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    The Go-To Guide On How To Start A YouTube Channel & Make Money Out Of It


    YouTube, a video streaming app that took no time in turning into a social media platform. In addition to sifting out new faces for Netflix specials and advertisements, YouTube gives its creators a legit method to make big bucks. The platform is big and simple. However, little guidance is required. If you have been thinking about how to create a YouTube channel and make money out of it, then here is everything you need to know before you jump into this world of endless opportunities.

    Why Should You Start A YouTube Channel?

    What kind of content do you understand better – audio, visual or textual? The answer is visual for the majority of the audience. After a hectic workday, no one likes to burden their mind into picturing the stuff they hear or read about. No wonder video streaming platforms are in demand!

    However, why YouTube? 

    1. Huge Fan Base

    In addition to being the most popular video streaming app, it is one of the Big 4 social media platforms. The oncoming on Jio has only added to its demand. (brought the country with about 15% of the world’s population on board the fleet of YouTube lovers). So, accessibility is assured on this platform more than anywhere else.

    2. Improved Algorithm

    As if its popularity is not enough for people to look up new YouTube channel name ideas, YouTube’s renewed algorithm fosters compatibility between creators and viewers. From cheap marketing and more advertisements to increased connectivity with SEO, YouTube has figured it all out.

    3. Economical Paradise

    YouTube does not require payment to create an account or even to stream content. The price of data packs and recording equipment will be it. Tutorials, lectures, songs and even entertainment videos can be filmed with minimum technical requirements. Your zeal is the most coveted asset here.

    4. Free Advertisements

    Very few people know that YouTube allows you to advertise your brand for free. You can choose who you want to see your ads, which videos you want to stream and how much you want to spend. Heads up, you spend only when viewers show interest. Yay!

    5. More Web Traffic

    If you want YouTube channel ideas for marketing your brand, insert relevant links in the description of apposite videos to direct people to your website. YouTube will help increase your brand’s traffic, thus its value.

    Be it advertising your business or YouTubing for the sake of it, the app got it all figured out. Its friendly algorithm, huge fan base and accessibility pin it to the top of the streaming list. YouTube is no doubt the King of the visual content world.

    11 Trending Content Ideas For Your YouTube Channel

    YouTube viewers range from 5-year-old kids (if not younger) to 40-50-year-olds. People belonging to varied classes, ethnicity, gender spectrum, tastes and preferences opt for different kinds of content to watch. 

    Before starting to create content, you need to know what your audience watches. We are here with a few of the best YouTube video ideas for beginners. 

    1. Music Videos

    For many people, YouTube is an app to stream easy music especially after it rolled out its picture-in-picture feature. Not only are people looking for the famed official videos but new voices also that can strike a chord in their hearts. If you are an artist looking for the opportunity to do the same, it is here and now. Also, music videos are great to feature ads in (pretty annoying for the viewers though). 

    Singer-songwriter Ritviz’s Liggi not only is a great music video up on YouTube with 8 lakh + views, but gained popularity as an Instagram Reel music option.

    2. Teaching

    Stuck at a problem? Google it. Want an explained solution? YouTube videos top the search results page. This pandemic has only increased the need for YouTube live and recorded teaching lessons.

    3. Tutorials

    In the world of ‘DIY’ and ‘how-to’, tutorials come to a noob’s rescue. Everything is asked ranging from how to apply eyeliner to how to start a YouTube channel. Record tutorial lectures and videos to let the world benefit from your talent.

    With 3.82 million subscribers, the channel Artkala has established itself as one of the most trusted sources for all DIY tutorials in India.

    4. Fashion Advice

    If you take pride in your dressing sense, help others benefit from it also. Not everyone is good at it. Your succour will be appreciated. This booming section of YouTube content creation has a niche space for everyone.

    From Komal Pandey to Sakshi Sindwani and Shreya Jain to Sejal Kumar, the list of fashion influencers on Youtube is endless.

    5. Comedy Videos

    This is my personal favourite use of YouTube. Comedy is an easy escape from mundane reality. Not surprising that comedy videos are viewed much more than the ones belonging to other genres. Moreover, laughing and making people laugh is a quite appealing way to earn a living.

    BB Ki Vines and Carryminati are just the top layer of this ocean of comedy channels in India. But nothing beats the charm and wit of Prajakta Koli who successfully transformed from a YouTuber to an OTT performer.

    6. Baby & Pet Videos

    Cat videos are still reigning supremacy on YouTube! Watching cute pet animals and babies boost up people’s morale. It’s a great stress-buster and the audience interaction is also super positive. Therefore presenting such content is one of the best YouTube video ideas for beginners.

    7. Cooking Videos

    Everybody loves delicious food; many have developed a new-found interest in cooking in the past lockdown. Sharing your lip-smacking recipes is an interesting way to earn.

    Take the example of Kabita’s Kitchen or Nisha Madhulika. These and many others are getting an audience as big as 9.46 million subscribers

    8. Tech Videos

    The peculiarity of this niche is that it attracts both tech-savvy and technologically handicapped people alike. Just like Technical Guruji is making learning technology easy for all Indians. He has a variety of content available like unboxing, tech talks, tech news and reviews.

    9. Video Game Walkthroughs

    No matter how much video game walkthroughs piss off guardians, gamers enjoy watching them as much as they like playing. You would have surely heard of Dynamo and Beast Boy Shub if you have gaming lovers at home. Did you know that PewDiePie started as a gamer?

