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7 Tips To Get Ready For Your First Bikini Wax!

Ah, “first times” are always memorable but they are accompanied by a whole lot of anxiety, apprehension, and what-ifs. Waxing for the first time is no exception to this. More so because of the polar opposite reviews and reactions that you get to hear about from those more experienced than us.

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Here are 7 tips to remember while getting ready for a bikini wax for the very first time. 

1. Let The Hair Grow Out For 14 Days

Don’t put your scissors, razors and whatever it is you use to shave, on your lady bits for 14 days before going for a bikini wax aren’t able to get hold of your pubic hair properly if they’re too short. For the wax to be able to grasp your hair down there, the hair should be at least a quarter inch in length for the wax to work on it well. 

7 Tips To Get Ready For Your First Bikini Wax!

2. Clean The Area With Gentle Soap And Water

Vaginal washes are a big NO-NO when it comes to cleaning your vagina, not just when you’re getting ready to go wax but at other times as well. It disrupts the natural pH balance of the vagina, apart from making it susceptible to rashes, redness, and itching. For cleaning your area down under before going for a wax, water and mild soap are sufficient to do the job.

3. Take A Warm Shower Right Before

While you clean your area down under with water and a gentle soap, make sure that you take a warm bath about 24 hours before your waxing session. Why a warm bath, do you ask? Because it softens your pores, reducing the pain you may feel while waxing. Use a mild exfoliator and cleanser, along with warm water, beforehand to prepare yourself for a bikini sesh that is less painful than usual.

4. Know Which Shape Of Bikini Wax Shape You Want

Before you sign up for your very first bikini sesh, introduce yourself to all the types of bikini wax shapes you have to pick from. Some of the common ones that are available at every salon are – regular bikini wax, Brazilian bikini wax, and full bikini wax. A regular bikini wax involves removing only the pubic hair along the sides of your bikini line. A Brazilian bikini wax removes all or almost all your hair down there from the front to the back. A full bikini wax, as the name suggests, removes all hair from the vulva and the back, barring a triangle in the front. 

7 Tips To Get Ready For Your First Bikini Wax!

5. Opt For Cold Wax Over Hot Wax

There are two types of waxes that you generally can make a choice from – hot wax and cold wax. While the history of hot waxes dates back to the days of the Queen of Seduction, Cleopatra, cold waxes are a relatively new invention. And a comparatively less painful one too. The extreme temperature of hot wax makes your skin prone to redness, irritation, and pain, while cold wax saves you from all of these owing to its cool temperature. So, if you’re new to the world of bikini waxing, you would definitely want to make your experience a bearable one by opting for cold wax.

6. You Can Tweeze Out Any Leftover Hair

There may be some hairs that may be left behind after waxing. Your waxer may give you a brief about what she is about to do next with the tweezer or she may simply get down to business and start tweezing off the few hairs that are still there. Ask your waxer about the process she follows, so you can mentally prepare yourself well in advance.

7. Wear Loose-Fitted Outfits

Slip into super comfy outfits throughout the day for a day and plan your day according to your waxing session. Make sure your clothes are loose-fitted, so you don’t end up making your lady bit feel suffocated after the sesh, aggravating the pain, redness, and itching. Also, don’t do activities like working out that are likely to cause more irritation and ingrown hair due to friction. Relax for the day, as much as you can, and the redness should vanish in almost no time.

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