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    Buzz 46: Global Influencer Masoom Minawala Is 6-Months Pregnant – 4 Other Indian Celebs Who Are Expecting In 2022

    While global influencer Masoom Minawala has just announced that she is 6-months pregnant, here are 4 other Indian celebrities who are all set to embrace motherhood this year.

    Expert Talk: 4 Ways A Miscarriage Affects Your Fertility & Ovulation

    Miscarriages are common, with 15-20% of all pregnancies ending in a miscarriage. But how does it affect ovulation and the chances of future pregnancies? Let's find it out here.

    Expert Talk: How IUD Scores Over Other Birth Control Methods (& 4 Common Side Effects)

    Usually women are not aware of high efficiency of IUDs in preventing pregnancy following unprotected sexual activity. Here's all that you need to know about this birth control method.

    Buzz 46: 6 Salient Features Of Abortion Laws In India (& 5 Surakshit Contraceptive Methods)

    In the wake of the world debating over the need to legalise abortion, let’s take a look at the provisions that the Indian Constitution guarantees its citizens regarding its raging subject.

    8 Pros & Cons Of Birth Control Pills (& Dose Miss Ho Toh Kya Karna Chahiye)

    The nail biting anxiety and dil ka zoro se dhadakna as you wait for the pregnancy test to indicate a negative result is real. So why not make sure to take birth control pills regularly. And read about its pros and cons, and do's and don'ts before you do.

    Buzz 46: Britney Spears Opens Up About Her Miscarriage (& 5 Other Indian Celebs Who Have Experienced The Same)

    Ways to emotionally and physically cope with a miscarriage, and Indian celebs who have experienced it - read all about it here.

    6 Badhiya Yoga Asanas For Pregnant Women (& 5 Dos & Don’ts Of Pregnancy Yoga)

    Pregnancy yoga is kaafi famous among soon-to-be mothers, since it is specifically designed to make your body stay healthy and flexible. 

    To Be A Maa, Or Not To Be

    Motherhood implies the feeling of wanting to love, to care and to nourish. This Mother’s Day, let’s honour the emotion, not the method. And let's raise a toast to all forms of motherhood.

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