LifeDIYRemove Colour Stain From White Clothes With 5 Effective Home Hacks

Remove Colour Stain From White Clothes With 5 Effective Home Hacks

Aren’t we all extra careful when we have white clothes on? But even when taking utmost care, some magical stains appear on them as soon as they are out of the wash. In such times of despair, many of us who have no idea how to remove color from white clothes, tend to toss out that perfectly good piece of clothing. All this situation needs are some tips and hacks on how to wash white clothes. And before you know it, your clothes will be back to their former glory. 

Common Causes Of Stains On White Clothes

Some of the most common reasons why white clothes end up with nasty stains are:

  • There is always that obvious chance that the whites and colours got mixed up while washing or drying, causing an over-dye situation. 
  • A lot of times, stains like those from colourless beverages, sweat, alcohol, oil and perfumes are not visible on clothing when they are dry and being put for a wash. It is only after the garment comes in contact with water, chemicals in laundry detergent and heat that the stains begin to show.
  • A stained drum from the washing machine could also be one reason for the staining of white clothes. 
  • Another seemingly harmless factor that could stain white clothes is drying them in the sun. Yes, however strange that sounds, it’s true. The chemicals present in modern-day cleaners and fabric conditioners begin to disintegrate under harsh sunlight, causing the garment to appear yellow.
What Causes Stains On White Clothes

Timely Action To Prevent Permanent Staining

Toppled over your glass of red wine or dropped ketchup on your shirt and now you are wondering how to remove colour from white clothes! The sooner you act on it, the more are the chances of getting rid of the stain completely. If you don’t have a clue about how to remove colour from white shirt, there are many quick measures you can take to deal with the stain. 

  1. Always blot the garment with a tissue as opposed to rubbing which causes the stain to spread further. 
  2. For oil stains, using talcum powder or cornstarch is effective in soaking it all up. 
  3. For more stubborn stains like grease or sauce, scrape off the stain as much as possible using a butter knife or your nail to prevent the stain from diving deeper into the garment.

Learn How To Clean White Clothes And Get Them Rid Of Colour Stain

1. Power Of Lemon

Remove Stain From White Clothes With Lemon

The next time you notice a stain on your favourite white shirt and are clueless about how to clean white clothes, head to the fridge to grab a lemon. The combination of lemon juice and salt works for a whole range of stains on white clothing. All you need to do is pour some undiluted lemon juice on the stain and add some salt to it. Let the ingredients work their magic for a while, even give the garment a gentle rub if required and watch your stains go. Alternatively, you could soak a load of laundry in a bucket of hot water that has the juice of 3-4 lemons added to it. The natural acidity of the lemon works as a bleaching agent that assists in making your white clothes white again.

2. Wash With Vinegar

Wash Your White Clothes With Vinegar

Vinegar is the holy grail of household cleaning. Along with dishes and countertops, it is also a popular answer for how to clean white clothes. For water-soluble stains on whites, soak the clothes in vinegar and water in the proportion 3:1, then wash as usual. If the stain is darker in nature like that of wine or coffee, spraying water with vinegar on the clothing will also help. To know how to remove color stain from white clothes, use a paste of cornstarch and vinegar on the stain. Give the paste some time to absorb the liquid stain, then scrape it off. For a seemingly mild stain, just add 2 cups of vinegar to the washing cycle and you are good to go.

3. Try Some Soda Water

Soda Water To Remove Colour Stain From White Clothes

To know how to remove color stain from white clothes, open your beverage cupboard. Cleaning white clothing that is made of delicate materials is a big challenge as it cannot involve excessive rubbing or unrestrained usage of chemicals. The best solution, in this case, is to use club soda to battle the stains while keeping the life of your silks and satins intact. Just soak the garment in soda and allow it to rest. Once the stain has faded or gone, wash as per instructions. This works great for your favourite chikankari kurta!

4. Clean With Bleach

Clean Your White Clothes With Bleach

The Bahubali of laundry whiteners, bleach is used as the last resort for tough, stubborn stains that refuse to budge no matter what. The strong chemicals present in bleach work on most persistent stains. Knowing how to bleach white clothes is imperative for keeping the garment safe and having the stain go away at the same time. Using bleach on delicate garments like silks or woollens is a strict no-no. You can choose to spray bleach directly on a tough stain or soak the garment in a mixture of bleach and water in the proportion of 1:5. Make sure that you do not add bleach to your full load of laundry unless it consists of only whites. Bleach is also a definite answer for people who are always asking how to clean white clothes which have turned yellow.

5. Baking Soda To The Rescue

Remove Colour Stain On White Clothes With Baking Soda

A milder alternative to bleach, baking soda is a popular choice with people when it comes to removing stains from delicate clothing. Not only does baking soda help in reversing discolouration of white clothing, but it also helps to remove any unwanted and unpleasant odours. Another reason for choosing baking soda over bleach is that while bleach can damage the fibres in the garment, baking soda works as a fabric softener. If you don’t know how to wash white clothes using baking soda, there are two ways of doing so. You can apply a mixture of baking soda and water on the stain and wait for it to dry, then wash the garment as usual. The other method involves adding 7-8 tablespoons to your entire load of laundry.

The response to how to remove color stain from white clothes doesn’t have to be as perplexing as you think. Just make sure you act timely, and the stains will disappear like absolut magic. 

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