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Top 5 Antioxidants That Are Best For Your Skin

The recent past has seen a lot of rightful mention of antioxidants for skin and health benefits. Before we get into the details about which antioxidants are best for the skin, let us understand what these antioxidants actually are. They are ingredients that protect the skin against damage from free radicals and oxidative stress. Free radicals are reactive molecules released by the body that attack healthy skin cells, leading to a number of skin problems.

Benefits Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the good guys that our skin needs. There are numerous skin benefits one can expect to notice after using the right antioxidant based skincare products. Some such skin benefits of antioxidants are:

1. Skin Repair

Your skin is exposed to a number of environmental factors like dust, smoke, weather changes and sun damage. This accompanied by the free radicals, oxidative stress and hormonal imbalances lead to skin issues. Antioxidants help the skin in repairing itself. The result of this is healthier and better-looking skin.

2. Reversal Of Ageing

The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are a common effect of oxidative stress. The levels of collagen in the skin reduce as we age, slowing down the regeneration of new skin cells. Using skin products with antioxidants helps the skin look younger and brighter by fighting the effects of oxidative stress.

3. Assistance With Sun Damage

Sun damage does more harm to the skin than we can imagine. Exposure to the sun causes skin inflammation which is the cause for acne, sagging skin and fine lines amongst others. All antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, they not only prevent further skin deterioration but also assist with the correction of the existing effects of sun damage.

4. Brightening Of The Skin

Exposure to UV rays from the sun, free radicals and oxidative stress result in the production of melanin. Melanin is a skin pigment that is the prime reason for dark spots. Antioxidants assist in reducing the amount of melanin, hence resulting in brighter skin and an even skin tone.

5 Antioxidants You Can Add To Your Skin Care

There are numerous substances that have antioxidant properties. Some such substances are produced by our own bodies. The antioxidants present in the body are called endogenous antioxidants while exogenous antioxidants are the ones we get from outside. 

Amongst the exogenous antioxidants are plant-based varieties that can be found in superfoods. The artificial ones are what dietary supplements are made of. Different antioxidants are aimed at solving specific skin problems. One antioxidant cannot be used as a substitute for another as they all have different effects on the skin. 

While it is possible to get small amounts of antioxidants from food, an effective way to battle skin problems is to buy products that contain the right concentration of the antioxidant which is proven to help that particular skin condition. 

1. Vitamin A

Collagen is a protein that helps the skin in regenerating itself. Vitamin A is very helpful in increasing the production of collagen. This antioxidant is extensively found in skincare products in various forms like retinol, tretinoin or retinoic acid. Usage of products containing vitamin A helps the skin from the many effects of ageing like wrinkles,  fine lines, sagging of skin, pigmentation and scars.

How To Use:

Incorporate vitamin A in your daily night care regime. Mix one or two drops from the vitamin A oil capsule, mix with your night cream and apply it to the face. Leaving this oil on the skin overnight keeps your skin moisturised throughout the night.

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2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably the most popular answer to the question – which antioxidants are best for skin? The skin care business is hoarded with vitamin C serums that promise skin brightening and lightening. This ingredient has anti-ageing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Along with protecting the skin from free radicals, it prevents sun damage and reduces dark spots. Products containing vitamin C are best applied in the morning, before stepping out in the sun.

How To Use:

Vitamin C serums are most effective when applied in the mornings as they work as a barrier against the sun and other environmental factors. Apply the vitamin C serum immediately after your shower. This is to be done on cleansed skin before applying any moisturiser or sunscreen.

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3. Vitamin E

Another commonly found ingredient in skincare products, vitamin E is majorly responsible for assisting the skin in repair and rejuvenation. It is great for people who are unsure about which antioxidants are best for skin that needs healing. Using vitamin E has even helped people battle skin cancers.  In addition, this antioxidant is also helpful in reducing the damage caused to the skin due to sun exposure.

How To Use:

Since vitamin E is great for skin repair, it is best applied at night. Once you have removed your makeup and cleansed your face, apply your vitamin E skincare product on the face,  massage gently and leave it on overnight.

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4. Curcumin

Skincare products that contain curcumin are very beneficial for wound or cut healing. This ingredient has antimicrobial properties which prevent infections. Using curcumin based skincare products help in reducing skin inflammation as it has the ability to block the molecules which can cause inflammation. This antioxidant eliminates the chance of inflammation as opposed to other antioxidants that reduce inflammation after it has already occurred. 

How To Use:

Apply your curcumin based skincare product on the skin in the mornings and evenings. The best way to use these products is to apply them to the face after cleansing and toning. All curcumin based skincare products are safe to use with your makeup.

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5. Niacinamide

Which antioxidants are best for skin that is acne-prone? The answer is niacinamide. More commonly known as vitamin B3, Niacinamide is mainly used by people wanting to improve their skin tone and texture. The ingredient helps with the reduction of acne scars, redness, inflammation and breakouts. It is also a very safe ingredient as it is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

How To Use:

Almost all the niacinamide skincare products are water-based. Hence, the best way to use them is to apply them after cleansing and toning. It is important to use niacinamide products before applying any moisturiser or serum because they will not get absorbed in the skin over any oil-based product. 

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Precautionary Tips

  1. It is established that antioxidants can do wonders for the skin. However, it must be noted that they need to be used correctly to avoid any side effects. 
  2. Another important factor to keep in mind is that antioxidants are fragile in nature. They can degrade rather quickly which is why they need to be used correctly in the skincare routine. 
  3. Exposure to light, heat and air can have grave effects on their effectiveness. You must have noted that certain serums are available only in dark glass bottles. This is to prevent them from degradation on account of exposure to light.

How To Choose The Right Antioxidant Based Skincare Product?

1. Take Note Of Your Expectations

Everybody has a different skin tone, texture and skin problems. Thus, the product that works well for one person might do nothing for another. It is essential to define your expectations before you choose your skincare product. This will help in understanding which product will work for your skin

2. Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Although antioxidants are great for the skin, just like any other skincare product they take time to show results. Patience is the key when looking for skincare solutions. Experts advise using a product for a minimum of two weeks before you expect to see any visible results. However, if you experience side effects then there is a possibility that you might be allergic to the product. In such cases, discontinuation of usage of the product is highly recommended.

3. Try Few Products Before Settling On One

The number of skincare products that contain antioxidants is overwhelming. Some people find the first product effective and continue to use it over the years while for others, it takes a few attempts trying to find one that suits their skin best. It is best to buy small sizes of a new product and see how it reacts to your skin before committing to the product.

4. Choose The Correct Antioxidant

Different antioxidants help in battling different skin problems. One must first find out which antioxidants are best for skin types like theirs. You can also choose one product that has a combination of multiple antioxidants. This product can be used as an all-in-one product for multiple skin concerns.

5. Pay Attention To The Antioxidant Concentration

Another very important factor to consider while investing in antioxidant based skin care products is the concentration of the antioxidant. While trying an antioxidant for the first time, it is best to start with a lower concentration, see how your skin responds to it and then gradually increase the concentration as you go. Using an antioxidant in extremely high concentration can cause rashes, allergies and irritation on the skin. Taking approval from a certified doctor is also recommended before increasing the concentration of antioxidants in your skincare regime.
Antioxidants are great for the skin but not every antioxidant is great for every skin type. With the above information, it will become extremely easy to understand which antioxidants are best for the skin, their usage, the products that are known to be effective and the results that can be expected after using them. Along with using products that contain antioxidants, it is also extremely beneficial to eat antioxidant-rich food so that your skin is healthier from the inside and glowing from the outside.

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