are not only harmful to the environment but also to our health. The same is applicable for period products.  

Menstrual products have gone from being dirty pieces of cloth used to soak period blood (bulky and uncomfortable), to one-time-use pads and tampons (predominantly plastic based). This enables a lot of comfort and leak protection but also had side effects on our health and wellbeing. But can we not have both together? Comfort and health? Functionality and sustainability? 

New age, sustainability-conscious period products have shown us that this can indeed be the case. Cramp relief roll-ons, heat patches, gummies, and period panties, all these product innovations are showing us that the world of period products is undergoing revolutionary changes. Adding biodegradable menstrual products to the list might just make functionality and sustainability a reality!

Let’s move on to discussing the changes that are taking over period products. 

Happy Earth & Happy You With Sustainable Period Products 

Green Period: A Menstruation Term All Women Need To Understand

Sustainable period products aren’t just eco-friendly but are a boon for your health too. Let’s take a look at their dual benefits here. 

  1. Chemical-Free: Sustainable period products are devoid of dyes, fragrances, dioxins, and chlorine-based bleach. All of these have an adverse effect on not only you but on the planet as well. These chemicals are harmful for the skin, causing rashes and contributing to your overall discomfort. On the other hand, they end up in landfills and leach into our soil and water ways and enter our food chain. This can have disastrous downstream ecological impacts. 
  1. Plastic-Free: It’s about time we wake up to the detrimental effects of plastic on the planet. Plastics break down into small microplastics that take hundreds of years to decompose. These also pollute our lands and seas. And, whether you are aware of it or not, your menstrual pads also contain plastic. Phthalates are usually an integral part of products containing plastic and these phthalates are closely linked to reproductive concerns. So, you subconsciously end up harming the planet, yourself, and your future generations as well.
  1. Breathable: The presence of chemicals and plastics has an adverse effect on your skin, far more than what you can imagine. A breathable material ensures that your lady bits down there can breathe. Breathability ensures that bacteria and other microbes don’t build up in your sensitive areas. And this helps prevent foul odour. You don’t really need fragrances down there. You just need to be able to have a breathable product.

3 Green Alternatives You Should Bookmark

1. Papaya Biodegradable Sanitary Pads (Pack Of 9, XL Size)

Green Period: A Menstruation Term All Women Need To Understand

About The Product: The compostable pads from Papaya are definitely a hit with us since a significant part of the Indian population prefers using pads over menstrual cups and tampons. What makes us love this eco-friendly period product, even more, is that it is soft and leaves you feeling dry during your periods. Say goodbye to that plasticky feeling and you can forget that you are wearing a pad at all. The anti-microbial and non-toxic material of these pads inhibits the growth of bacteria. This coupled with the breathable backsheet also helps to keep you odour free. A completely safe menstrual product indeed!

However, the list doesn’t end here. The pads are devoid of harmful chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. This not only makes the pad better for sensitive skin by keeping you rash-free but also keeps foul odours at bay. The next time you catch yourself wondering, “Which menstrual pads are safe to use?”, remind yourself of the biodegradable period pads from Papaya.

User Testimonial: “Honestly speaking, it is a lifesaver for me, because it is so thin and it is so soft actually that it feels feathery.”

Price: Rs 248

Buy Papaya Biodegradable Sanitary Pads NOW

2. Evergreen Small Menstrual Cups (Pack Of 1, 23 ml Capacity)

About The Product: Meant to be simply inserted into your vagina for a comfortable period, Evergreen Small Menstrual Cups are made from medical-grade silicone and are eco-friendly. While the suction ensures that you’ll experience lesser cramps, the suction seal slides in perfectly without you realising it. There are no chances of getting rashes, feeling uncomfortable wetness, or fear of infections and leakage. To add to that, there is also no scope for menstrual odour. These safe reusable menstrual cups can be used for 12 hours at a stretch, for as long as 10 years.

User Testimonial: Embracing the menstrual cup was a revelation that completely changed the way I experience my periods. The level of comfort it provides is truly unparalleled – no more annoying discomfort or constant adjustments throughout the day. I have the freedom to go about my daily activities without the worry of leaks or the need for frequent changes.” – Janhavi Raut, Mumbai

Price: Rs 362

Buy Evergreen Small Menstrual Cups NOW

3. HealthFab GoPadFree Re-Usable Leak-Proof Period Panty

About The Product: That one period product that would give you freedom from all other period products – sanitary pads, menstrual cups, and tampons. Woven with organic cotton, the period pants are curated with ultra-thin layers of microfibre and leak-proof technology that absorbs the blood completely. You can wear them for 2 years straight with a quick wash every time you use them. Available in a wide range of sizes from 2XS to XXXL, you can take a pick from two colours – black and red. 

User Testimonial: “Ladies! Please do give this a shot! I am waist 30, medium size is perfect. It feels so dry and comfortable plus you feel so good about saving the environment! Five-star product truly!” – Priyanka Pal (named changed), New Delhi

Price: Rs 1,150

Buy HealthFab GoPadFree Re-Usable Leak-Proof Period Panty NOW

So, what does bleeding green mean? Does it imply period blood that’s green in colour? No, absolutely not! It implies being conscious of the products we choose to put into and on our bodies, for improved human and planetary health. A period product that not only rewards you for your choices, but also helps the environment. Quite a multitasker like you. Which is why you two are like BFFs who are inseparable and sustainable when the two of you meet. Why wait to be BFFs with Papaya, since everything’s for the win here?

Know more about Papaya menstrual pads & make the most of its eco-conscious benefits.

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