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6 Best Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts For Her Under Rs 2,000 That Are Pure Luxury

Not great at gift-giving? Can never figure out what to buy for her? Feeling the Valentine’s Day pressure? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Almost by rule, save for a few exceptions, women are happy to receive skincare products as gifts. For some, it’s true love, for others it’s useful… either way, high-quality skincare is foolproof and tells your partner you made an effort to buy them something personal. Because, what could be more personal than something you apply directly to your face, body, or hair?

So, here’s the best valentine’s day gift list for her.

All the products are from renowned, trusted luxury beauty brands, many of them come in beautiful gift boxes, and they’re all under Rs 2,000!

1. Forest Essentials 4 Steps To Glow Head-To-Toe Bahaar Gift Box

6 Best Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts For Her Under Rs 2,000 That Are Pure Luxury

What It Contains: The gift box contains 4 items: Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Luxury Sugar Soap, Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Ultra-Rich Body Milk, Kashmiri Saffron & Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser, and Narangi Glaze Luscious Lip Balm.

Why She’ll Love It: The “baahar” in the name, implying “spring” or “blossom”, is such a desi yet sexy way to spell romance this Valentine’s Day. This gift screams ‘I understood the assignment‘. A beauty brand known for its luxurious products, Forest Essentials is a hot favourite among women.

If your partner loves clean ingredients, then look no further. The products are based on Ayurveda, making them perfect for sensitive skin. The bitter orange and cinnamon soap is non-drying, while the body milk is a sulphate-free shower wash. The facial cleanser includes ingredients that are closely associated with removing toxins and dead cells and unclogging pores. As for the lip balm, it’s based in cocoa and kokum butter, both of which are high-quality and hydrating ingredients.

The whole set of 4 comes in a beautiful branded blue box with gold accents.

Price: Rs 1,895

2. RAS Luxury Oils 6 Piece Tinted Lip Balm Miniature Set

6 Best Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts For Her Under Rs 2,000 That Are Pure Luxury

What It Contains: The gift set consists of miniature lip balms in 6 shades: Nude Pink, Perfect Pink, Coral Crush, Rosy Nude, Mauve Pink, Berry Red, and Caramel Nude Brown.

Why She’ll Love It: The lip balms are lightweight and boast of a non-sticky formula. Of course, you wouldn’t know it but these are the exact qualities that your girl looks for in her lip care products.

The ingredients are natural and organic, and provide deep hydration, while the rich pigments ensure that the tint is long-lasting. What’s more, these balms are extremely versatile as they can also be used as a primer, eye shadow, cheek tint, and even as a top coat over your lipsticks for that irresistible glossy shine.

If you’ve seen your girlfriend hoarding lipsticks or always packing a lip balm in her handbag, you really can’t go wrong with this set. With six different shades, she’s got something for every occasion in this beautiful gift set that comes in a luxurious-looking golden box.

Price: Rs 1,813

3. Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Facial Oil

6 Best Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts For Her Under Rs 2,000 That Are Pure Luxury

What It Contains: Black Rice Facial Oil from the Korean skincare brand, Haruharu Wonder

Why She’ll Love It: K-Beauty (Korean beauty) is all the rage and of the cult products that everyone’s trying to get their hands on, face oils are a hot favourite. Not just for dry skin types, non-comedogenic face oils help balance the natural oils in any skin type. A good face oil can strengthen the skin barrier, nourish your pores, and even help treat acne scars.

And that’s why we love this black rice facial oil by Haruharu. The plant-based product is a great gift for anyone who prefers conscious and sustainable beauty. This lightweight, non-greasy and extremely hydrating oil quickly absorbs into your skin, leaving you with a dewy, plump, and youthful glow. The ceramides in the non-comedogenic product prevent germs from penetrating the skin barrier while also sealing in the moisture in your skin. The oil also acts as an anti-ageing solution, neutralising free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, if your skin is looking uneven and parched, you can use this face oil as a makeup base for a smooth application and soft-glow finish.

You could also couple the oil with other wonderful products from Haruharu. While it won’t be under Rs 2,000, the products are extremely high-quality. They have cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturisers—you could get your hands on more than one product to create your own luxury hamper.

Price: Rs 1,850 (30ml); Shop Haruharu Black Rice Facial Oil

4. Kama Ayurveda Pure Indulgence Gift Box

6 Best Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts For Her Under Rs 2,000 That Are Pure Luxury

What It Contains: Kama Ayurveda Pure Indulgence includes 6 products: Pure Rosewater (50ml), Natural Rose Soap (50gm), Rose And Jasmine Body Cleanser (30ml), Rose and Jasmine Body Lotion (30ml), Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil (50ml), and Bringadi Hair Conditioner (15gm).

Why She’ll Love It: This homegrown brand is a beloved favourite among women. Kama Ayurveda products are considered pure quality, luxury, and class. In fact, they have more cult products than most beauty brands and some of them come in this very gift box!

For example, the rose water which is extracted from the legendary Kannauj rose is known for its super cleansing, clarifying, and hydrating prowess. And then there is the Bringadi hair oil and conditioner duo, which is known to arrest hair fall and leave you with longer, stronger hair.

Other than the icons, gentle ingredients like the rose and jasmine in the cleanser and body lotion, and the natural rose soap are foolproof. You really can’t go wrong here, no matter what your partner’s skin type.

The 6-piece set comes in a gift box which also has a green travel pouch where she can put the products later.

Price: Rs 1,625

5. Soulflower Valentine’s Lavender Hexagon Bath & Body Gift Box

6 Best Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts For Her Under Rs 2,000 That Are Pure Luxury

What It Contains: The gift set includes 5 products: Lavender Massage Oil, Lavender scented T-light candles, Cut Skin Lavender Soap, Rosemary Lavender Essential Oil, and a loofah

Why She’ll Love It: It’s like a spa in a box—that’s what this gift is!

You can start your date with a body and hair massage for her using both lavender oils. Set the mood with some t-light candles. Then, once she’s relaxed, move the party to a nice bubble bath where you have the loofah, the aromatic soap and some candles again. You can drop a few drops of essential oil in the water for a relaxing and scintillating experience.

All Soulflower products are free of artificial chemicals, synthetic colours, and fragrances, not to mention the purity of every ingredient that goes into making the products. The handmade, reusable, compact box is not only a visual treat but is also travel and eco-friendly. If you want to see your girl feel like she’s over the moon, you have your answer right here. A perfect R&R Valentine’s Day gift that isn’t just about products, it’s about the experience and ambience you can create this spa in a box, really!

Price: Rs 1,200

6. Kimirica Love Story Experience Set

6 Best Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts For Her Under Rs 2,000 That Are Pure Luxury

What It Contains: The Kimirica Love Story Experience Set includes 5 products: Hydrating Body Wash (50ml), Nourishing Body Lotion (50ml), Relaxing Bath Salt (50gm), Handcrafted Glycerin Bathing Bar (85gm), and Caring Hand Cream (30ml). 

More About It: Embalmed with the romantic notes of Gardenia and Night Blooming Jasmine, this five-piece set is perfectly called Love Story. What’s more romantic than that? The packaging is beautiful, the products are luxurious, and all the bottles are such high quality, you’ll end up wanting to use them again and again.

The whole love story collection is based on floral and fruity fragrances. Kimirica products are vegan, and what’s more, the bath bar is handcrafted. If you’re unsure of what kind of skincare products she likes to use, then this bath and body box is really the best way to go. It’s suitable for all skin types and so affordable yet luxurious in this price range.

Price: Rs 929

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