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Avoid These 18 Foods To Aid Faster Weight Loss

Losing weight can be challenging, but if the right steps are taken, you will get to see good results sooner. Your daily diet, even those ‘small bites’ you eat, can impact your weight significantly. When trying to lose weight, it is crucial to choose the right kind of foods – low in fats and carbohydrates, while being high in protein, fibre, and other nutrients. Eliminating the intake of sugar and snacks containing white flour will not only help in weight loss, but it will also lower the chances of heart ailments. 

Individuals who are not able to achieve a healthy diet should consult a doctor and then bring about changes in their diet. But worry not! We have curated a list of foods to avoid to lose weight to help you with your weight loss journey.

18 Foods That You Must Avoid For Faster Weight Loss

On a daily basis, we all consume certain foods that cause weight gain. A high glycemic index, harmful fat, loads of calories, processed sugar in food are some of the reasons for weight gain. The following are some of the foods to avoid to lose weight:

1. All Types Of Snacks

Avoid All Types Of Snacks To Aid Weight Loss

The habit of snacking can lead to obesity, overweight, and high blood pressure.  Snacks such as chips and bakery products are full of salt, harmful fats and additives, and are extremely unhealthy. Ingredients used in these snacks can cause damage to the hypothalamic part of the brain, which controls hunger,  and also cause inflammation of the liver.   

2. Processed Meat

Avoid Processed Meat To Promote Weight Loss

Researchers say eating processed meat, such as bacon, hot dogs and ham, may cause weight gain. Regular consumption of processed meat may increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.  Such products contain high salt content and have fewer nutrients. They are also calorie-dense compared to lean protein sources.

3. White Rice

Avoid White Rice For Weight Loss

Without this staple diet of India, our meals are usually incomplete. The white rice is low in fat and has lesser fibre and proteins and has a high glycemic index, which increases blood sugar after consuming them. Instead of having white rice, you can opt for other alternatives such as quinoa, cauliflower, and brown rice. These options are rich in dietary fibre, so keep you full for long hours.

4. Breakfast Cereals

Avoid Breakfast Cereal To Aid Faster Weight Loss

There are a lot of breakfast cereals that are low in fat and a lot of them contain plenty of sugar. Sugar increases cravings and makes your body prone to various health issues, making it difficult for you to lose weight. It is advised to increase the intake of natural or organic cereals that have enough protein in them. 

5. Pizza

Say No To Pizza For Promote Weight Loss

Pizza is very high in calories and often has unhealthy ingredients, such as highly refined flour and processed meat. If pizza is your favourite dish and you don’t want to ditch it, you can try preparing it at your home. This would be a healthier option since the ingredients bought from the market contain a lot of sugar. 

6. High-Calorie Coffee Drinks

Avoid High Calorie Coffee Drinks To Aid Faster Weight Loss

Coffee has biologically active substances,  caffeine, a chemical that can increase your metabolism and improve fat burning. However, the addition of artificial cream and sugar negates the positive effects. 

7. Artificial Sweeteners

There has been a significant increase in the intake of artificial sweeteners. Research says that these substitutes promote weight gain as opposed to weight loss. It is advised to strictly avoid them if you want to lose unwanted fat. 

8. Whole Fat Cheese

Avoid Whole Fat Cheese For Weight Loss

Eating just a single ounce of this dairy product leads to weight gain. A diet that has enough high-fat food such as cheese can cause fat growth throughout the body. 

9. Candy Bars

These are unhealthy as they are high in calories, sugar, and fat. If you are trying to lose weight, you should eat them in moderation. It is mostly advised to take chocolates with a minimum of 70% cocoa, as these have less sugar than milk or white chocolate. 

10. Granola Bars

Keep Granola Bars At Bay To Aid Faster Weight Loss

The granola bars are made of sugar and hydrogenated oils, with practically no protein content. They have fewer calories than a traditional meal and should not be consumed as a meal replacement.

11. Chocolates

Stop Chocolates To Aid Weight Loss

Milk chocolate is mainly responsible for expanding waistlines, as it has a high-calorie count. Apart from weight gain, it can lead to serious medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disorder, and gestational problems. 

