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5 Ways Period Sex Is Good For Your Health—& Tips To Take The Ick Out Of It

Periods can be a lot. From headaches, cramps, fatigue to mood swings and anxiety, menstruation affects women in a variety of different ways. Yet one major biological urge that increases during periods is sexual desire. But there are too many questions, myths and preconceived notions about having sex during periods.

Engaging in sexual activities while you are on your period is not exactly disturbing your health. However, it does increase the risks of catching STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Sex during periods can cause infections. Moreover, there are still chances of getting pregnant while on your period.  So here is some much-needed knowledge about this topic. Know about the benefits of having sex during periods and its side effects.

Top 5 Benefits Of Having Sex During Periods

Having sex while you are on your menstruation can be advantageous in many respects. 

1. Cramp Relief 

Contraction of the uterine wall causes menstrual cramps. Walls of our uterus contract to shed the endometrial lining. Orgasm eases this muscle tension to relieve us of the cramping pain. Also, the orgasms release endorphins, the hormones acclaimed for their analgesic effects.

2. More Pleasure

Many women tend to feel more aroused during their periods. Usually, the testosterone and estrogen levels in the body are less on the first day of the cycle. They rise by day 3 stimulating us more than we usually are. However, some women may be more turned on two weeks before their periods, that is, during the ovulatory phase of the cycle.

3. Shorter Periods

It is said that orgasms help push out the period blood and uterine lining faster, thus reducing the period span. Though there is no definite evidence for this.

4. Relief From Migraine

Women suffering from migraine have to put up with headaches during their periods. Studies have shown that orgasms tend to mitigate the pain. Though not proven, some researchers attribute this to the endorphins released during orgasms.

5. Natural Lubrication

If the dryness of the vagina bothers you a little too much during sex, the five days of the menstrual cycle may be easier for you. Blood acts as a natural lubricant. It is certainly better than availing market products like the KY gels.

What Are The Chances Of Pregnancy During Periods?

There is another appearance to this coin. Having sex during your monthlies sound exciting and even titillating. But the idea may not thrill you as much as the possibility did.

1. Increased Chance Of STIs

The risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases; such as HIV, gonorrhoea, and Chlamydia is not reduced just because your body is letting go of its catamenia. Also, if you have a history of STIs or tested positive for HIV, keep in mind that they are bloodborne diseases; menstrual blood carries their pathogens.

2. Heightened Risk Of Vaginal Infections

Chances of getting a vaginal infection increases when you have sex on your period. The aggravation in the chance may be due to the increased hormones or the sensitivity of the cervix at this time.

3. Tampons And Menstrual Cups

Tampons must be removed before the partner penetrates in as it increases the risks of microbial infection when pushed too much. We don’t usually attend to these infections promptly. By the time we do, it has progressed further to lead to severe trouble. Menstrual cups need not be taken out of the vagina before intercourse. However, it may lead to discomfort during sex. Moreover, a menstrual cup left in for too long can be a cause of toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

4. Messiness

The most obvious discomfort caused as a side-effect of sex during periods is the mess. There could be blood everywhere which might make you uneasy

Probable Chances Of Pregnancy

Chances Of Pregnancy

As said earlier, there are chances of getting pregnant while on your period though they are considerably lower than the regular days. Sperms can stay alive in your body for up to 7 days. 

Most women have an average cycle of 28 days nevertheless if you have a 22-day cycle, there are chances of semen being present when you ovulate. The risk of pregnancy during periods is especially high when you do it towards the end of your cycle. 

Menstrual uniformity is influenced by a variety of factors, the most common ones being heavy exercise, weight loss, PCOS, and breast-feeding. These factors make it difficult to precisely determine a woman’s most fertile or infertile days. Thus, it is estimated that there are considerable chances of pregnancy during periods. 

6 Essential Safety Tips While Considering Sex During Periods

If only a few points are kept in mind while considering sex during periods, the process can be a lot safer and more fun. 

1. Be Honest And Open 

Be open to your partner about your needs and desires. Ask them to be honest with you about themselves; support them in the process. Keep talking even after the process starts. If either of you faces any discomfort, discuss the issue. Stop if required!

2. Don’t Shy Away From Condoms And Dental Dams

In addition to lowering the chances of pregnancy during periods, condoms reduce the risks of STIs. Also, they can help in the prevention of microbial infections up to a certain level. Dental dams can help prevent the spreading of pathogens while performing oral sex. Remember that even oral sex during periods can cause infection.

3. Take The Tampon Out

Remove your tampon before your partner penetrates. Reusable menstrual cups also need to be taken out. You can have sex with disposable menstrual cups but remember to not keep it in for long.

4. Let The Flow Lighten

By and large, hormones are crazy by the third day of the menstrual cycle. Usually, flow decreases by this time. You can also use the soft disposable menstrual cups to control the blood. However, they may cause discomfort to you and your partner. We suggest that you consult a doctor before doing so. As of late, vaginal contraceptive sponges are making the market go crazy. These are sponge-like devices that absorb menstrual blood and also reduce the risk of pregnancy during periods. These are much more comfortable than menstrual cups. However, neither of these offers protection against STDs. Both menstrual cups and contraceptive sponges should be removed as soon as the process is done.

5. Make Clean-Up Easy

Keep dark-coloured sheets and towels (preferably disposable) handy to clean up after sex. Shower sex is more advisable. However, if you want to do it inside the bedroom, cover that expensive mattress; stock those dear pillowcases in. You don’t want to mess them up

6. Opt For Comfort

Choose a more comfortable sex position when you are on your period. Many women find missionary more suitable to their needs. Also, if you find actual penetration exhausting, you can relieve yourself by way of oral sex or other methods of intense foreplay.

Key Takeaways

Before you go watch the video for a quick recap on period sex and the key takeaways below.

  • Be open and communicate with your partner 
  • Use protection even when menstruating to avoid STDs
  • Keep towels handy to avoid stains and messiness 
  • Remove tampons, menstrual cups and other feminine products before period sex 
  • Unless you are trying to get pregnant, use birth control even while menstruating

To have sex when on periods or not is a personal choice. Some may find it unpleasant while others may enjoy the idea of it. It is crucial to respect your partner’s ideologies. Also, never forget to give a heads up when your monthlies are on. Talk to your partner about it beforehand and discuss each other’s expectations. Plan in advance. When all is in place, go for it.

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