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    The List10 Hobbies To Keep You Busy During Lockdown

    10 Hobbies To Keep You Busy During Lockdown

    With coronavirus wrecking havoc all around the world, we are staying home to fight this pandemic. The lockdown is magnifying the feeling of isolation. This is the gateway to anxiety, depression and so many other mental health issues. Our life now revolves around our phones, the TV, laptop and our beds. But it’s time to get motivated and take up a hobby.

    Our hectic life rarely gives us the chance to pursue hobbies. Weekdays are spent chasing careers, housework and tasks. And weekends are best enjoyed under the covers, napping away to our heart’s content. Hobbies aid our overall well being and reduce stress. It makes us spend our time wisely and productively. From gaining new skills to unleashing our inner creativity, hobbies make downtime a lot more fun.

    1. Knitting

    Practice Knitting During This Lockdown Period

    This is a calming hobby to take up during isolation. It relaxes the body and helps calm the mind. A report stated that knitting has physical and mental health benefits and that it slows the onset of dementia, combats depression and distracts from chronic pain. There are plenty of tutorials available online. And if you have a nani or dadi at home, you can learn knitting from her. So grab those knitting needles and create fashion from scratch.

    2. Painting

    Paint Your Heart Out While In Self Quarantine

    What can be more creative than painting! Be it crayons or watercolours and paper or canvas, painting is a great activity for all ages. Grab some brushes, palettes, water and colours. Create your own visual be it abstract or landscape art. And if you already have enough experience, paint a wall or corner of your house.

    3. Blogging

    Start Blogging In This Lockdown Period

    Many of us enjoy reading stories, blogs and articles about a variety of topics. If you are day-dreaming about starting a blog to voice your opinions or share your talents, then this is the time. Artists can showcase their art, chefs can woo the world with their culinary skills, storytellers can mesmerise the audience with wordplay. And what’s more, you can make some moolah out of this as well.

    4. Learning A Language

    Try Learning A Language While Staying Indoors

    Brushing up on your elective languages from school or learning a new one entirely is a great way to make use of all this extra time. If you live in a state that speaks a different language, this is your chance to learn it and make your life easier. Married to or dating someone who speaks a distinct language? Here’s your chance to impress their family. There are plenty of apps and tutorials online to help with this hobby.

    5. Music

    Resort To Music While In Self Isolation

    Music soothes our mind, body and soul. It affects our mood and can reduce stress and depression. If you like humming songs all day, try learning to sing. There are plenty of online classes as well as videos to help you. If your work schedule made you hide your favourite instrument at the back of the closet, now is your chance to start playing again. 

    6. Gardening

    Do Gardening In Your Free Time

    Do you have a green thumb and are always working away in your garden? This isolation period is great to further enhance your hobby of gardening. This hobby makes you focus on the task at hand and gets rid of anxiety. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables you can plant straight from your kitchen’s waste. Or make a hybrid out of two different roses in your garden. Go make the earth a little greener!

    7. Dance

    Practice Dancing During This Lockdown Period

    Many of us can’t control tapping our foot or shimmying when a favourite song comes on the radio. If you enjoy dancing and are looking for a new hobby, look no further. Apart from Indian classical dances, there are plenty of tutorials for dance forms like Salsa, Tango, Belly Dancing, Fox Trot and so many more. You can even try Zumba if you like combining workouts with dancing.

    8. Podcast

    Listen To Podcast

    This is perfect for someone who loves talking and sharing stories, opinions or facts. All you need is a computer, a microphone for recording the audio and the good old internet. There is a lot of potential, since listeners are always on the search for something new and relatable. You can upgrade to better equipment once the podcast takes off.

    9. Puzzles & Games

    Try Playing Games & Solving Puzzles

    This isolation season, become the greatest puzzle master! If you have a knack for solving puzzles, this hobby is perfect for you. Try brain-stimulating games like chess, sudoku, scrabble and puzzles. These activities not only keep you entertained but are great for refreshing your fatigued brain. There are plenty available online if you don’t already have them. Try solving them with kids as this is a great activity for kids during lockdown.

    10. Yoga

    Practice Yoga While Self Quarantining At Home

    Yoga is the answer to all your physical as well as mental needs. Improve your flexibility, keep your weight in check, reduce stress, anxiety and depression with yoga. This is a hobby that can easily be converted into a lifestyle. And the benefits are endless! With proper workout and diet during the lockdown, you can achieve your fitness goal by making the best use of the time.

    There is something fulfilling about hobbies. They bring a sense of success, elevate our mood and bring us joy. Everyone should nurture a hobby that makes them happy. Try these and let this period of isolation become an engaging one.

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