StyleFun Fall 2021 Shoe Trends You're Going To Love, According To PAIO

Fun Fall 2021 Shoe Trends You’re Going To Love, According To PAIO

Forget EVERYTHING you’ve been conditioned to associate fall and winter with! Who said that you have to wear only dull, dark and neutral colours that restrict you just so that you can fit in? This is why we decided to list down the style and colour trends to look out for this Fall-Winter 2021 that will help you explore without leaving your comfort zone. You can use these to add a pop of colour to your outfit or let the shoes be the star and do all the talking. This list hopefully motivates you to embrace the COLOUR and don’t we all need that in these grim times? Hey! It might even be a conversation starter for all you know!

TC46 connected with PAIO, a cruelty-free, sustainable, and conscious fashion brand bringing back handcrafted products by traditional karigars. Here, they share how the pandemic has changed the perception of fashion and the latest fashion trends, which are also Bollywood’s favourites, that you ought to try this season!

10 Style Trends Of Fall 21

Straight from the runway! Here are a few styles that are making a huge statement on the runway and why they’re the perfect additions to your wardrobe.

1. Power Platforms Booties

Platforms made the rounds on runways this past Spring as more stable and comfortable alternatives to stilettos. Unlike those in natural materials like wood and straw espadrille styles, the platform returns for Fall in heavy, dark-coloured leather boots. Opt-in for these if you’re looking for a strong and impactful way to add some height under a dress or with extra-long cuffed jeans. These boots are sturdy, comfortable and the dark brown colour stands out. The heels give the perfect amount of height to a person without making it uncomfortable to walk in.

Style Tip: These boots go perfectly under a dress or with extra-long cuffed jeans.

2. Strappy Sandals

Hello, statement-making lace-ups! Your feet will be the centre of attention in these strappy sandals. They are super lightweight and easy to wear and not to forget, so comfortable and dreamy! The soft lilac makes it stand out as well as blend in according to your outfit. The detachable straps can dramatize your look with just a tie or keep it casual without the straps. You can lace them high up your calf or you can keep the lace-up action closer to your ankle—it’s up to you! Wrap them as far up as you can go for a more dramatic look. 

Style Tip: Wear them with short dresses and flaunt your gorgeous legs.

3. Neutral Loafers 

Yes, the humble loafer is still A Thing—and in 2021, they’re all about neutral tones. A classic loafer will be your go-to shoe all year round. Wear this pair of loafers, to work or out to play and enjoy the comfort of double cushioning for maximum comfort. This neutral colour just makes it easy to style with all your outfits. Rest assured, these are your perfect partners no matter the situation!

Style Tip: They can go with literally anything, wear them with beige jackets and get a stunning and classy look.

4. Mid-Heel Slides

Not about the height and you want to keep your heel as tiny as possible? Presenting these white mules. Add these fashionable and trendy pairs of white mule heels for women in your closet. Fun for a night out, these interesting pair of heels can be worn with all outfits because of their transparent block heels. You can party in these comfortable heels at night as well as go on a breakfast date in them in the morning. Versatile, comfortable and classic defines these pair of comfortable mules. 

Style Tip: Style them with long dresses or even sarees and get a diva look!

5. Quirky Clogs

It’s been a year of throwbacks, whether it’s with prints, clothes, accessories or even film pictures so how could we miss out on the ultimate favourites of the 70’s – Clogs. Clogs have been seen on the runways recently and they hit the streets with multiple Instagram influencers also wearing them. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that they’re having a moment in 2021! They used to be chunky and heavy but we have the perfect alternative for it. Trendy is just one few words to describe our favourite throwback piece! You can experiment with them without a limit. 

Style Tip: Pair them with a simple summer dress to play down their edgy quality.

6. Spaceship Metallics 

After a year without travelling, a trip to outer space is long overdue. Our packing list includes metallic footwear. With how fast this trend has picked up, we’re calling silver the new neutral. The subtle silver in these will help you in styling this with almost everything and look like your best self. They’re easy to wear, you just have to slide in and they’re so comfortable thanks to the double padding. You can use these to complete your outfit or to even create a contrast in your outfit. The colour is that versatile. Is silver the new black? In 2021, it looks like it is!

Style Tip: They’ll go with casual dresses, a white shirt and jeans or even a fancy ball gown.

7. Classic Heels

There’s nothing worse than having an interview or wedding coming up and needing to run out the night before because you don’t have heels to pair with your outfit. In a time where sustainability and fashion-conscious people are growing, both can grow hand in hand if we focus on the classics that last you a long long time! Extremely stylish and classic this is an essential piece to have in your closet. An investment to cherish for a lifetime! Amazing if you want to look elongated and classy instantly. It upgrades your casual outfits and even subtly amps up your more formal looks. Having a pair of heels (that you can walk in) in a neutral colour that you can wear to any and all heel-worthy events is a rite of passage as a woman, and it’s better to get one pair you love than a poor-quality pair you have to keep replacing.

Style Tip: These heels pair well with mini skirts, bodycon dresses and little black dresses. And also with flowy dresses.

Monsoon fashion isn’t talked much about but we don’t see a reason why. From cute skirts to fabulous kurtis, find here a way to slay all these trending pieces in 2021.