    10. Product Unboxing & Reviews Videos

    Unboxing a product, using it and reviewing it attracts people of all age groups. People who want to know about the products or simply enjoy someone else using it come to such a channel.

    11. Vlogs

    Vlogs stand for video blogs. They offer people a sneak peek into the life of their favourite influencers. Also, vlogs let people have a chance of knowing different places, food, events and more.

    Shruti Arjun Anand’s 8.63 million followers are proof enough. 

    You can also create a new niche to draw people to your area of interest. In the end, it all depends on your efforts. 

    How To Start A YouTube Channel?

    Now that we have given out youtube channel ideas for beginners. Now, after figuring out your content, you need to know how to start a YouTube channel. The prerequisites are –

    • Mobile phone or laptop
    • Gmail account
    • YouTube app/ web browser 

    Already have them? Then, what are you waiting for? 

    Log in to YouTube and you got your channel ready. 

    Customize it to make it more presentable. Also, remember to pick an eye-catching name. You should seek advice from people around for your YouTube channel name ideas. 

    A Comprehensive Content Strategy For Your YouTube Channel

    With so many fish swimming in the sea, how do you be the one satisfying the needs of the consumers? The answer is content strategy. 

    1. Know Your Goals

    Good content should cater to a specific purpose. Understanding what you want from the endeavour is the first step towards earning. Ask yourself why you are making this video. Obviously, you are doing this to earn but is there some other purpose? Align your actions to your goals before starting on the path.

    What skills do you want to employ in the process? What would the work entail? Predefined goals keep you aligned and on track.

    2. Know Your Audience

    After understanding what you will provide, you must know who your takers are. Pick the target audience. Know their tastes, preferences and demands. You must acknowledge the people you want to regale with your content.

    3. Optimize

    To make sure that the arrow hits the target, optimize your video. Use keywords in the title, frame a worthy description and see to it that thumbnails are eye-catching. In addition to knowing how to start a channel and sifting through YouTube channel name ideas, you must also learn the keys to using keywords. 

    4. Be Consistent

    Consistency is the key to success in every field, particularly when you are freelancing. You cannot upload a video and wait for it to gain popularity while sitting idle. Keep on creating and streaming. Be consistent with your work.

    5. Collaborate

    Collaborate with other YouTubers. It attracts the person’s audience to you and vice versa. Also, it is fun to know who you work with, right?

    6. Build A Community

    People like to be a part of something big even when they are busy watching videos lazily. Talk to your audience, interact with them and show them that they matter as they should. Build a loyal fan base for yourself.

    7. Be Honest

    Honesty is the key to achieving and retaining success. Be honest to yourself about your work and to your audience about theirs.

    8. Never Give Up

    It is expected of you to quit after a few videos with 10 views. However, stick around. Even the best of them don’t get their dues soon enough but, as they say, better late than never!

    5 Useful Tools To Start A YouTube Channel

    Tools To Start A YouTube Channel

    Now that you know how to start a YouTube channel and are ready with a competent strategy, get the tools required. 

    1. Video Editor

    Enhance the quality of your video to keep the audience engaged. Powerful editing software is required for the same.

    2. Photo Editor

    Get a photo-editing application for when your video needs to be optimized with appealing pictures. Also, as mentioned earlier, you need enticing thumbnails to generate more views.

    3. Google Keyword Planner

    If you cannot rank higher in Google and YouTube searches, you won’t be able to make money no matter how much time you dedicated to the videos, thumbnails or the layout of your channel. Using specific keywords fittingly in your title and description helps drive traffic to your channel.

    4. Apps To Track Social Media Statistics

    Services such as SocialBlade, StatFire and ChannelMeter help you monitor data about your social media platforms including video. Using them, you can analyze the number of video views, subscribers, estimated earnings and many more.

    5. YouTube Studio

    YouTube Studio helps you manage your channel from mobile. It is an imperative tool for content creators. In addition to supervision, it provides you with concurrent analytics concerning your channel.

    How To Make Money Out Of YouTube?

    1. Become A YouTube Partner

    A YouTube channel having at least a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time in the last 12 months, can apply for monetization. The creator can start earning from advertisements, channel memberships and Google AdSense Banners. Also, YouTube pays you for a percentage of total watch time via its premium.

    2. Attach Affiliate Links

    Getting into affiliate programs and earning therein offer less money per purchase. However, if your channel is even mildly popular, it can bring you more than advertisements do. Doing in-depth product reviews or tutorial videos related to the items associated with the links is a decent way to prompt the audience to buy them. When they use your link, they get a discount and you get paid per purchase. However, know that people will follow only when they trust you.

    3. Get Paid Sponsorships

    When you sponsor a brand, you get paid in exchange for mentioning them in your videos. Although it is difficult to find a brand to collaborate with, the heavy money is worth the toil.

    4. Get Crowdfunded

    When you have built a loyal fan base, they will voluntarily fund your channel if asked to. Streaming entertaining and valuable content is needed however to induce them to do so. Also, you can host events exclusive to them or offer prizes to secure the involvement of your people.

    5. Drive Traffic To Your Website

    If you are using the app to boost the popularity of your eCommerce website, blog or startup pages, linking them to your YouTube video is the go-to promotional strategy. However, don’t compromise with the relevancy of your content.

    The Internet is a good source of earning in the present day. A little tactic will help you despite the tough competition. Now, that you know how to create a YouTube channel and make money out of it, don’t waste time. Start with the process soon. Remember that consistency and dedication are the only preconditions to triumph. 

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