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11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Having Sex Regularly

The bow-chicka-bow-wow session has far more positive effects on your overall health than you perhaps are aware of. But the same health benefits don’t apply if your sex sessions are few and far between. The more frequent it is, the better it is for your health.

So, without much ado, let’s dive right in and learn more about some of the health benefits of having sex regularly. 

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1. Hap, Hap, Happy Immune System

Regular or frequent sex sesh enables your body to develop a higher level of antibodies that fight against disease-causing viruses and other germs. This definitely does not imply that you can consider sex to act as the substitute for everything else that contributes to a healthy immune system – maintaining fitness, eating right, sleeping enough, etc. But the fact remains that sex keeps your immune system happy, making you take fewer sick leaves. Yes, that’s a proven fact, as per recent studies.

2. Libido, Here It Soars

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The more, the merrier – the saying fits the context of sex perfectly. The more sex women have, the better are the chances of blood flow in the vagina, elasticity, and lubrication – all of which make a sexual experience enjoyable, improve your libido, and make you crave for more.

3. Bladder Control, Boo Yeah!

Regular sex is a boost for your pelvic floor muscles. Orgasm leads to contractions in these muscles, which actually strengthens them. This has multiple health benefits, one of them being postponement of the onset of incontinence, which affects a significant percentage of the female population. 

4. Blood Pressure, Back Down!

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Sex has been closely linked to lower blood pressure, specifically systolic blood pressure. This refers to the first numerical of your blood pressure test. The more sex you have, the better it is for you to keep your blood pressure under check. But, this is applicable for sex only and not masturbation. 

5. Emotional Intimacy, Here You Go

It goes without saying that sex breaks down boundaries between bodies and makes way for physical intimacy. But what else does it do in the process? Build emotional intimacy as well, creating a deep emotional bond between the people involved in it. For people to forge a successful relationship, it is as important to be physically compatible as much as it is essential to connect with each other emotionally. 

6. Shed Some Calories

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A sex sesh burns calories. Hell, even a kissing session does. Although it doesn’t replace a thorough yoga or cardio sesh, it definitely burns some calories. Being a great form of exercise that works various muscles all over your body, you are expected to lose 5 valuable calories per minute. So, pack some into your daily routine and see the dividends for yourself!

7. Lower Chances Of A Heart Attack

Sex gets your heart pumping and for all the good reasons. It maintains the right balance of oestrogen and testosterone levels, averting the onset of diseases like heart conditions and osteoporosis. People who have sex at least twice a week have a lesser risk of untimely death due to heart attacks than those who rarely have sex. 

8. Higher Pain Threshold

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Orgasm, more specifically stimulation, is known to block pain naturally. Stimulation without orgasm can work wonders too. It releases a hormone that enhances your pain threshold. Vaginal stimulation controls chronic leg and back pain. If that is not all, vaginal self-stimulation can reduce headaches (you know that already!), menstrual cramps, and even arthritic pain. 

9. You Live Longer

Dehydroepiandrosterone, a hormone released after you get an orgasm, is responsible for repairing tissues, improving immunity, and glowing skin. To top that, at least two orgasms a week increase longevity among men than those who rarely have sex. 

10. Oh, Glorious Sleep!

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The tongue-twisting hormone, dehydroepiandrosterone, is not the only hormone released after sex. There are several more, among which is the easily-pronounceable prolactin. This hormone encourages feelings of sleepiness and relaxation. So, if you nod off after a good orgasm, you know who to attribute it to!

11. De-Stress From Distress

Touching and hugging initiate the release of yet another hormone, the feel-good hormone. Sexual arousal leads to the release of a brain chemical that stimulates the pleasure zone in your brain. That’s not all! Being in the company of your partner can relieve stress and anxiety and boost happiness and self-esteem.

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