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Beyond Flowers: 10 Mother’s Day Gifts To Make Your Mom Feel Extra Special

Fortunately, Mother’s Day (8th May) is always celebrated on a Sunday. That leaves you with the opportunity to spend the entire day with her – a very well deserved quality time that she needs with her “chhota baccha”. It goes without saying that, irrespective of your age, you will always stay a little one for her forever. With just a few days to go, it’s high time that you start planning her gift right now, so you’re not short of time yet again and end up ordering a boring flower bouquet in a jiffy!

So, without much ado, here’s a list of 10 gift options for you to #BeALittleMore active in planning your Mother’s Day surprise and making the day a truly memorable one for her. 

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1. Har Koi Set Of 5 Nail Polishes 

I have enough nail polishes in my makeup collection, said no one ever! And you can bet that it’s the same for your mommy dearest as well. So, grab this opportunity to surprise her with an irresistible set of 5 nail polishes from the most wow-worthy collection of 25 options from none other than Har Koi. This is just what you could be looking out for if you are on the hunt for a gift that is easy on your pocket. Besides, 5 nail colours all at one go is sure to bring a big, bright smile to your mom’s face, in case she has a soft spot for painting her nails (and who doesn’t!) Har Koi nail enamels enable a quick and easy one-stroke application, without leaving brush marks or any trace of bubbles. So, go ahead and help her spruce up her treasure trove on her special day. 

Price: Rs 1000 499

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2. Gatim Yellow Kurta

Come summer and everyone immediately reaches out for everything cotton lying around in their wardrobe. And this summer has been especially tough already considering the heatwave weeping over a large part of India. Let Gatim’s range of comfy wear, especially their Yellow Printed Cotton Kurta Set come to your mother’s rescue in these extreme temperatures. The floral yellow and white long kurta perfectly compliments the modern prints of the pants of the same colour combination. Quite an ‘in thing’ these days! It is just the right outfit to slide into for work or on a casual day out with friends, or even as home wear. Let your mom slip right into it and sashay around in style, whether be it outside or at home. 

Price: Rs 1,390

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3. RaRiRo Ombre Dos Pearl Earrings 

Ah, classic pearls! Not enough can be said about jewellery made from the evergreen, everlasting pearls. Wear them to work, on a hangout with friends, or for dinner at a fine dining restaurant – pearls suit every occasion and everyday wear. In terms of your outfit too, whether it be Indian, Western, or Indo-Western, these versatile drops of ocean are for every mood, sensibility, and ensemble. In fact, it holds the power to transform and elevate any outfit beyond your imagination. Make your mom feel special on her day by gifting her this pair of effervescent pearl earrings.  

Price: Rs 699

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4. Extra-Large Myra Veda Ft. Zevic Limited-Edition Motherhood Appreciation Pamper Hamper

Extra-Large Myra Veda Ft. Zevic Limited-Edition Motherhood Appreciation Pamper Hamper. Well, the name says it all! This hamper includes the best of the brand’s signature line of products. To start with, the Organic Damask Rose Gel, Pure Rose Water, and French Pink Clay are just what your mom needs for her daily skin routine. These beauty products will nourish her skin during the summer, keep it hydrated and give her the much-deserved radiance. 

The Set of 6 Essential Oils Box with a Diffuser and Tea Light Candle will calm her senses, making it a must-have in her therapeutic, self-care routine. The 6 essential oils in this pamper hamper include Spanish Rosemary, French Neroli, Bulgarian Lavender, Italian Bergamot, Australian Tea Tree, and Madagascar Rose Geranium – all of them invigorating in their own right. The hamper also comprises a personalised handwritten message for your precious mom. 

The list does not end here! Myra Veda has collaborated with Zevic to introduce a touch of healthy sweetness with the Sugar-Free Couverture Belgian Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate from Zevic. Last but not the least, a complimentary Organic Coconut Shell Bowl and an Evil Eye Keychain complete the pamper hamper. 

