Health5 Hygiene Tips If You're Prone To Underboob Sweat

5 Hygiene Tips If You’re Prone To Underboob Sweat

Sweating is our body’s natural reaction to maintain the right temperature. When the temperature rises, the body acts to bring it down immediately, enabling the body to remain cool and continue with its normal functions smoothly. When the temperature increases beyond the normal range of 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, it pushes your brain to send a message to your sweat glands, telling them to initiate the process of release of moisture to the skin’s surface. Once this sweat evaporates, which is a challenge for your underboob, due to the humidity outside, this enables your body to return to its normal temperature. The increase in temperature can happen due to multifarious reasons like working out, hot flashes, and scorching weather.

When it comes to your underboob, the bra band as well as the layers of clothes and skin often acts as barriers in enabling the sweat to be exposed to humidity. The result? They remain accumulated in your underboob area and cleavage. 

Know more about the hygiene tips you can follow to keep underboob sweat at bay.

1. Invest Only In Loose Fitting Clothes

If you’re prone to underboob sweat, this is one tip that will come to your rescue. Clear your wardrobe of all the tight-fitted ones, irrespective of how you love them. The loose-fitted ones enable uninterrupted air circulation between the breasts, preventing the area around your boobs from getting soaked in perspiration. The lack of it is the perfect environment for the unchecked growth of bacteria, fungus, and yeast, which could lead to an infection.

2. Go For Breathable Fabrics

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Nothing like cotton for your skin to breathe freely. Synthetic fabrics like polyester trap moisture into the skin, which makes you sweat even more profusely. And, then again, these fabrics hold on to the sweat, making you sweat further. This not only makes your underboobs feel excessively sweaty, but the accumulation of the same for quite some time also causes odour. In short, synthetic fabric prevents your sweat from evaporating as quickly as cotton does. So, avoid wearing them if underboob sweating is your problem. Switch to cotton instead. 

3. Wear Light Coloured Clothes

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Light-coloured clothes are a big giveaway for your stain marks. Your mind may be screaming to you, “Switch over to dark-coloured clothes so that at least these marks don’t show at the drop of a hat”. But, on the flip side, wearing dark-coloured clothes make you perspire even more. Which is equivalent to feeling uncomfortable. Dark-coloured clothes absorb heat faster than the lighter varieties, which is then passed on to your body, which makes you sweat more. No wonder, light-coloured outfits are always preferred during the summer season.

4. Spritz Anti-Perspirant Over Your Chest

Do a skin test of an antiperspirant of your choice on your armpits and if it does cause rashes, you can safely use it on your chest as well. And that should work wonders in controlling sweat around your boobs to a great extent. However, check the label of antiperspirants while buying them and steer clear of the ones that have “clinical strength” mentioned on them because it leads to skin irritations among some people. 

5. Avoid Intake Of Foods That Cause Odour

One of the major fallouts of sweating excessively is the odour that will follow suit, albeit in varying degrees in each one of us. However, did you know there’s a way in which you can control the odour? Spicy foods like chilli peppers are known to be one of the root causes of smelly sweat. Apart, sulphur-rich foods like broccoli and cabbage also result in the same. Among beverages, cut down on caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages. Plan to step down sometime later, especially during summer? Avoid these foods and beverages and you’ll smell a lot less. For best results, stay away from them completely. 

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