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    LifeDIY#DIYLife: 10 DIY Lip Masks To Treat Pigmentation

    #DIYLife: 10 DIY Lip Masks To Treat Pigmentation

    We all want perfect pouty lips, don’t we? But due to pollution, changing weather, lifestyles choices, our lips are bound to get chapped and pigmented. We end up covering our lips with layers of lipstick. And while you might get the perfect lip colour with the help of your tint or lipstick, those results fade within hours. And reapplying is a pain! So why not get even-toned lips naturally by using these simple yet effective desi nuskhe. Here are 10 lip masks using basic and readily available ingredients to even out your lips and make them pout worthy! Want to apply ghee for lips? Check out its benefits here.

    10 Lips Masks For Pigmented Lips 

    1. Turmeric & Milk 

    Turmeric is a well-known beauty ingredient that has been used for ages, and so is milk. The combination of these two ingredients is known to lighten dark spots and repair the skin from within. They are a great combination for pigmented skin. 

    How To Do It: 

    1. Mix ½ teaspoon of haldi in 1 teaspoon of milk to form a paste. 
    2. Apply this paste to your lips and leave it on for about 5 minutes. 
    3. Once the paste has dried, scrub it off gently. 
    4. Clean your lips with warm water and then apply a hydrating lip balm.

    Repeat this process on alternate days to see a significant change. You can apply it to your lips at any time of the day. Scrubbing off the paste also helps in getting rid of dead cells. 

    Haldi is a great ingredient used in multiple skincare recipes. Here are a few ways you can use haldi for face masks. Watch the video for a quick and easy glow mask.

    2. Rosewater & Honey

    Rosewater is a great ingredient to bring out the pinkish tinge in your lips. It nourishes your lips while honey brings in the long-lasting moisturising component. Together, these ingredients can moisturise your lips while brightening them. 

    How To Do It: 

    1. Mix a few drops of rose water with a teaspoon of honey, till it forms a smooth mixture. 
    2. Apply several times a day or leave overnight.

    Repeat this process on alternate days to see a significant change. You can apply it to your lips at any time of the day.

    3. Strawberry Mask 

    Natural berries contain essential vitamins and minerals that prevent lips from turning dark. It’s for this reason that a lot of lip balms in the market are strawberry flavoured. And the best way is by applying strawberries directly to your lips! 

    How To Do It: 

    1. Simply crush a strawberry and add 1 teaspoon of honey to it. 
    2. You may even add a few drops of olive oil. 
    3. You can apply this mixture to your lips just before you sleep as an overnight mask. 

    Repeat this process 3-4 times a week to see noticeable results. Don’t forget to apply lip balm the next day. 

    4. Pomegranate Mask 

    Pomegranate seeds can help stop the production of melanin. It also helps in curing pigmentation and prevents lips from turning dark on being exposed to the sun.

    How To Do It: 

    1. Take about ½ a cup of pomegranate seeds and grind them. 
    2. To this, add milk or cream to make a paste.
    3. Apply this paste on your lips and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. 
    4. Wash off with warm water after it dries.

    You can repeat this natural treatment for your lips every day. Even applying it two to three times a week will help you get results.

    5. Rose Petals Mask

    Rose petals and milk are both natural moisturisers. Rose extract balances and restores lips to healthy hydration and health. Together with milk, they work as a wonderful remedy for discolouration and repair dark, patchy lips.

    How To Do It: 

    1. Soak 5-6 rose petals in a half a cup of milk overnight. 
    2. Strain the petals from the milk in the morning and mash them to make a paste. 
    3. Apply this paste to your lips and leave it on for 15 minutes. 
    4. Add a few drops of milk if the paste is too thick to apply to the lips. 

    Rose petals are gentle on the lips, you can repeat this remedy every day. Make it into a night treatment to see significant changes.

    6. Beetroot & Honey

    As a child, you must have played around with beetroot for lipstick. Beetroot has naturally occurring red pigments that help in making your lips even-toned.

    How To Do It: 

    1. Make beetroot juice and mix it with honey. 
    2. You can apply the mixture to your lips and leave it on overnight. 

    As another option, you can also rub beetroot on your lips. The vegetable is a natural exfoliator and can remove dead cells and lighten pigmented lips.

    7. Lemon, Glycerin & Honey

    The citric acid in lemons can exfoliate and remove dead skin. And glycerin and honey work as magical moisturising agents. 

    How To Do It: 

    1. Mix about 1 tablespoon of lime juice with 1 teaspoon of glycerine and honey. 
    2. Apply to dark lips. Keep overnight and wash off the next morning.
    3. Apply a generous amount of lip balm the next day. 

    Do not use this technique if you have sensitive skin or chapped lips. The acidic nature of lemons can cause more irritation. 

    8. Mint & Lemon

    Mint leaves are just perfect for bringing back life to dry and dull lips. They hydrate the lips to nourish the lips and get rid of the hyperpigmentation.

    How To Do It: 

    1. Crush 5-6 mint leaves and squeeze half a lemon into them. 
    2. Add a few drops of honey to make the mixture easy to apply on the lips.
    3. Keep it on for a few minutes before washing with warm water. 
    4. Apply a generous amount of lip balm later.

    Apply this treatment every alternate day. Mint leaves are also helpful for smokers as it helps in removing dark nicotine spots and stains. 

    TC46 loves to pair this lip scrub with an equally luxurious lip balm by Vishisht at the Red Dot Shop, buy it here. 

    9. Aloe Vera 

    This is the easiest plant to grow and has tons of benefits. It can be used for the body and hair! Find 5 DIY aloe vera hair packs here.

    How To Do It:

    1. Scoop out the aloe vera gel from a fresh leaf. Wash the flesh to remove any bacteria or contaminants. 
    2. Add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil and blend into a smooth paste. 
    3. Store it in a container and refrigerate. 
    4. You can use it as a lip balm as often as you like, even several times a day.

    Aloe vera is rich in vitamin E which helps in restoring moisture. It facilitates the growth of new cells which helps in getting even-toned and healthy lips.

    10. Almonds & Fresh Cream 

    Almond replenishes the lips and prevents them from getting chapped and also exfoliates your skin. The fresh cream works as a moisturising agent. 

    How To Do It: 

    1. Soak some almonds overnight and make it into a paste the next day. 
    2. Add fresh cream to the paste and mix until well combined. 
    3. Apply this mixture to your lips for a few minutes before washing with warm water. 
    4. Apply a generous amount of lip balm afterwards. 

    As another option, you can also use almond oil as an overnight treatment for pigmented lips. 

    Key Tips For Soft & Pretty Lips 

    TC46 recommends a lavender and sugar lip scrub from Vishisht at the Red Dot Shop, buy it here. If you are going out and not in the mood for lipstick, buy tinted lip balm from Tinge at the Red Dot Shop, click here.
    1. Exfoliate your lips at least once a week. Find DIY lip scrubs here. 
    2. Moisturise your lips! Applying lip balm is a must to protect your lip from getting chapped. 
    3. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid smoking. 
    4. Drink water. The lack of water can impact the blood flow to your lips making them darker.
    5. Remove all makeup products before you sleep. And only apply a natural lip balm. 

    Everybody wants soft and luscious lips, and one of the best things you can do for your lips is to provide them with the nourishment they need. The skin on your lips is super sensitive, and it’s likely to fall victim to your lifestyle, the sun, and harsh weather conditions. It’s time you pay some attention to your pout with these DIY lip masks. They are easy, inexpensive plus, you know exactly what is going into it!

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