Price: Rs 7,281 5,461 

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5. Nirwaana Star Sign Layered Necklace

When multi-layered neckpieces are so much in vogue these days, can your mom not have at least one of these in her collection of accessories! The double-layered star sign layered necklace can be the perfect gift for her when you want something that’s premium yet fun. One of the layers of this necklace is encrusted with a precious stone that each zodiac sign is closely associated with, while the second layer embodies the symbol of the sun sign itself. So, here’s a minimalist piece of jewellery, customised to your mom’s sun sign, which will never go out of fashion. 

Price: Rs 3,350 – Rs 5,850

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6. Bellissimo Creazione Green Tea Hamper

Yet another opportunity to add to your mom’s summer skincare routine! This hamper, consisting of Green Tea Sugar Scrub, Green Tea & Honey Face Wash, and Matcha Green Tea Face Pack, breathes life into your skin with the goodness of green tea. Green tea is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that treat acne, clear clogged pores, fight premature ageing, hydrate the skin, control oil, and act as a natural exfoliator. Gift your mom this hamper and encourage her to take a step forward towards self-care and self-love.

Price: Rs 3,200

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7. Native Tongue Assorted Nut Butter Minis

Nut butter on plain bread makes breakfast (or even a snack) an entirely different journey altogether. The unusual blend of wholesomeness and yumminess leaves the tummy feeling full and your taste buds equally happy. Native Tongue Assorted Nut Butter Minis include 45 grams each of Thandai Nut Butter, Gurbandi Almond Butter, Cashew Coconut Butter, and Marzipan Cashew Butter. Unique flavours, aren’t they? Indulge your mom’s taste buds and boost her health this Mother’s Day with these rich nut butter.

Price: Rs 590

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8. Terracotta By Sachii Teacups & Teapot Set

Did you just make a face at the idea of gifting your mom a tea set? But…wait! Check this out because it’s different. Inspired by the traditional art of Longpi pottery from Manipur, it is curated from ground serpentinite stone, clay, and cane. The special brown clay is unique to the Longpi village from where it is derived. The teapot and cups are shaped manually, polished, sun-dried and then fired in a bonfire. This tea set, comprising one teapot and four teacups, is a perfect amalgam of beauty and functionality. Surprise your mom with this handcrafted treasure and see her treat it as a prized possession. 

Price: Rs 3,300

Buy Terracotta By Sachii Teacups & Teapot Set

9. FOAMO-IS Bath Essential Assorted Mini Soaps

Wear your heart on your sleeve this Mother’s Day with these handcrafted 10 mini assorted star soaps or heart soaps. Available in a wide array of options like lavender, strawberry, jasmine, and mint mixed fragrances, they are coloured in light pastel. These soaps are curated from the goodness of goat milk. Not just that, there is no scope of them harming your mom’s skin because these are SLS and paraben-free. 

Price: Rs 250

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10. The Blue Pond Anti-Ageing Face Serum & De-Stress Pain Relief Serum

The anti-ageing face serums are enriched with the goodness of macadamia, pomegranate, frankincense, jojoba oil, and lavender. Macadamia is known for its anti-ageing properties, pomegranate for its anti-inflammatory properties, and frankincense for boosting skin elasticity and skin renewal. On the other hand, lavender calms the skin, while jojoba oil is laden with Vitamin E. Gift pack these serums for your mom for her to fight wrinkles like a pro and also improve her skin tone naturally. On the other hand, the de-stress pain relief serum offers relief from joint pain, sore muscles, and inflammation. It is potent with hempseed, eucalyptus, wintergreen, and peppermint. 

Price: Rs 2,200

Buy The Blue Pond Anti-Ageing Face Serum & De-Stress Pain Relief Serum

The above list comprises a range of products for your mom to feel and look beautiful. Pick one that matches her preferences and personality and watch her shine on her day like she always does. 

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