Beauty10 Saree Draping Styles You Need To Bookmark Abhi, Isi Waqt!

10 Saree Draping Styles You Need To Bookmark Abhi, Isi Waqt!

Saree is a classic and holds a special place in every desi woman’s heart. Bollywood has played it right into our hearts by popularising how to wear Bengali saree, how to wear Nauvari saree, and other traditional and modern versions of the drape. While lehengas, shararas, anarkalis and more often dive into the pool of creativity and novelty, sarees are shedding the conventional ways.

There are several variations of this statement wardrobe piece like the ruffled version, lacey drapes and fusion pieces. But one way you can turn any saree into a glam affair is by draping it in a new, fun way. Let’s keep these traditional saree styles for another article – how to wear Gujarati saree, how to wear Pattu saree, how to wear Kache saree, how to wear Kandangi saree, how to wear Bengali saree, how to wear Nauvari saree for another article and focus on modern styles of the drape. So take out your favourite saree (or your mom’s), drape it like the fashionista you are and let your #OOTD do the talking! How to wear a saree? Let’s get you started.

5 Quick Tips Before Draping A Saree

Before you set your eyes on how to wear saree or how to wear saree step by step, skim through these tips to get the saree look right:

Count The Number Of Pleats: Before you know how to drap a saree, aim for at least 6 pleats to get that amazing look!

Get The Level Right: Where you actually tuck the saree? Should be below or above your navel. Wear it wherever you are comfortable, although experts say that one inch below the navel is the ideal.

Get The Height Right: Being clear about where your saree will start at your waist also helps you adjust where it will end. This way, you can save yourself from tripping.

Seal The Deal With Heel: Just in case, your saree is still longer than what it should have ideally been, wear a pair of heels. Simple!

Deciding The Pallu Height: While wearing the saree and before making the pleats, decide and adjust the height of your pallu. You don’t want your pallu to end up being too short or too long, right?

10 Unique Saree Draping Styles That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

How to drap a saree and, more importantly, how to wear saree in different styles? Here are some irresistible styles for you to try:

1. Belt Style

Drape your saree in the normal way and add a belt that effortlessly sticks your pallu at the waist. You can try to use a kamarbandh if you want a more traditional look. A statement blouse like an off-shoulder would definitely add some zing to your saree!

How To Do It:

  1. Drape your saree as you normally do.
  2. And just add a belt or a  kamarbandh that sticks your saree’s pallu to your waist.

2. Dhoti Style

Sonam Kapoor has been the biggest ambassador of the dhoti saree. It’s more of an offbeat look that will surely turn some heads. It might look tricky at first, but is completely doable, all you have to do is wear leggings instead of a petticoat for better draping purposes. 

How To Do It:

  1. You have to drape the satin or georgette saree around your lower waist. Make sure to leave 1 to 2 meters to the end of your saree (non-pallu end).
  2. Start overlapping both of the ends and after that secure them with a safety pin at the centre. 
  3. Now you have to make the pleats and then wrap them around your back. After that, you have to bring the remaining portion to the front.
  4. Now, just toss the pallu over your shoulder, make sure the pleats are neat. Secure it on the blouse with a safety pin. You have to take the lower portion of the pallu, wrap it around your back and finally bring it to your front. Make sure to fix it with safety pins and it must showcase clean pleats.
  5. After this, you have to take the remaining portion from the left and drape the pleats in the form of the dhoti. Fix with a safety pin and bring it back while manoeuvring between the legs and then tuck it.
  6. Now, bring the falling section to the front and tuck it in the centre. Make sure to secure the front drape with pins in order to prevent pleats from opening. There you have it!

3. Neck Drape Style

All you have to do is wrap your saree’s pallu around your neck in the way you would wear a scarf. Ensure that you keep the length of your pallu longer than usual to achieve this style. Bonus Point: It will keep you warm in the winter weddings!

How To Do It:

  1. Just wear your saree in the normal way and put the pallu over your neck to construct it like a trendy scarf. 
  2. You can even experiment with as many scarf styles as you like.

4. Mermaid Style

Very popular in the Bollywood saree styles, this can instantly up your look and make you look like a fashion diva.

