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The Ultimate Shoe Style Guide For Women

Whether you are a self-proclaimed fashionista or a regular girl next door, one thing is for sure, you can never have enough shoes! However, with the wide variety of women shoe types available out there, deciding which ones to include in your collection can be quite a daunting task. Here is a comprehensive list of types of sandals, heels, slippers and shoes that you may consider including in your shoe wardrobe.

Casual Footwear For Women

As the name suggests, a pair of casual footwear is your perfect companion for a regular ‘casual’ day. Casual shoes are more about comfort. However, that does not mean you have to compromise on style! 

Here are the different types of casual footwear you must have in your collection. 

1. Wedges

Wedges are suitable for days when you want to keep it casual but don’t feel like letting go of heels! They are far more comfortable than other types of heels and give you a simple yet polished look. 

Style Tip: Team your wedges with a pair of high waisted shorts and tank top for a fun daytime outfit. 

2. Ballerina Flats

Inspired by soft shoes worn by ballet dancers, ballerina flats make great everyday footwear. This versatile shoe has very thin heels and closed toes. The best part is that ballerinas come in a variety of colours, prints and patterns. From classic nude to sparkling solids, there are several types of bellies shoes for you to choose from. 

Style Tip: Nude colour ballet flats, when worn with bare legs or long leggings (in the same colour as the shoe) can help make your legs appear longer! 

3. Lace-Ups

This term is used for footwear that fastens with laces and may include loafers, brogues, heels and ballerina pumps. Lace-up shoes are great for days when you have a lot of running around to do as they are sturdy and offer additional support for feet. 

Style Tip: A pair of jeans matched with low-heeled lace-up sandals is an amazing casual look for daytime hangouts. For a minimal date night look, pair your lace-up footwear with a slip dress. 

4. Flip Flops

Flip flops are a type of slippers that are extremely versatile and can be worn with various outfits. They usually sport a comfortable foam sole with plastic toe support and straps. 

Style Tips: Vibrant coloured flip flops can add more appeal to simple outfits like jeans and a tee. This type of slippers is a great choice for beaches, pool parties and casual summertime hangouts.

5. Mules

Mules are among the most common types of flat shoes for women. This open-back footwear has become quite a trend these days. Mules are comfy and stylish and are available in a variety of textures. This footwear is your best bet when you are looking for something more supportive than flip flops but want to avoid the hassle of wearing closed shoes. 

Style Tip: You can pair mules with cropped flare denim, ruffled skirt, slit trousers, dresses and jumpsuits  

6. Loafers

Loafers are super comfortable slip-on shoes with elasticated panels on either side. They can be paired with casual daytime outfits as well as office wear.

Style tip: A denim outfit and loafers complement each other well. 

7. Gladiator Sandals

Gladiators are one of the most common types of sandals that have recently made a massive comeback. This strappy footwear looks amazing on leg-bare dresses. 

Style Tip: Pair them with a pair of shorts or skirt or wear them with striped trousers, gladiators will add a beautiful uniqueness to your whole look! 

8. Trainers

Trainers are among the most popular women shoe types and are a must-have for every lady out there.  From work-out sessions to days when you have to be on your feet for long hours, they come handy on several occasions. Trainers are extremely comfortable and sturdy. 

Style Tip: For a stylish summer daytime look, wear a cute floral dress with a pair of low-top trainers.  

Formal Footwear For Women

Now that you have mastered the art of choosing the right casual footwear, it’s time to ace your formal footwear game. Be it for an important office meeting or a special occasion, the right pair of formal shoes can help you look your best for any event. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular options in this category.


From dresses and gowns to trousers and jeans, heels go well with everything! The trick is to choose the right types of heel:

1. Pumps

This footwear comes with a low-cut vamp sans any fastening in the front. It is pretty versatile and can be worn at parties, work meetings or date nights! 

Style Tip: Create a classy winter look by putting together a pair of fitted jeans, a trench coat and high-heeled pumps. 

2. Stilettos

Stilettos are one of the most common types of heels. These thin, high heeled shoes are chic, elegant and glamorous. Now, it may not be easy to walk in a pair of stilettos but it’s definitely worth the efforts! 

Style Tip: For an effortlessly stylish look, pair your stilettos with jeans and kurta. This footwear also goes well with gowns and skirts. 

3. Kitten Heels 

Kitten heels can help you pump up your glam quotient without putting much pressure on your feet. They can be worn with Indian wear as well as western outfits. 

