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7 Reasons Wearing The Wrong Bra Size Is The Absolute Worst For Your Body

Selecting a few bras that feel like a second skin from the plethora of brands and styles out there can be quite a challenge. Because not every brand or style is either made or suitable for all, considering the varied bra size, preferences, needs, and level of comfort that each one of us have. Making the right choice is even more important because the lack of it often leads to physical discomfort, which snowballs into serious side effects. 

Know More About These 7 Side Effects Of Wearing The Wrong Bra Size & Fit

1. Breathlessness

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When breathing feels like a challenge when you have a bra on that is perfect for your size, it is a clear sign that there’s everything wrong with its fit. The same is the case when every movement feels like a pain, whether it be simple activities like sitting up and down or doing household chapters or complex movements like working out at the gym. The reason is simple. The inaccurate bra size or fit is restricting the easy passage of oxygen through your lungs, making it difficult for you to breathe. This, in turn, exerts pressure on the muscles, making you feel claustrophobic, tired, stiff, self-conscious, and lacking in enthusiasm.

2. Marks & Pain In The Shoulders

Remember those ugly marks and dents from bra straps – the ones that sit tight and almost eat into your skin? We bet you’ve faced them at some point in your life – when you were yet to figure out the best fit or brand for yourself or were experimental enough to try out a new one. And, it goes without saying, that it didn’t work out well for you. Either the straps did not have the adjustable feature or they were tight for you even after being adjusted to its maximum, or the elastic was of poor quality. The result was that it left deep marks on your shoulders, along with redness and itchiness, and sometimes even gashes that were painful.

3. Abrasions In The Underboobs

Naah, marks and dents owing to the wrong bra size aren’t restricted to your shoulders alone. You can experience them in the underboob area too. Varying from just marks, redness, and itchiness on the skin to severe side effects like deep gashes and abrasions, they are all a reality, depending on how wrong the bra size or fit is for you. In such cases, the problem may extend to a few other fallouts of wearing the wrong bra like breathlessness. Apart from these side effects that aren’t externally visible, it inconveniences you enough to be unable to go about your day like you usually do. The excessive pressure below your boobs can extend deeper, causing soreness in the ribs as well.

4. Back Pain

This is already a reality for all the “well-endowed” women. Your assets are heavy enough for your back, especially the lower back, to carry their weight while you physically slog throughout the day. Not just when you’re standing, but even while you’re at the desk. And the least you want is a bra of the wrong size or fit to add to the problem. If that does happen, it can lead to pain, varying in severity, even for those whose breasts aren’t that heavy.

5. Boob Pain

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Feel a slight pain in your boobs that disappears after a while or a niggling, severe pain that just refuses to go away, your bra might be the reason causing this. Although it might be the symptom of an underlying health condition. Consider whether you’ve been wearing a bra from a brand you’ve never tried before or, perhaps, measure yourself again to ensure your boob size hasn’t increased. It can be that the brand isn’t the best for you or your boob size isn’t suitable for the size of bra you used to purchase previously. If you feel your bra doesn’t have anything to do with the sudden, unexplained breast pain, consult a doctor immediately. 

6. Bad Posture

Breathlessness, pain in the boobs or underboobs, and similar adverse effects of wearing the wrong bra may make you subconsciously stoop in the effort to escape from its almost-strangulating grip. While hunching forward may offer you a much-needed release from this, it is most likely to lead to other side effects. Like making bad sitting posture a habit for you. What’s more, the situation may get aggravated further and spread to other parts of the body as well, causing general discomfort throughout your body and musculoskeletal pain. Last but not least, a hunched posture – especially at the workplace – can be interpreted as a lack of self-confidence, creating a negative impression.

7. Miscellaneous Side-Effects

The side effects of the wrong size and fit of bra don’t end here. There are a host of other fallouts like neck pain, sagging of boobs, and headaches that you may experience as a result. In extreme situations, it may even cause serious health conditions like breast cancer and blockage of lymph nodes.

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