Buzz 467 Skincare Tips From Birthday Celeb Parineeti Chopra

7 Skincare Tips From Birthday Celeb Parineeti Chopra

Our favourite celeb and recent bride celebrated her birthday today, and in honour of that, we have for you 7 Skincare tips from the Ishaqzaade star!

7 Skincare Tips From Birthday Celeb Parineeti Chopra!
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1. Natural Aloe Vera Magic:
Parineeti swears by natural aloe vera juice to keep her skin soft and moisturised.
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2. Hair Care Ritual:
Parineeti advises frequent hair washes to maintain soft and nourished hair, and using heat protectants to save them from damage.
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3. Change Your Hair Parting:
Changing your hair parting frequently prevents breakage because it redistributes the stress on your hair and reduces strain on specific areas.
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4. Lip Love:
Parineeti emphasises the importance of lip care and keeps lip balms handy to reapply regularly for soft, hydrated, and smooth lips.
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5. Cleanse And Moisturise:
The star uses a good cleanser to clean her skin and then follows it up with a quality moisturiser for fresh and glowing skin.
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6. Inner Glow Through Exercise:
Parineeti’s secret to an inner glow and radiance is a regular workout routine, which helps in nourishing skin cells and giving you a healthy, natural flush.
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7. Embrace Your Skin:
The best advice Parineeti has is to be comfortable in your own skin because confidence and self-love radiate an unmatched glow.
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