Style Tip: For a stylish daytime look, wear your kitten heels with a well-fitted jeans and kurta combo, maxi dress or a flowy gown. For a more casual and fun look, wear this footwear with a pair of bright shorts. 

4. Cone Heels

This footwear is the perfect choice for date nights or a girls night out! Cone heels are wide where it connects the sole and then narrow down significantly as it reaches the ground. 

Style Tip: Create a stunning look by wearing a quirky pair of cone heels with a flowy dress or a skirt. These types of high heels can also be worn with Anarkali suit for that desi diva look! 

5. Slingback Heels 

Your formal shoe collection is incomplete without a pair of slingback heels. This footwear features a strap that crosses behind the ankle. 

Style Tip: Slingbacks can make your legs appear longer and thinner, especially if you pair them up with a knee- skimming skirt or culottes.

6. Platform Heels

This shoe is characterized by a thick sole and heel that rises significantly higher than the ball of the foot. They are simple and elegant and work well for formal occasions. 

Style Tip: Speaking of western outfits, platforms go well with well-fitted jeans and corduroy pants. You can also wear this footwear with ethnic wear like shararas. 

7. Spool Heels

Spool heels are wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. They are comfortable and practical and can be paired with casual wear as well as dressy outfits. 

Style Tip: Gear up for that big meeting with a stylish and powerful pantsuit, paired with spool heels. This footwear also goes well with pencil skirts, jeans and cut-pants. 

Court Shoes

Court shoes generally have a low line upper, medium height heel and pointed toe. They can be worn on formal occasions like weddings or with workwear and business attire. 

Style Tip: If you plan to wear your court shoes mostly to work, buy them in classic colours like black, brown, grey, white or beige. Bold colours and designs like red, pink, yellow and floral prints are better for casual spring streetwear. 


This fashion staple is another item you must include in your formal shoe collection. It is characterized by decorated and perforated patterns on the toe. Depending upon its pattern and colour, you can pair this footwear with formal wear, dresses and shorts. 

Style Tip:  Brogues with subtle details and design is a must-have for your work wardrobe. These shoe type sandals can be paired with pants, suits and pencil skirts.


Oxfords are one of the most popular types of formal shoes for ladies. Their trim and sophisticated look comes from its characteristic ‘closed-lacing’ design. Oxfords are usually worn with formal outfits. However, this flat-heeled and comfortable footwear has evolved over the years and comes in a variety of designs and patterns now. 

Style Tip: One can rarely go wrong with the classic jeans and oxford shoe combo. If you are planning on wearing these footwear to work, team it with a suit or dress pants. 

Women’s Boots

Most women choose to unpack their boots only during winters. However, depending upon its style and type, this footwear can be a practical choice for every season. Boots are the perfect combination of style and functionality and are fit for various outfits or occasions. 

1. Ankle Boots

The classic shape of ankle boots makes them suitable for casual wear as well as office attire. These types of booties are quite versatile and come in different styles, colours and designs. 

Style Tip: Ankle boots go very well with flowy summer dresses and tailored trousers. 

2. Calf Boots

They offer more coverage and work well for colder spells. Since you will be using them only for a few months (during winter), make sure you buy your pair of calf boots in a material that will last long! 

Style Tip: Go for a heeled pair of calf boots to elongate your frame. This footwear goes well with knee-length skirts, skinny jeans and cropped denims. 

3. Military Boots

These super-thick and chunky boots are a good choice when you are planning to add an element of toughness to your look! They are pretty sturdy and can withstand harsh weather and grounds.  

Style Tip: Military boots can be paired with jeans, pants and miniskirts for a tough and sporty look. 

4. Knee Boots And Thigh-High Boots

Knee boots and thigh-length boots work well for the winter season. These can be worn with dresses, skirts and jeans. Add to your style by investing in a pair of chic high-heeled boots! 

Style Tip: The best way to wear thigh-high boots is to match them with skinny jeans, leggings or stretchy pants. Throw in a cardigan or a mid-length coat and you are good to go! You can also wear these boots with dresses. 

From stylish types of high heels to comfy shoe type sandals, the world of women shoes has options galore. And while it is important to consider factors like fashion and style when you go shoe shopping, make sure you do not compromise on your comfort. No matter how stylish your new shoes are, they’ll only look good if you can walk in them comfortably. Now that you know which type of footwear goes well with what outfit, it’s time to ramp up your shoe collection with this comprehensive shoe guide for women! 

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