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    10 Clean Beauty Brands In India That You Must Try


    Clean beauty in 2020 is not just a buzzword or a trend anymore, but a movement. It is a conscious choice to use products that are mindfully crafted and produced. To simply put it, it avoids the usage of harmful toxins and chemicals that conventional skincare products such as soaps, shampoos and creams are full of. 

    While it may be difficult to digest the fact that it is common practice for beauty brands to use ingredients that could potentially harm the body, it is even more alarming that they are legal in many countries, including ours. These toxins may seem harmless, but can severely damage the skin in the long-term by upsetting its natural balance, disrupting hormone levels and causing cancer.

    While it may be difficult to digest the fact that it is common practice for beauty brands to use ingredients that could potentially harm the body, it is even more alarming that they are legal in many countries, including ours.

    Clean beauty on the other hand focuses on ethical and sustainable products that are created with zero compromise on quality or efficacy. It is a simple practice that uses safe and non-toxic ingredients that are good for us. Clean beauty products are often confused with ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products while they may not be all-natural and preservative-free. Clean beauty at its core is simply synonymous with non-toxic beauty. As consumers, it is of paramount importance to educate ourselves about the common toxins found and to be aware of what we put onto our skin.

    Clean beauty products are often confused with ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products while they may not be all-natural and preservative-free. Clean beauty at its core is simply synonymous with non-toxic beauty.

    Common nasties found in skincare and cosmetic products include parabens, sulphates, phthalates, chemical sunscreen, heavy metals, aluminium compounds, synthetic fragrances, etc. These can cause dire health problems in the long run. For example, sulphates make the skin feel tight, strip it of its natural oils, and trigger allergies and irritation. Moreover, parabens, which are common preservatives that extend a product’s shelf life have been confirmed to mimic estrogen in the body. They damage the reproductive organs, cause hormone-related cancers, thyroid imbalance and obesity. Phthalates are used in cosmetics to help ingredients penetrate into the skin, extend the shelf life of synthetic fragrances and maintain flexibility in nail paints. They are highly toxic, and upon absorption, are linked to reproductive and hormonal harm.

    In today’s day and age, it is best to be mindful of what we are putting onto our skin, and be aware of cleaner choices. Clean beauty is essentially an ingredient game, so decoding a product’s ingredient label carefully can go a long way. Remember, staying safe while looking your best is the underlying philosophy of clean beauty.

    10 Clean Beauty Brands That Are Easily Available In India

    1. Cowshed

    Sublime Life, Cowshed INR 650 onwards

    Cowshed comes from the heart and soil of Somerset in the UK with a range of treatment-led natural therapies. Their mission is simple: To inject a little country calm into people’s busy lives. Their spa therapies are crafted using the best organic and wildcrafted plant extracts and they have different products to cater to different moods. For example, if you are feeling grumpy, stressed or irritable, their Grumpy Cow range with Mandarin and Grapefruit Essential Oils helps in invigorating, energising and uplifting your mind and body.

    2. Sukin

    Sublime Life, Sukin Botanical Body Wash INR 995

    Originating from Australia, Sukin believes in providing natural, effective and environmentally sustainable skin care using a general blend of active botanicals, essential oils and natural ingredients. They have a strict ‘NO list’ when it comes to their products, and use 100% recyclable and BPA-free packaging. Their skincare ranges cater to different skin types and concerns: An Oil Balancing Range for oily skin, a Super Greens Range for dry skin, a Signature Range for normal skin, etc. As a brand, they practice sustainability across multiple dimensions—they are 100% carbon neutral and partner with the Reef Aid Program to restore coastal wetlands.

    3. MartiDerm

    Sublime Life, MartiDerm Proteos Lipsome 10 Ampoules Pore Refinement INR 1750

    Another brand revolutionising the skincare world is MartiDerm—a Spanish beauty brand best known for its ‘Smart Ampoules’. These contain serums with a concentrated form of Vitamin C in a topaz glass bottle, to prevent oxidation and ensure that the Vitamin C remains in its purest and most effective form. Not only do they use pure Vitamin C, but also vegan plant Proteoglycans and natural extracts such as Glycolic Witch Hazel. Different ampoules address different concerns such as ageing, pigmentation, brightening, dehydration, etc. 

    4. Bare Necessities

    Bare Necessities is a homegrown brand with a strong zero waste ideology. They go to great lengths to ensure that their ingredients are organic, locally and ethically sourced. Their products are handmade by a women-run manufacturing team and come in 100% recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. All their products use indigenous, ancient ingredients such as Turmeric and Coconut Oil that were loved and used by our ancestors, without the usage of any chemical preservatives.

    5. Organic Riot

    Organic Riot believes in not just being a beauty brand, but an honest movement. Their range of skincare is made using a combination of local and globally sourced ingredients that are formulated for a specific purpose. Their ingredients are 100% vegetarian and certified by ECOCERT. Moreover, not only are their products non-toxic, but their packaging is too. Every tube is made using recycled paper, saving 850 ml of water, and uses BPA-free plastic, a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative.

    6. Coccoon

    Sublime Life, Coccoon Men’s Grooming Collection INR 499 onwards

    Coccoon’s personal care range is designed to pamper, nourish and keep you protected through the day. Their range of all-rounded skincare and haircare is made using advanced sciences and natural activities such as Kakadu Plum, Exotic Algae, etc, which are obtained from various natural sources across the globe. Their product ranges cater to both men and women and are 100% vegan, clinically tested and dermatologically approved.

    7. Cocomo

    Formulated by a group of moms and an expert cosmetologist, Cocomo was created to bridge the gap in the market for natural skincare and haircare for children. Their range of products specially cater to children between the age of 4 to 15 years, and are made using the highest quality, natural and eco-certified ingredients. They use engaging colours and fragrances to make bath time exciting and fun for the little ones.

    8. Disguise Cosmetics

    Tapping into the cosmetic space, Disguise Cosmetics is India’s first indie makeup brand, which is redefining the Indian beauty industry with its on-trend, pocket-friendly and vegan makeup. Their cruelty-free makeup includes satin-matte lipsticks, matte liquid creams, kajal, versatile multi sticks, glow oils and much more, to create every look from bold to bare and effortlessly transition from daytime chic to night-time glam.

    9. Face Rituals

    Face Rituals incorporates the age-old tradition of crystal healing to create luxurious facial massage tools such as gua shas and face rollers. Using authentic and certified crystals such as jade, rose quartz, amethyst, their products advocate the importance of self-rejuvenation and carry healing energy to the chakras to give you glowing skin, and achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance.

    10. Ilana Organics

    Ilana Organics is the go-to brand for the urban, individualistic girl. Their mission is to provide wholesome, organic skincare with meticulously sourced ingredients from ECOCERT certified farms. Their multipurpose products are curated to indulge several needs at once using transparent and carefully tested formulations to nourish and nurture in the midst of the everyday hullabaloo. 

    With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, strategy and the start-up space, Deep Lalvani has been a partner and director at Ador Group. As India’s pioneer and authentic clean beauty curator, the brand Sublime Life believes in being toxin-free. Deep Lalvani, with this venture, aptly addresses the little changes we could potentially make towards sustainable beauty.

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