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    Hair Wash During Period Is Harmful – Myth Or Fact?

    Beta, period ke time pe khatta bilkul mat khana.” There goes your bua or your neighbourhood aunty with their free, unsolicited gyaan. Well, this is just one out of the tons of myths that you have probably heard a zillion times starting from your adolescence. If you think about these myths closely, you’ll see that there are several myths floating around that are related to hair wash during periods itself.  Here’s busting 5 of the most common vis-a-vis washing your hair during that time of the year.

    Busting 5 Myths Related To Washing Hair During Periods

    Myth 1: Taking a bath in hot water makes your period flow heavy.

    Reality: Well, to clear it out, water cannot technically ever make your periods heavy. A lot of times you might feel like your period flow has become heavier when you are showering, irrespective of its temperature. It is so because blobs of blood run down your legs along with water, rather than trickling down, as it usually does otherwise. 

    Myth 2: Water stops your periods. 

    Reality: Just the opposite of the myth that we discussed, water from your shower doesn’t have any effect on your menstrual flow at all. It doesn’t make it heavier nor does it stop it. This is yet another illusion that generations of women are often made to believe. However, the fact remains that it is an illusion that the flow has stopped. The uterus lining continues to ooze out period blood and does its job, irrespective of whether you’re taking a shower or not, whether the water is warm, room temperature, or cold – nothing of these matters.

    Myth 3: Washing your hair during periods makes you infertile.

    Reality: If you’re wondering – can we wash hair during periods? The answer is – hell, yes! Many women would not take hair wash during the periods as they are believed that doing so will make them infertile. Well, let us debunk this myth once and for all. 

    During the early times, the women used to go to a nearby pond for a bath, a space with no segregation, a space that was shared by all women. Taking a dip in the same pond would make the water unhygienic for community usage, which in turn may lead to infections that might cause infertility. Hence, the birth of this myth. 

    Cut to modern times, when a large section of our society has their personal washrooms or a properly segregated community washroom that they can use in complete privacy, the myth is completely baseless. There is no scope for spread of infections when you feel nurture questions in your mind like – does washing hair during periods harmful? And, hence, the thought of period blood making you infertile cannot be further from reality. So, the answer to the question to – should we wash hair during periods is an absolute yes! 

    Myth 4: Washing hair makes your period come faster.

    Reality: Hair wash during periods does not make your period come faster. Washing hair and periods isn’t remotely related. There are a lot of women who would ask their doctors – can we wash hair during periods? Well, there is no scientific reference to prove questions like – does washing hair during periods harmful or will it end your cycle, or make your period come faster. What a warm bath can do is ease your period cramps, making you feel relaxed. 

    Myth 5: Washing your hair during periods affect the quality of your hair.

    Reality: Washing your hair frequently, whether you’re on your periods or not, might lead to hair loss. However, the belief that washing hair during periods will affect your hair health is a complete myth! Myths also say that women should not wash their hair during the first day or the third day. But, well, let us debunk the myth of can we wash hair on first day of period? – with logic.

    2 Reasons Why Maintaining Hygiene During Periods Is Essential

    Washing hair and periods have no relation with diseases, or infertility, or period coming to an end. However, washing hair during these periods is hygienic. The myths seem to be dangerous health issues, however, not cleaning yourself, taking hygiene measures can cause health implications. 

    1. Practice good hygiene, especially during your menstruating days, will reduce the risk of vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis and Urinary Tract disorder (UTI). 
    2. Washing hair during periods is a good hygiene practice. It makes you calm and your body relaxed. 

    Now that we know that washing hair during periods does not harm your health, rather it is a good hygiene practice. So, the next time you feel irritated with the usual side-effects like mood swings, cramps, pain, irritability, among a huge list of others – you know what to do. Take a warm shower, if not wash your hair every day. It is sure to calm down the pain as well as the on-going myths!

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