12. Pancake Syrup

Stop Pancake Syrup For Weight Loss

Although pancakes are an ideal option for morning breakfast, they are also mainly responsible for abdominal obesity and overall weight gain. This is because they are mostly taken with various toppings that are high in calories, sugar, and fat. If you desire to lose weight, then you can use pure maple syrup as an option to make this item healthier. 

Carbohydrate Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

13. White Bread And Pasta

Avoid White Bread And Pasta While On Weight Loss

White bread and pasta prepared using refined wheat flour have high-calorie content and carbohydrates; but are lower in fibre, protein, and other nutrients. Some healthy replacements for refined white flour include brown rice flour, whole-wheat flour, and whole rye flour.

14. White Potato

Stop White Potato For Weight Loss

The glycemic index and carbohydrate content of white potatoes are as high as white bread. White potato is one of the foods to avoid at night for weight loss as its consumption increases your blood sugar which first increases your energy levels and then causes them to drop, thus disrupting your sleep. It also aids weight gain. 

Desserts And Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss

We know avoiding desserts can be difficult. But do you know how unhealthy they are? Desserts are usually available in big portions and are served after dinner. This makes you add more calories to an already enormous meal. These top the list of things to avoid to lose weight.

15. Muffin

Stop Eating Muffin For Weight Loss

A favourite dessert, it is very harmful to your health. The ingredients used in making a muffin can lead to a rise in the risk of heart disorders. As muffins have high sugar content, they can be very addictive and hamper your weight loss goals.

16. Candied Dried Fruits

Say No To Candied Dried Fruits For Weight Loss

Fresh fruits contain fibre, nutrients and are low in calories.  Dried fruits, on the other hand, are richer in calories and are a much more concentrated source of fructose, a type of sugar. If you are thinking about losing weight, then these are the fruits to avoid for weight loss.

17. Sweetened Yoghurt

Avoid Sweetened Yogurt While On Weight Loss Mission

With a variety of yoghurt, it is important to go through the nutrition labels. It is advised to avoid sugar or sweetened yoghurt. Fat-free yoghurt may also contain added sugar. 

18. Ice Cream

Stop Ice ream While On Weight Loss Mission

This is a high-sugar and calorie dessert that has less protein and no fibre at all. You can consider eating frozen fruit puree as a healthy alternative. Just freeze a mixture of fruit puree for a homemade frozen treat! 

Now that you know what foods to avoid to boost your weight loss journey, also learn what you need not avoid. Debunk some common myths about weight loss with this video!

Key Takeaways

  • If you do not know whether the food is healthy or unhealthy, make sure to read the label.  Watch out for various names for sugar to understand it better. Also, consider the serving size.  
  • To maintain a healthy weight, it is imperative to take a healthy diet, pay strict attention to each bite and chew your food properly and monitor how long you remain full. This practice can help in moderating your intake of food. Having a healthy diet helps in maintaining your overall weight,  keeps you fit and keeps ailments at bay.
  • Consider our list of things to avoid to lose weight while making your next diet plan and eat in small proportions a few times a day.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does eating a diet rich in fruits aid faster weight loss?

A. Eating a fruit-rich diet is beneficial for weight loss. However, avocados, grapes, dry fruits, etc. are high in calories and sugar content and hamper the purpose of the diet if eaten in excess. These are some of the fruits to avoid weight loss.

Q. Does one have to give up eating sugar to lose weight?

A. No, one can eat sugar and still lose weight. The key to doing it right is eating sugar in limited proportions. White bread, sweet aerated drinks, sweet tea are some of such foods to avoid to lose weight faster.

Q. How many times should I eat in a day to lose weight faster?

A. The key to losing weight is eating in small proportions a few times a day. Eating only a couple of times a day in big portions, and starving yourself for the rest of the day does more harm than good to your weight loss plans.

Q. What is the list of things to avoid to lose weight before going to bed?

A. Avoid eating processed food, spicy food, and big portions before you go to bed. They not only aid weight gain but also disrupt your sleep cycle.

Q. How many cheat days am I allowed when I’m trying to lose weight?

A. Start with one cheat day a week. Do not overindulge on cheat days, remember, even one day of unhealthy food can hinder your progress!

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