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    15 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For The Woman On The Go

    For most women out there, mornings are the busiest time of the day. Between managing morning chores and getting ready for work or college, they barely have time to run a comb through their hair, let alone try out fancy hairstyles. 

    Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from looking fabulous! There are several quick and easy hairstyles that look glamorous and can be made in less than 5 minutes.

    15 Quick & Simple Hairstyles When You Are In A Hurry

    Here is a step-by-step guide to some simple hairstyles so that you can step out in style every morning.  

    1. Clean Swept Hair

    Try Rhinestone Bobby Pins!

    This is a great trick to manage your hair when your bangs refuse to cooperate! Also, the clean-swept hairstyle will make your face appear sharper. This option works well for short hair. 


    1. Comb and detangle your hair.
    2. Make a side part. 
    3. Brush back the section of hair that’s near your face. Secure it at the back with bobby pins
    4. Now do the same on the other side. 

    2. Braided Bun

    Lace Braided Bun

    This is one of the cutest simple hairstyles that you can make when you are in a hurry but don’t want to compromise on your looks! 


    1. Comb back your hair. Now take a small section of hair from the front. 
    2. Divide the section into 3 parts and braid once. Now, start making a lace braid by adding a new strand of hair to the bottom part.   
    3. Use the braid to wrap your hair. Secure it with the help of an elastic. 
    4. Make a messy bun with the remaining hair. Use bobby pins to secure it. 
    5. You may use a hairspray to hold the hair in place. 

    3. Corporate Lady Hairdo

    Wear Side Twists With Ease

    One of the best easy hairstyles for medium hair is the corporate lady hairdo! This elegant hairstyle will keep your hair from your face as you go about your busy day. It works well for both formal as well as casual settings. 


    1. Brush your hair and create a side part.  
    2. From the right side, take a section of your hair, twist it and pin it at the back of your head. Raise the twisted hair so that it looks like a side pouffe.
    3. Take another section from the right side of your head. This time, from behind your earlobe. Pin this section at the back of your head.  
    4. Now take a section from the left side (just above the left earlobe). Pull it back and pin it up. 

    4. Longer Pony

    Double The Ponytail

    The classic long pony can make you look super stylish, no matter what the occasion is. If you have medium length hair, this trick will help make your pony look longer. This hairstyle works best on curly and wavy hair. 


    1. Divide your hair into two horizontal sections. 
    2. Tie the upper half section in a pony. 
    3. Ruffle it up to make it appear more voluminous.  
    4. Now tie the lower section into a ponytail. 
    5. The pony at the top will (half) cover the one at the bottom. This will make your pony appear longer and bouncier! 

    5. Upside Down Braided Bun

    Bun With An Upside Down French Braid

    This may seem a little complicated, but it is definitely worth the efforts. And it is one of the best simple hairstyles for long hair for casual settings. 


    1. Flip your hair over. Now that they are tipped upside down, take 3 hair strands (from the base of your hair) and start making a dutch braid. Secure with a rubber band. 
    2. Now pull the hair into a pony. Use a rubber band to secure the hair. 
    3. Wrap the ponytail into a bun. Use bobby pins to secure it in place. 
    4. Pull apart the strands of the braid to make your hair appear voluminous. 

    6. The Twist-Back 

    Twist It Up

    Here is something simple yet stylish for women with medium or long hair. It takes just a minute or two to make this no-hassle single twist hairdo. This everyday hairstyle is perfect for a regular day at work or even a lunch date with your girl gang. 


    1. Brush your hair.
    2. Take a section of hair from the left side, and bring it to the right (from behind your head).
    3. Now take a section from the right, cross it over to the other side. The hair should be tucked under the section of hair taken from the left. Secure it with bobby pins. 

    7. Criss Cross Loose Bun

    The Elegant Bun

    Another top contender in the list of elegant yet simple hairstyles is this loose bun. This hairstyle works well for long hair. 


    1. Comb your hair. 
    2. Pull two sections of hair from the front. 
    3. With the remaining hair, make a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. Turn the pony into a bun. 
    4. Cross the two sections of hair ( from step 2) at the back of your head to make a design. 
    5. Tuck the remaining hair into the bun. Secure with bobby pins. 

    8. Layered-Pinned Hair 

    Half Updo With Hidden Bobby Pins

    Keeping short hair from coming to your face can be quite a nuisance. However, this tidy and trendy hairstyle will make sure your hair stays off your face. It is super easy to make and is suitable for formal as well as casual occasions. 


    1. Comb your hair well to make sure there are no knots and tangles. 
    2. Now comb back your front hair and pin them up at the back. 
    3. Bring back the section of hair (from the left side), which is just above your ear and secure it with help of bobby pins.
    4. Now do the same with the hair on the right. 
    5. Now take the section of hair that is behind your earlobe (on both the sides) and do the same. 

