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To Shave Or Not To Shave: Real Women Explain Why It’s Absolutely A Choice

Growing up as a woman, people-pleasing and unrealistic expectations—in all facets of life—can be deep-rooted problems that are difficult to unlearn, and ultimately leave you unsatisfied. Many Indian girls have been bullied into hating their own bodies, they’re made to believe that there is a particular way women should look. It isn’t just school friends who would bully young girls into thinking that their body is undesirable, it is also older aunties and uncles, family members and neighbours who would nag them and colour their appearance like the biggest flaw of their existence. And unfortunately, this still continues. 

15 Real Women Share Their Opinions About Shaving

TC46 put out a post on Instagram here asking our followers what their opinions are about body hair, “It’s our choice to shave and it’s not really a problem. Normalise body hair.”. And, here’s what they had to say!

“I hate the feeling of tiny prickly hair that grows after you’ve shaved. I would rather wax it off. But ever since the pandemic, I haven’t really had the chance to dress up in clothes that make me wanna get my hair waxed. So I’ve just fallen in love with it!” – Hiral*

Hair removal has long shaped gender dynamics, served as a signifier of class and defined notions of femininity and the ‘ideal body.’ But that has zero logic, so anybody who believes that a body should look a particular way needs to get a brain rinse!” – Aayushi*

“I was of the opinion that shaving, waxing, threading your body and facial hair is the way to go when it comes to your partner and sexual experiences. Today, my boyfriend kisses my moustached lips and doesn’t give a damn about the hair on my body. In fact, he loves it. And that’s real progress.”Vishakha*

I started shaving when I was 13 because I thought that’s what we’re supposed to do but as I grew older I came to know there is no hard and fast rule to it.” – Radhika*

To shave, or not to shave? It’s up to you. You can’t let anyone dictate how you live your life.” – Sakshi*

“Shave karo ya na karo, meri marzi hai! I won’t deny that it feels great when you shave or wax and you can’t stop touching your soft skin. But it’s too much of a hassle, I’d rather skip.”Rhea*

“Shaving gives me ingrown hair, waxing causes my sensitive skin to burn and threading is just outright painful. And besides everything else, I don’t mind the hair and nobody’s opinion matters for me.”Gayatri*

I like shaving because my skin feels super soft but that doesn’t mean everybody has to like it. Shaving is absolutely a personal choice and nobody should ever comment about that.” – Arunima*

When I was younger, my friends used to make fun of me because I had long hair on my legs and arms. I stopped wearing short clothes because my maa said I was too young to shave or wax. After a few months had passed with all the bullying, I finally told my mom what was happening at school and she helped me understand that despite all the negative comments I don’t need to succumb to shaving. That one sentence made a huge impact in my life because now I know I have the autonomy over my body.” – Khushboo*

When I was a kid, I used to make fun of girls who had moustaches, I was little and conditioned to believe that it’s not correct. I grew up and realised how wrong I was and have worked on myself since then.” – Jhalak*

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To anyone who says you need to shave, why exactly are women supposed to be perpetually smooth and stubble-free? I think cinema and television also have created an image in the minds of the audience. Why have we never seen any actress with body hair?” – Himani*

I stopped shaving completely when I was 16, I was questioned a lot, not just family but friends and even strangers at times (super weird) but I knew that even if nobody understands my decision, THEY HAVE TO RESPECT IT!” – Saanya*

I don’t understand how physical appearance started to have a concept of being ideal? Everybody is different, every body is beautiful, then why try to change it? It’s not just men who need to be okay with having hair, nowadays women need to change too! They point out like eww don’t wear short clothes or sleeveless because you haven’t shaved or waxed, but why not?” – Mehak*

The people who judge someone because they look a certain way, don’t deserve people in their lives. If you can’t see beyond my skin or hair on my skin, then just stay away.” –Tiya*

“I like shaving because it suits me. My cousin doesn’t since she gets strawberry skin. So it’s as simple as that. Do what works for you!”Jasmine*

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People need to see who the other person is, not what they look like. Women should not do this, women should not do that is a hymn of yesteryears. You don’t need to use a gazillion products to change your appearance. The change will start from within when you accept your own bodies and then ultimately your self-love will not allow anybody’s opinions to change the way you see yourself. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the responses have been translated and edited for clarity. Names have been changed to respect privacy.

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