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The Simplest Skin Care Routine For Healthy Glowing Skin

Ever wondered who suffers the most due to our hectic daily routines? Our skin! We are so engrossed in our daily lives, that we completely ignore certain simple and basic skin care routines. That leads to untimely wrinkles and sags our skin! 

Choosing a daily skin care routine at home sounds like a dream but can prove to be difficult. There are several easy-to-follow, simple and effective skin care tips all across the internet. But a dearth of time and, many times, knowledge prevents us from following these daily skin care routines. 

So let’s answer the age-old question, how to take care of our skin.

Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin

Here are some basic skin care tips for you to follow to get healthy and glowing skin. Considering the sunlight and dust factors, ensure you follow two different routines for the day. 

Skin Care During The Day 

Step 1: Cleansing 

Cleansing The Skin During The Day
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Just like a clean and tidy kitchen counter helps us be productive and efficient, cleansed skin makes skin care a cakewalk. Upon waking up in the morning, ensure you wash your face with lukewarm water and a mild face wash or cleanser. The lukewarm water helps soften the dead cells and the cleanser/face wash helps wash away the dead cells without much harm to the skin. 

Step 2: Toning 

Skin Toner During The Day
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Have you observed that your skin gets dull moments after you step after the shower? Toners help you combat this issue. Warm water opens the pores of your skin making it vulnerable to dust particles. Thus toning the skin is very necessary as it restores the pH levels and soothes the skin. And to prevent excessive dryness, use the non-alcoholic variety. Using ghee for face acts as an an excellent toner and rehydrates your skin instantly.

Don’t wanna invest too much money in toners? Worry not, check out homemade face toner for daily use which you can make easily.

Step 3: Serum 

Using Face Serum
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Serums are usually anti-oxidants that have the power to penetrate deep down through the skin layers and treat it from within. But in place of a serum, you could use aloe vera gel. They work equally well in repairing skin damages or removing blemish and are even soothing to the skin. 

Step 4: Eye Cream 

Eye Cream
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This is usually a step mostly ignored by most when suggesting skin care tips. Eye cream helps protect our delicate eye area from other skin care products. It also ensures our eyelids stay firm and don’t sag or wrinkle with time.

Step 5: Day Cream

Using Appropriate Day Cream
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Dermatologists suggest SPF should be used by everybody, even ones who stay indoors and a  day cream with SPF 25 or plus should do the trick. Also whenever applying the cream, remember to do it in down up movements to prevent skin from sagging. The day cream works as a moisturiser which keeps the skin tight and hydrated. And SPF protects the skin from the harmful UV rays and also prevents sun tanning to an extent. 

Of the several creams available, you should choose based on your skin type. Some popular ones like are readily available but it’s always better to have a skin care routine with minimal chemical-based creams.

Step 6: Sunscreen Or Sunblock 

Regular Use Of Sunscreen

Even if you use a day cream that already has sunscreen, a sunblock with SPF 30+ is a must for the Indian weather. Apply one uniformly over your day cream, all over the exposed parts of your body, not just face and neck. Sunblock does not just protect the skin from sun rays but also goes a long way in removing tan, blemish and even wrinkles that occur due to overexposure to the sun. We’ve curated 16 of the best sun tan removal creams for different skin types.

Skin Care During The Night 

Step 1: Cleansing 

Cleansing The Skin At Night
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Cleansing at night differs from the day as dust and dirt that the skin comes in contact with the whole day has to be eliminated. Use the cleanser as before and with warm water. If cream-based cleansers aren’t your thing, use micellar water instead. However, if you apply heavy makeup, it is preferable to use an oil-based cleanser.

Step 2: Toning 

Using Skin Toner At Night

To restore pH and attend to the open pores use a non-alcoholic mild toner. You can use rose water. It is a natural toner and also has astringent properties, so acne issues are addressed as well. You can also use multani mitti face pack to get rid of acne.

Step 3: Eye Cream 

Applying Eye Cream During Night

If you wake up with tired, puffy eyes, you need to invest in a good eye cream. Eye creams are a must for the night if you want to get rid of puffiness as well as dark circles. It also protects the delicate eye area from the other dense creams. Plus, when you sleep at night, the cream slowly penetrates the skin and repairs and boosts the skin from within. You can choose between eye gels or creams, both are equally good! 

Step 4: Face Oils Or Hydrating Masks 

Face Oils Or Hydrating Masks During Night
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The night time beauty tips for the skin are all about face oils, boosters or hydrating masks that offer treatment. Face oils supplemented with essential oils such as lavender (anti-blemish), rosehip (anti-ageing) and several others that have specific regenerative properties that are highly conducive to healthy and beautiful skin. Similarly, hydrating masks possess moisturising properties that penetrate deep and softens and tightens the skin. A variety of face oils and masks are available in plenty online. 

Step 5: Night Cream 

Regular Usage Of Night Cream
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The basic difference between night and day cream is mostly the texture. Night creams do not have SPF and in texture are also much thicker and tighter than day creams. Their main function is to regenerate and boost skin cells while you sleep. Apply these creams right before you go to bed, and always apply with downward strokes.

If you forget the order of application, a very simple thumb rule is to follow the density of the cream. The lightest product goes first to allow the skin to be able to absorb the same. The last cream to be applied must be the most dense in texture.

If you are wary of creams from the market, you can easily try some home beauty tips for skin care. Powdered rice, for instance, is a natural scrub and has zero side effects on the skin. A mixture of banana and honey acts as a highly effective moisturising and hydrating mask. And nothing beats a mixture of lemon and curd for a cleanser.

What’s also important along with an appropriate skin care routine is also a healthy diet. Drink lots of water daily basis along with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Maintaining natural hydration and health for the skin through a balanced diet and drinking water, along with a healthy skin care routine is what will give you the natural glow you desire.

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