8. Stay At Home Vibes 

There’s nothing better than having a chic slide sandal that you can slip on any time without giving much thought to it. Cosy slides are about to serve their purpose all the way through 2021 as well with luxurious updates pretty pastels and prints. After wearing slippers in your house for a while now, you’ll finally get to wear them out in the form of these chic slides. Your feet will absolutely melt in these slippers that have become THE footwear of quarantine. These lightweight, mint green flat slides are sure to add some freshness to your wardrobe. The knotted strap gives it a stylish twist which is perfect to wear with almost everything. Go through your day with ease and without any discomfort. Easy to style, wear and very durable, these flats will be an amazing addition to your closet. 

Style Tip: You can wear them with basic t-shirts and jeans and they go well with your traditional kurtis as well.

9. Black & White Animal Prints

You might wonder if animal prints are back in style for fall-winter 2021? Well, the answer is Yes! Animal prints are back in fashion! And what is the easiest way to look trendy, sexy and edgy? Adding animal print to your outfit of course! After months of wearing matching neutral-coloured outfits, we want to wear pieces that evoke optimism and happy emotions and prints just do it! These black and white snake print heels have a 4-inch block heel with double padding for comfort. Just slide right in!

Style Tip: Pair seamlessly with everything from denim to colourful trousers and you won’t have to give it a second thought.

10. Classic Mules

You cannot go wrong with the classic look of a striped top, straight leg denim, and a classic flat — it’s an essential outfit formula that everyone should have in their closet. From minimal and dainty to airier versions crafted from natural materials, mules are a refined finish with outfits of all kinds. This versatile piece is perfect to bring together your whole outfit or even be the star of the outfit! With a beautiful embroidered upper with vegan leather lining and a double padded sole, this is your friend on the dance floor, whether it’s at a wedding or a club. This versatile piece is perfect to bring together your whole outfit or even be the star of the outfit!

Style Tip: These blue embroidered mules can be paired with denim and a white tee or even a vibrant ethnic outfit!

Why stop at shoes? Here’s a list of the top 10 jewellery trends of 2021 that you should definitely check out!

5 Ways The Pandemic & WFH Has Changed Shoe Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the fashion business, from the people it employs to the waste it generates. The crisis has provided an opportunity to rethink the practices in the fashion industry. With increased awareness and engagement within the industry, the pandemic has brought about increased awareness for the environment, animal cruelty, pollution, modern slavery, and poor work conditions. Many businesses have struggled to sustain themselves due to the adverse effects of the pandemic. 

Businesses had to reimagine their practices to match with the newly changed consumer mindset and use innovative marketing platforms to maintain their position in the market. With changes in the overall fashion industry, the footwear industry too had to adapt to several changes, according to the demand. The demand is what sets the trends these days. As necessity is the mother of invention, the footwear industry has made some season-less changes and launched new trends. Here are five trends that have been set in the industry due to the pandemic.

1. Lounge & Comfort 

The ongoing pandemic has shifted consumer mindset from high-heels to loungewear and comfort wear. The increased demand for comfort in the fashion industry is because of necessity. Due to the lockdown imposed in the country, many businesses were shifted from offline to online, which led to work from home and eventually a huge rise in the market for comfortable footwear. The consumer has adapted to the lifestyle of working from home and hence is looking for ways to stay comfortable at home. Work from home has created high demand for footwear that can make you feel comfortable such as slip-ons, sliders and comfortable flats.

2. Seasonless 

One of the biggest trends set in the fashion industry as the aftermath of the pandemic is the seasonless fashion trend. While the fashion industry for decades has been creating and producing goods according to the seasons such as Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter. The pandemic has created awareness about the harmful effects of the constantly changing fashion trends in the industry and has made this development of seasonless fashion. 

Seasonless fashion means ditching seasonal collections and producing products that can be worn regardless of the time, making them timeless and evergreen. The quickly changing trends in the past left fashion houses with unsold items that had to be either thrown away or burnt, which was not good for the environment.

3. Business Casual

With the world opening remotely, we see the business/office culture resuming offline partially. The offline business world has a dress code that is to be followed to look presentable. Unlike the WFH footwear, the business dress code consists of formal footwear styles. But since people have adapted to the lifestyle of staying in comfort at all times, business casual wear for the office is on the rise. 

Business casual consists of semi-formal styles such as desert boots, Chelsea boots, loafers, ballet flats and block heels. The reopening of workplaces has increased the demand for business wear but since people do not want to compromise on their comfort anymore, the business casual trend is here to stay.

4. Sustainability

Consumers are not only aware of the harm caused by quick fashion but also the fact that resources are becoming increasingly scarce. The consumer is no longer entertained by fast fashion and is more inclined towards knowledge of the product and the company they purchase from. The pandemic has generated a lot of awareness about the impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment and the consumer has finally started to take action by buying responsibly. People are investing in sustainable fashion items and are calling out brands that do not practice sustainability. 

Several world-changing events such as the Rana Plaza incident in Bangladesh have made people realise the harmful effects of fast fashion. This has created a huge demand for sustainable footwear in the market. Many big fast fashion companies have reimagined the way they make their products and are trying to make themselves as sustainable as possible. Sustainability is more of a necessity than a trend in today’s time, considering the state of climate change.

5. Vocal For Local 

Since the pandemic had created a halt in any export/import, people started to recognise the beauty of the culture that exists in our country. Local brands have started to gain wide recognition across the nation with campaigns by the country to become Atmanirbhar.

The Indian government’s ‘Vocal For Local’ campaign has also created a trend, encouraging more consumers to support ‘Made in India’ products.

In support of Vocal For Local, shop here from the Red Dot Shop, a curated marketplace for local homegrown brands that cater to women.

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