BeautyVideo: Quick & Chic Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths

Video: Quick & Chic Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths

We’ve all been there; you wake up with absolutely zero time to even run a comb through your hair and have to be somewhere in a flash. Or maybe you simply want no part of getting into a wrestling match with your hair. Don’t sweat it—just try one of these crazy-fast (and chic!) hairstyles, and you’ll be out the door in no time. Okay, if you haven’t done them before, they might take a couple of minutes, but practice makes perfect, right?

Learn these beginner-friendly styles, suitable for every hair texture and length, that’ll be sure to make you look put-together even when your hair decides to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Welcome to your week of really great hair days. Watch this video to learn the method of making 4 cute and extremely easy hairstyles.

10 More Cute Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths

1. Half Updo With A Scarf

Hair accessories are everywhere!. Embellished barrettes, hair scarves, and even scrunchies are turning up in all the stores. Hair scarves are the most amazing hair accessory because they’re romantic and so versatile. This hairstyle keeps the hair out of your face while still allowing you to wear it down (a win-win situation!).


  1. Divide your hair into two halves, leaving a few strands in the front.
  2. Make a pony out of the front half and secure it with a rubber band.
  3. Pull a scarf through a fancy rubber band and tie it around your pony.
  4. Now, tie the scarf into a knot in front of the pony and see the result for yourself!

2. Twisted Braids

A hairstyle that doesn’t require much styling to look glam? Twist braids are a very popular technique that uses two sections of hair twisted into a braid.


  1. Part your hair from the middle.
  2. Take a section on one side of your face and begin twisting the hair.
  3. Continue the twisting process by gradually adding more hair as your work towards the back of your head.
  4. Secure the twisted section with a clip.
  5. Repeat the twisting process on the other side as well and voila!

3. Effortless Ponytail

Getting a ponytail just right is easier said than done. So, how do you tie your hair into a ponytail? Follow these simple steps and get an effortless ponytail that looks just perfect!


  1. Part your hair from the middle and divide it into 4 sections.
  2. Make a ponytail out of the 2 back sections and secure it with a rubber band.
  3. Take one section of the front side and wrap it around the ponytail and secure it with a pin. (If you take the left section, wrap it from the right side and vice versa).
  4. Do the same with the other section and there you have your effortless ponytail!

4. Messy Bun With A Scarf

If there are two things we love, it’s hair accessories and messy buns. Both have saved our strands on more than one occasion, so what’s better than combining two of our favourite hair rescue hacks in one look?


  1. First, make a ponytail and tie a rubber band at the end of your ponytail. 
  2. Grab your scarf and start wrapping your ponytail around your scarf. 
  3. Make a circle with your scarf and tie a knot.
  4. Secure with pins and complement with your favourite outfit and rock this look!

5. Bohemian Twist

Do you love French braids but find them too complicated to try? Well here’s an alternative, which is easier to make but looks equally stunning. This hairstyle is perfect for work as well as casual outings. The best part is, it will make your hair appear more voluminous. 


  1. Take two sections of hair up top. 
  2. Now twist both the sections. Keep adding more hair to these sections as you move ahead. 
  3. Continue twisting the hair sections until you reach your temple. 
  4. On reaching the temple, tie the remaining hair strands downwards. 
  5. Once you’ve reached the end, tie the hair with an elastic. 
  6. Put a bobby pin where you started the regular twist to secure the hair. 
  7. Add volume by pulling out the strands.

6. Low Bun

Looking for simple hairstyles for long hair? From a formal event to a casual hangout, this chic hairstyle is perfect for every occasion. You may also sport this low bun at work, especially during summers. 


  1. Make a loose pony near your neck by neatly combing all your hair towards the back of the head. Secure it with a rubber band. 
  2. Now part the ponytail just above the rubber band. 
  3. Now take the pony through the partition above the rubber band. 
  4. Keep repeating the process until all your hair has been rolled into the partition. Tuck in the remaining hair and secure the bun with bobby pins. 

7. Formal Ponytail

Ponytails will never go out of style! This simple formal ponytail is one of the best and easiest hairstyles for long hair. And it comes with an interesting twist!


  1. Brush and detangle your hair.
  2. Direct the strands towards the back of your head. 
  3. Apply a small amount of gel from your hairline to the base of your pony to avoid flyaways. 
  4. Tie your hair into a low pony. Secure with a rubber band.
  5. Take a tiny section of hair from under your ponytail. Wrap it around the rubber band to add a stylish finish to the hairstyle. 

8. Braided Ponytail

All of us know how to make a classic three-strand braid and how to tie a ponytail. But who would have thought that incorporating both these techniques in one hairstyle can create such a fresh and gorgeous summer look!


  1. Part your hair in the middle
  2. Take a section of hair on any one side and make a three-strand braid.
  3. Secure the braid with a band.
  4. Now take all the hair to the back of your head (including the braid) and tie a ponytail.

9. Boho Bun

It can be tricky to find new ways to style short hair. But not to worry, as long as you have hair ties, dry shampoo and bobby pins, you can easily go for a boho double knot bun. Find a list of 12 trendy summer hairstyles here.

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  1. Part your hair into four equal sections, two on either side of the front and two on either side of the back. 
  2. Take a section from the back and coil it around the base to create a bun. Secure with bobby pins. Repeat with the other back section. 
  3. You should be left with two untouched sections upfront. 
  4. Pull one front section toward the back bun so it drapes over your ear. 
  5. Coil the tail of that front section over the back bun, and pin it in place. 
  6. Repeat on the other side. Pull out a few face-framing pieces, and voilà! 

10. Front Braids

This is a cute and easy informal hairstyle. It’s great for sophisticated ladies who are always on the go. You definitely need a hairdo that is pretty, fashionable and easy to do. 


  1. Part your hair from the middle.
  2. Take the front portion of one side and braid it. 
  3. Secure the braid at the back of your head with pins. 
  4. Do the same for the other side and you’re all set!

One of the biggest challenges amidst your busy schedules is to look super stylish without having to put in much effort. If this is what you’re looking for, embrace the beauty of these hairstyles. The season of updos and braids is officially upon us, which means that all you girls, despite what your hair lengths are, will want to wear your hair in different styles. Try the various hairstyles this season, no matter how long or short your hair is. Click here to learn about trendy hairstyles for wavy hair of all lengths.

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