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7 Of The Most Common Health Conditions That Have Indians Turning To Homeopathy

As the old saying goes, old is gold. May not be so always, but the proverb does hold true for Homeopathy, a holistic form of treatment with its roots in ancient India. This line of treatment involves blending all-natural plant-based ingredients in different proportions as per the severity of the health conditions it is expected to treat. 

Although Allopathy and believers of this form of treatment have constantly challenged and questioned the science and authenticity of Homeopathy, it has survived severe criticisms through all these decades due to its ardent fan following. One feature that works against it is that it treats health conditions slowly and takes time to show results. However, the fact that it is still practised and enjoys its own followership proves that it must be doing something right.

On World Homeopathy Day (8th April), here are 7 health conditions that have Indians turning to Homeopathy. 

1. Menstrual Disorders

Period-related health conditions have been on the rise for quite a few decades with every other woman (if not almost everyone) being diagnosed with PCOS in various degrees of severity – from mild to severe. This leads to a host of health conditions like dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, amenorrhea, and pre-menstrual syndrome, all of which are related to less or more, or irregular menstrual bleeding. These generally cannot be cured but can be kept under control through certain lifestyle changes like a healthy diet and regular fitness routine, and if required, prescribed medications. Homoeopathy is one line of medication that works wonders in keeping the symptoms under check. 

2. Degenerative Diseases

Women and degenerative diseases go hand-in-hand. Not that it doesn’t occur among women, but degenerative conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are far more common in women than in men. The innumerable hormonal changes affect bone density and depleted hormones like oestrogen result in quicker degeneration of organs and muscles as compared to men. However, degenerative health conditions aren’t restricted to just these. There are other medical conditions related to changes in organs and tissues like cancers that are common to both women and men.

3. Lifestyle Conditions

As rampant as menstrual problems, unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle conditions like high blood pressure and high blood sugar bhi har ghar ki kahani hai. And these result in a host of health conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, and other coronary and cardiovascular diseases. In severe cases, they need immediate attention through surgery and can even prove to be fatal. However, homoeopathy can be an effective treatment in keeping the symptoms of such health conditions under check, if not cure them entirely.

4. Mental Health Conditions

This refers to a broad spectrum of health conditions related to the mind. And mental health conditions affect an individual’s behaviour, mood, and feelings – affecting how he/she perceives life around him/her. These health conditions like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, among others, can be genetic or a fallout of stress, or a combination of both. While mind therapy helps in training the mind to detect the cause behind the stress-related condition and to treat it right from its roots, medical intervention may also be necessary at times. In such cases, homoeopathy is definitely one line of treatment you can consider to keep the symptoms under check and heal the mind. 

5. Seasonal Diseases

Minor health conditions are an integral part of life during seasonal transitions. Our bodies take time to acclimatise themselves to the sudden changes in weather and, hence, cough, cold, fever, throat infections, diarrhoea, and allergies, among others, are common news all around us during these times. And homoeopathy serves as an efficient treatment in giving relief and curing these symptoms.

6. Respiratory Disorders

Yet another category of disorders has been on the rise as a result of ever-growing pollution. But, with the increased incidence of respiratory disorders like asthma and allergies, medicine has advanced well enough to treat and cure them. However, homoeopathy – despite it being a traditional form of treatment – is no less effective in treating them. 

7. Auto-Immune Diseases

Diseases, where the immune system of the body ends up attacking its own healthy cells by mistake, is referred to as auto-immune disease. Researchers are yet to find an explanation for why the human body can act this way. Hence, there is no cure for these diseases yet. Celiac disease, Alopecia, Sjogren’s syndrome, and Ankylosing spondylitis, just to name a few. Homoeopathy can keep the symptoms of autoimmune diseases under check efficiently.

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