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7 Tips For Buying Your First Sex Toy

As exciting as buying your first sex toy sounds, there is quite a bit of research that goes into buying one that is in sync with what you’re looking out for. So you can make an appropriate purchase. 

Here are 7 tips you should consider before buying your first sex toy. 

1. Do your research.

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The process is pretty much the same as you do for when you’re looking to buy something that you don’t know much about. Dig deep into the different types of sex toys, the brands, and the platforms that have a good stock of them. Your research will also depend on the best toys you can get for yourself at your budget. Since a vibrator is meant to penetrate, you would want to ensure that you’re buying it from a legit brand and/or website.

2. Decide on your budget.

Once you’re done with the preliminary research for some authentic websites, it’s time to do a thorough lookout for the price ranges at which they are available. It’ll give you a fair idea about the average market price range for sex toys to decide on your budget accordingly. It will also give you an estimate of the types of sex toys that fascinate you and make you believe that they are the best bets for you.

3. Check for trusted user reviews & feedback.

Stroll the reviews section on the websites specialising in sex toys, old feedbacks and new – as many as you can possibly read through. This will give you a peek into the users’ perspective of their quality and performance, helping you evaluate whether they are really worth buying. 

4. Pick a toy that suits your unique needs.

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Needless to say, vibrators are available in a myriad of varieties, to appeal to your unique shape, size, and desired stimulation. Because no veejay-jay is the same and, hence, what stimulates you the most may not be the same for all the other women out there. 

For stimulating a specific part of your vagina, a small vibrator may be the perfect fit, while a clitoral vibrator is your thing when you want to target your clittis. A wand vibrator may be your choice if you’re itching for a less-targeted clit stimulation.

On the other hand, a bunny vibrator or a dildo is your bet when you’re looking for both internal and external stimulation. And these varieties are just a spec in the ocean of varieties that are readily available on reliable websites. You wouldn’t be sure of the kind of sex toy that is the best suited for you, so you have to explore a few types of vibrators and see what gives you the maximum pleasure. 

5. Opt for sex toys made of safe materials.

Check for the material that has gone into the making of the sex toys. Make sure that they are of body-safe materials like medical-grade silicone and/or ABS plastic. These safe and skin-friendly materials are non-porous and easy to sanitise. Those meant for inserting into your lady bits can also be made of stainless steel or glass. Afterall, they’ll be penetrating you and we’re sure that you would want to be confident about what you’re inserting down down. You wouldn’t like to invest in sex toys of materials that are detrimental for using inside you – into your vagina or into your mouth (if that’s your fetish!)

6. Talk To Your Friends 

There might be at least one friend who has a stock of vibrators or at least knows quite a bit about it. Discuss it with her, so you can soak in some much-needed gyaan about the type that may be the best suited for beginners, the materials, budget, sanitising instructions, trusted brands, et al. This will make you a little more confident when you actually go about searching for a sex toy. She will also be able to give you honest feedback on the sex toy(s) that she uses. 

7. Don’t Buy One Alone

When you’re a beginner, it is likely that you may make a wrong decision out of nervousness, despite all those hours of research you have put in before purchasing a sex toy. Involve a friend, even if she has zero experience with sex toys, so you can discuss with her before buying one, rather than being spoiled for choice and picking up one that isn’t what you’re looking for. Remember, you cannot opt for an exchange after you’ve already bought one. 

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