    9. French Twist Ponytail

    Go Classy With A French Twist Ponytail

    One among the top simple hairstyles for long hair is this amazing French twist ponytail. Be it a meeting or conference or just a regular day at work, this simple hairdo is a great option for professional settings. 


    1. Brush your hair and make a side part. 
    2. Now divide the hair into two sections. 
    3. With the help of a condor clip, clip the right side of your hair. Make sure the clips are horizontal and not slanting. 
    4. Now take another condor clip and clip the bottom portion of the left section of your hair. 
    5. Now bring over the left section on the right section so that the former is overlapping the latter. The condor clip on the right side should be covered with the left section. 
    6. Now take back the left section from underneath the right section. 
    7. Remove the clip from the left section and use it to secure the meeting point of the two sections. 
    8. Use the clip under the hair so that it is not visible. 
    9. Make sure that the side part is still visible. Separate the hair in case the two sections seem to be merging on the top of your head. 
    10. Secure the ponytail with pins. 

    10. French Braided Headband 

    1 Minute French Braided Headband

    Can’t get enough of braided hairstyles? Here’s another super simple option you must try out. This fast and easy hairstyle lets your tresses fall freely while keeping away the stray hair from your face. 


    1. Take a section of your hair from just below the ear. 
    2. Now make a braid, moving across the head. Pull about 1-inch wide strands of hair at a time. 
    3. Pull and loosen the portions for a more natural and casual look. 
    4. Continue braiding until you’ve reached the bottom of your head. 
    5. If you want, you can continue braiding until you’ve reached the starting point of the braid. 
    6. Tie a rubber band at the end of the braid. Secure using bobby pins. 
    7. You may use hairspray to give the hairstyle a nice finish. 

    11. Bohemian Twist

    Boho Or Twisted Crown Braid

    Do you love French braids but find them too complicated to try? Well here’s an alternative, which is easier to make but looks equally stunning. This hairstyle is perfect for work as well as casual outings. The best part is, it will make your hair appear more voluminous. 


    1. Take two sections of hair up top. 
    2. Now twist both the sections. Keep adding more hair to these sections as you move ahead. 
    3. Continue twisting the hair sections until you reach your temple. 
    4. On reaching the temple, tie the remaining hair strands downwards. 
    5. Once you’ve reached the end, tie the hair with an elastic. 
    6. Put a bobby pin where you started the regular twist to secure the hair. 
    7. Add volume by pulling out the strands.

    12. Low Bun

    Sleek Low Bun

    Looking for simple hairstyles for long hair? From a formal event to a casual hangout, this chic hairstyle is perfect for every occasion. You may also sport this low bun at work, especially during summers. 


    1. Make a loose pony near your neck by neatly combing all your hair towards the back of the head. Secure it with a rubber band. 
    2. Now part the ponytail just above the rubber band. 
    3. Now take the pony through the partition above the rubber band. 
    4. Keep repeating the process until all your hair has been rolled into the partition. Tuck in the remaining hair and secure the bun with bobby pins. 

    13. Braided Or Twisted Front

    Double Braids, Double The Fun

    Another super cute hairstyle for short hair is this braided/twisted front hairstyle. It is a great choice when you want to go for something simple, neat and classy. 


    1. Comb your hair thoroughly. 
    2. Now make a French braid starting from one temple and move towards the other side. If you do not know how to make a French braid, you can make a two-strand twist. 
    3. Once you’ve reached near the ear on the other side of your head, secure the end of the braid with a rubber band or hairpins. 
    4. If your hair is prone to flyaways and slippage, use a hairspray to hold it in place. 

    14. Formal Ponytail

    High Ponytail In 1 Minute

    Ponytails will never go out of style! This simple formal ponytail is one of the best easy hairstyles for long hair. And it comes with an interesting twist!


    1. Brush and detangle your hair.
    2. Direct the strands towards the back of your head. 
    3. Apply a small amount of gel from your hairline to the base of your pony to avoid flyaways. 
    4. Tie your hair into a low pony. Secure with a rubber band.
    5. Take a tiny section of hair from under your ponytail. Wrap it around the rubber band to add a stylish finish to the hairstyle. 

    15. Rose Bun

    Quick & Easy Rose Bun

    Another easy hairstyle for long hair is the elegant rose bun. The half-up half-down rose bun is most suitable for long hair. This chic hairdo also works well for special occasions. 


    1. Comb your front hair towards the back of your head. Make sure the hair above your ear is brushed back. Tie this section of hair into a pony. 
    2. Divide the ponytail into two parts. 
    3. Twist the two parts of the ponytail together to make a twisted ponytail. Once you have reached the end, secure it with a thin rubber band. 
    4. Now use this twisted ponytail to make a bun.
    5. Secure the bun with bobby pins. 

    These simple hairstyles require no fancy styling tools or complicated steps. Whether you are rushing to work early in the morning or you just plan to step out to run a few errands later in the day, these hairstyles are suitable for every occasion.

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