How To Do It:

  1. Take the basic draping steps of the beginning till the step after placing the edge on front level centre petticoat tuck, no pleats, tuck the edge till your left side waist.
  2. Now take the open edge and hold up the width section to form pallu pleats of the entire width in 5-6inches placing the top border on top as the first pleat.
  3. Then you bring the pleated drape across your left-hand side to your back and right side. Throwing it from right backside to right shoulder front, as hanging on your right.
  4. The length of your pallu should be long-reaching 5-6 inches above the toe level, and pin-up the pleats at shoulder point like the Gujarati drape style.
  5. Now take the first pleat edge and spread it to your front bodice, wrapping around till backside, again bringing it forward till the left side in full stretched fitted form.
  6. Then hold the corner and pin it up underneath the drape across, on the left side by the thigh.

5. Pant Style

Super chic and functional, all things that are required to accomplish this style are pants or tights, a half pleated saree and some safety pins.

How To Do It:

  1. First of all, take a saree which has a shorter length as compared to regular sarees. It would be great if you pick a georgette or chiffon saree to make it a pant style saree.
  2. Now you have to hold the end of your saree (non-pallu end) and start making pleats. You can make it according to your requirements, but 5 to 6 pleats will be fine. Make sure you secure it with the safety pin.
  3. Tuck them inside your pants in the front centre. Maintain them nicely so that the pleats are visible clearly.
  4. Now grab the other end and drape the remaining saree around your waist. Toss the end on your left shoulder.
  5. After this, start making pleats and secure them with pins on the shoulder of your blouse. Now, you are all set with your pants saree.

Saree 101: Learn here how to drape, wear and turn sarees into a fashion statement.

6. Mumtaz Style

If you want a retro vibe with a classy look and want to to know how to wear frill saree, this is your go-to way of draping a saree. Bring the classics back and shine!

How To Do It:

  1. Use a chiffon or georgette saree with borders, for this method. 
  2. Tuck the end of the saree (non-pallu end) on the right side and bring it around the waist to the backside, tuck it in fully while doing the same. 
  3. Bring it towards the front again and hold the pallu towards the left and with the fabric in the middle, make pleats in the front and tuck it a little towards the right side, adjusting the pleats in the centre. 
  4. Drape the saree around the person along the waist and tuck the fabric neatly all through. 
  5. While on the front side, bring the saree a little high such that it drapes one layer above the lower layer showing 2 rows of borders, bring the saree around the person again tucking the fabric in the same length. 
  6. Now in the front make smaller pleats and keep the length shorter for the pallu and pin it over the left shoulder.

7. Butterfly Style

This style has gained immense popularity and is extremely stylish. All you gotta do is make extra thin pleats of your pallu and pin them on your shoulders.

How To Do It:

  1. Tuck the saree end into a petticoat and bring it around the waist. 
  2. Bring the open drape across your back to your front from the right side.
  3. Make the pleats at the centre and tuck them into the petticoat. 
  4. Partially cover your chest by spreading the pleats or leave the pallu thin.

8. Lehenga Style

Why spend money on an expensive lehenga, when you can drape one from your saree? That way, you will not only know how to wear saree, you can even wear a lahenga with it. How to wear lehenga saree? The lehenga style drape is pretty easy to make as all you have to do is keep pleating the whole 6-9 yards. Of course, with some bit left for the pallu.

How To Do It:

  1. Wear a can-can petticoat, tie a knot at the end of your saree and tuck it in the petticoat. 
  2. Make multiple small pleats and tuck them around your waist. 
  3. Tuck one end of your pallu and drape the rest from the back to the front. 
  4. Bring the pallu from the back and neatly pin the border at your waist to give it that lehenga look!

9. Half Saree Style

This look is very practical since you won’t end up sticking your saree in your legs. Wear this style and you’re all set to rock the dance stage!

How To Do It:

  1. For the half saree look, fold the saree from the top and tuck it in.
  2. Make multiple small pleats and tuck them across your waist. 
  3. Pleat your pallu and drape it over your shoulder. And you’re all set!

10. Pre-Stitched Gown Style

If you want to slay this style, get yourself a killer gown! 

How To Do It:

  1. For a pre-stitched style, ditch your boring old gown and switch it with a peplum jacket. 
  2. Tie a knot at the end of the saree, tuck it in your petticoat. 
  3. Make pleats and tuck them in.
  4. Make the pallu pleats, pin them up and drape them around your shoulder.

Now that you know some unique ways on how to wear saree, enjoy any wedding with fabulous fashion style and make a statement! 

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