Diy LifeVideo: 5 Bad Habits That Are Making Your Hair Fall

Video: 5 Bad Habits That Are Making Your Hair Fall

Hairfall! Most of us don’t like this word and when you see your hair strands on your pillow, it can easily tarnish your mood. And while losing 50-100 hair strands a day might seem completely alright, it can turn into a problem leading to thin hair eventually. Okay, so you have purchased a hair fall shampoo, conditioner and all the right products to treat hair fall, but is that enough? Apparently not, you also need to focus on your lifestyle, the diet you eat and consciously work for hair growth. And to form good hair care habits, you have to ditch the bad ones. Let’s talk about which 5 habits can cause unwanted hair fall.

5 Bad Habits To Avoid For Good Hair

1. Tying A Tight Or High Ponytail

When you tie a high ponytail, your hair is pulled tightly. This can cause damage like hair breakage and also a headache. In some cases, it can also lead to permanent hair loss. What you can do instead is tie go for loose ponytails that don’t pull your hair so much. Tying your hair up when it’s wet is also something you don’t want to do especially if your goal is healthy hair. If it’s required for you to tie a tight ponytail you can give your hair some rest by tying it down and loose when you go to sleep.

2. Shampooing Your Hair Instead Of Just Cleansing Your Scalp

A lot of us are still unaware of the true use of some of the products we buy. This is an effect of wrong advertising and tutorials that we come across. The ends of your hair shouldn’t be shampooed unless they have product build-ups such as hair sprays or oil. Shampoos are scalp cleansers and you use them only there to get your hair all clean. The lather that comes from shampooing the roots can be used on the rest of your hair if it feels oily. 

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3. Using A Blow Dryer Or Hot Styling Tools 

We’re well aware that if your hair is frizzy a blow dryer or straightener feels like a quick fix. But these hair styling tools strip down your hair of its natural oils and protein by breaking down its hydrogen bonds. What you can do instead is use heatless methods to style your hair. There are ways to curl your hair with easy to find items such as tissue paper in your house. If you want straight hair you can try using a hair straightening mask that has clean ingredients.

4. Towel Drying Your Hair

We all know this method of hair drying that we have always seen around. Usually, we buy these towels that are of good quality and big. And you must have noticed that whenever you wrap your wet hair with one of these it becomes too heavy. That exact thing causes hair damage and breakage. What you can do instead is wrap your hair with a cotton t-shirt just until it soaks the water completely and your hair isn’t dripping wet. After that, you can leave it to air dry.

5. Keeping Your Hair Oiled Overnight

Oiling your hair is important for nourishment. There are a lot of fatty acids in it that are important for hair cuticles. But it has to be done right otherwise it can cause hair fall. Oiling your hair and leaving it overnight can also cause zits on your face and make your skin acne-prone. Oiling your hair for 1-2 hours before hair wash is enough.

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Now that you know how these small harmful habits affect your hair growth it is important to avoid them as much as you can. Instead, try the alternatives mentioned above and have lustrous and healthy hair! Experiencing hair fall during the rainy season. Check out five remedies on how to stop hair fall in monsoon season.

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