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Everything You Need to Know About Oral Sex

Cunnilingus, fellatio, and anilingus – all come under this wildly misapprehended but coveted fantasy domain. While the taboo treatment of this topic is slowly but surely fading away, it still remains an uncomfortable conversation for many. Methods of oral sex, techniques, and positions are all great ways to learn about how to pleasure your partner. Not everyone achieves orgasm through penetrative sex and it’s time you gain knowledge about it. There is nothing like protected oral sex and here’s all you need to know before embarking on a wild ride of sexual gratification!

5 Important Facts About Oral Sex

1. Genitals Are Unclean Parts

Well, you can clean them; soap and water should be enough. Hygiene is no longer a questionable aspect of most people’s lives.

2. Be Ready To Return The Favour

If you and your partner are comfortable with only one party being at the receiving end of it, that’s totally fine. But the pleasure of sexual satisfying your partner with oral sex is worth the effort. Indulge in a little give and take.

3. How Can You Not Like It? 

It is completely normal to find it a little discomforting despite the best methods of oral sex being used. You can do whatever suits you and your partner.

4. Oral Sex Can Get You Pregnant

The fact is simple: oral sex alone can’t get you pregnant. There is no way for the sperm to travel to the egg.

5. Oral Sex Is Completely Safe

There are certain STIs that can be transmitted via oral sex. Remember, there is nothing like ‘safe’ sex, only safer! 

7 Best Positions To Try When Giving Or Receiving Oral Sex

Choosing oral sex techniques that work not just for you, but for your partner as well is a necessity. 

  • Comfort Matters: Lie straight on your back comfortably with legs spread apart and let your partner go down. Give them the liberty to charm you any way they like
  • When You Like To Be In Control: Let your partner lie down with ease. Face them and straddle their face. Eye contact makes the exercise sexier
  • You Want To Get Off The Bed: Have your partner sit on a chair or a bench. Get down on your knees and use your lips, tongue, and mouth to drive them into a paroxysm of ecstasy. The position is especially comfortable if you have a male partner. Show some love to his frenulum and this may turn out to be one of your go-to oral sex techniques
  • Props Make It Easy-breezy: Press your knees on the floor while your partner presses their back against a wall. Pleasure them any way you desire. Turn them around if/when in the mood for a rim job
  • You Feel Lazy: Lie on your male partner’s stomach and gratify them with your hands and mouth after a tiring day. One of the best oral positions, it takes care of your work-shy mornings
  • You Want To ‘Try Something New’: t your partner in the doggy position. Nothing is out of bounds now. Show some love to your male partner’s perineum or you can go for a straight rim job
  • You Let Them Take Charge: Lie down and have your partner agreeably use your mouth. They must face your feet and get into a half-69 position
  • 69!

How To Prepare For The Act?

1. Talk To Your Partner

Communication is the path to a healthy sex life. Talk to your partner about your in-bed fantasies. Their consent is required before cunnilingus or fellatio meaning that you must check with them before going forward with an idea. Trust me, talking relieves you of a load of stressing and planning.

2. Cleanse Yourself

Wash your intimate parts with mild soap and water. You can dab with a soft towel or go commando to dry the area before getting down to something. Sexually active men must make sure to wash themselves each time they pee.

3. Trim It

Trim the hair down there. It not only helps you control the odour but also makes the process more pleasurable for you and simpler for your partner. Keep in mind that you don’t need to go for a Brazilian; razors and trimmers work well. However, be careful to not lacerate the delicate skin. If you like keeping it natural, make sure that your partner doesn’t have a problem with it. Instead of presuming, you can directly ask for their opinion. Be open about everything, from the best oral positions to if they like the bush.

4. Mark The Calendar

Vaginas smell different during different times of the month. The odour is usually pretty strong during ovulation. Also, if menstruation is around the corner, be sure to give your partner a heads up. It will save you from an awkward and apologetic situation.

5. Chalk It Out

Plan out your first attempt. Arrange for a comfortable space, preferably a room with a cosy bed. You don’t know where the sensations might lead you to. Also, you must have a protected oral sex session. Keep dental dams, condoms, and mouthwash ready. If the former is not available, you can use a condom in its place. Cut open the cylindrical part up to the tip to make yourself a nice latex sheath.

6. Alter Your Diet

Your diet impacts the smell of your genitalia. Reduce the intake of strong-smelling items like broccoli, garlic, and cabbage. Also, tobacco and caffeine don’t show positive results. Instead, snack on fruits and juices. Stay hydrated. 

7. Make It A Grand Affair

You don’t need to dive between their legs just after a teensy bit of kissing. Start slow. Give adequate time to their legs, thighs, stomach, hands, and face. Sex toys and your favourite oral positions make up for the best mix! Even if you consider oral sex as foreplay, try giving time to other parts as well. Also, you may continue talking the whole while to make the act easier and wilder for the parties involved. 

What To Do Once It’s Done?

1. Clean Up

Dispose of the condoms and dental dams immediately after use

2. Cleanse Again

“What comes after 69?” “Mouthwash”! Clean your mouths (and bodies) immediately after sex. Coming in contact with genitals and body fluids is enough to cause infections.

3. Cuddle

No matter what your relations are, shower your partner with care and courtesy. The after-sex hour matters as much as the deciding before-sex flirting.

Risks Associated With Oral Sex

Despite all the pleasure, the associated problems cannot be ignored. Acknowledging the risks is the first step towards negating them. 

1. STIs

Sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea can pass on via genital-mouth contact us via genital interactions. Their risks are undoubtedly reduced but never nil. Herpes has a way to develop around the mouth as well. Moreover, if performed during pregnancy, your best oral positions may transfer an STI to the fetus. These infections show visible signs of exposure. Sore throat, swollen nodes, and warts are some of the symptoms. As a precautionary measure, check with your dentist at regular intervals of time. Immediate cure can resist harm to your body.

2. Throat Cancer

Human papillomavirus (HPV) can affect the mouth as well as the genitalia. This virus leads to the growth of cancerous cells in the body and can be a cause of some major types of cancer. Recent developments have found that the virus infamous for cervical cancer, can lead to head, neck, and throat cancer as well. The transmission of HPV is not as fatal as such. However, as necessary as it is to take oral sex precautions, enduring symptoms around the throat area must not be neglected.

3. Injury

Throat, penal, vaginal, and even anal injuries are not uncommon during oral sex. The tip of the penis frequently hurts the palette during fellatio meaning blood clots and even lesions at the part. Sucking motion may also lead to it. Also, teeth can hurt the penis.  A woman’s vagina may feel itchy and irritated by a male partner’s facial hair. No matter how engrossed you are in your pleasure, pay heed to your body’s reactions and reflexes. 

Key Takeaways

Tips For Oral Sex
  • Oral sex is frequently more pleasurable than penetrative encounters
  • Although it does not lead to pregnancy, you always risk catching an STI or cancer-causing viruses
  • Exercising precautions during oral sex is a must
  • Talk to your partner and prepare well for your mouth-to-genital experiences
  • Clean yourself, arrange for a comfy space and keep protection around
  • Don’t forget to wash well after it’s done
  • You can thereafter cuddle with your partner
  • Schedule regular appointments with your dentist and be on guard for signs of an infection

One of the most congenial and ecstatic performances in bed, oral sex had been taboo for a long time. Only recently have people started openly talking about cunnilingus and fellatio meaning that rim jobs are still a big no for most. Being liberated is a prerequisite to enjoying healthy sex life. However, one must not forget to carry a backstop on the trip. The risks are always there; a little effort is needed to keep the boat afloat.

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