Budget ShopperBudget Shopper: Top 10 Menstruation Products That Don’t Cost The Earth

Budget Shopper: Top 10 Menstruation Products That Don’t Cost The Earth

That time of the month gives us women a serious headache, literally and metaphorically. Today we have a growing range of sanitary products available, the choice is endless. While sanitary napkins are still the preferred option for most Indian women, there are tampons, diva cups and so much more to suit your needs. Today, women are told to switch to menstrual cups as they are sustainable and better for the environment. While choosing sustainable menstrual hygiene products is a great decision to do so, remember that your needs and comfort triumph over everything else. The key is to choose wisely and here are some ways to do it. To know more about period products, and their pros and cons, click here. And if you think you have all the knowledge about menstruation, then put it to a test with this quiz!

10 Budget-Friendly & Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene Products 

1. Evolve Essential Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins or pads are the most commonly used period products. These sanitary napkins are eco-friendly and sustainable & they are made with pure acrobat premium cotton. If you suffer from heavy bleeding during your periods, using the right sustainable menstrual hygiene products might help a lot. Here are 6 things to remember when buying a sanitary pad.

Buy Evolve Essentials sanitary pads from the Red Dot Shop here.

Price: Rs 299 – Rs 599

2. Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup

Sirona’s Menstrual Cup is the most modern, economical and leak-free way of experiencing complete period comfort. It is a reusable, silicone cup that collects rather than absorbing your menstrual flow and is worn internally. It is ideal for those who care for their own health (cups don’t disrupt your natural pH). Cups are made of high-quality medical-grade silicone (it is toxin-free, odourless and hypoallergenic). Thanks to its design, it is an ideal menstrual aid for swimming, all other kinds of sports, travelling and common daily chores! With Sirona’s Menstrual Cup, you would always be prepared to take on your periods!

Price: Rs 399

3. Hygiene And You Soch Reusable Sanitary Cloth Pads

These reusable cloth sanitary pads by Hygiene And You can be an affordable choice to buy online. The pads have a quick-absorbing material to ensure faster absorption as compared to the complete cotton pads. The top layer has a mix of cotton and polyester and the back layer is made of leak-proof material to ensure protection.

Price: Rs 255

4. Evereve Menstrual Cup

The extra-soft menstrual cups offer long-lasting protection and ensure no irritation, menstrual odour, itching, rashes or dryness (usually caused by sanitary pads). Enjoy secure, comfortable, leak-free protection for 8 to 10 hours. One menstrual cup can be used for about 5 Years which saves you from investing money every month and is safe for the environment since you won’t be disposing of sanitary pads or tampons.

Price: Rs 399

5. SochGreen Reusable, Washable, Leak-Proof Period Panty

The panty is like your regular underwear, but it has an absorbent and leak-proof crotch panel that protects from leakage and keeps you dry during periods. The panty is best used in a light period flow, spotting, white discharge, and backup for a menstrual cup/tampon. It is 95% cotton and 5% spandex with a leak-proof layer that keeps you dry.

Price: Rs 550

6. Sofy Anti-Bacteria Extra Long Pads

Sofy Ant-Bacteria has a deep absorbent sheet that absorbs flow till the last layer which keeps the top surface visibly cleaner and hence prevents leakage so that you have the confidence to fearlessly chase your dreams. These sanitary napkins are available in packs of 7p, 15p, 30p and 54p.

Price: Rs 399

7. Feel-Free Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

These cloth menstrual pads by Feelfree are one of the most popular choices in the country because of their affordability and convenience. These pads are soft and comfortable and are available in various earthy colours. After using, keep the pads inside the wet pouch before you wash them. You need to soak the used cloth pads in water for 30 minutes and rinse until the water turns clear to ensure that the pads are clean. Avoid using hot water and dry the pads under sunlight.

Price: Rs 600

8. Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton Tampons

Tampons provide comfort and convenience for women on the go, do anything you wish: swimming, bathing, sports, and more, there’s no slipping or shifting like with a pad. Pee Safe tampons are crafted with 100% organic cotton, not viscose, unlike most of the brands, Pee Safe tampons are extra-soft, natural, more comfortable and biodegradable when disposed of. Perfect size, great absorbency, and 100% protection from staining change the tampons, 3-6 times a day depending upon your flow, and never keep a tampon in for more than 8 hours. Tampons are designed to be easily inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Worried about toxic shock syndrome associated with tampons? Read everything you need to know here.

Price: Rs 225

9. Eco Femme Vibrant Night Pad

If you are looking for reusable night sanitary pads, you can go for this pack by Eco Femme. The pads are 30 cm in length and 7 cm wide when closed and fixed to your panty to give optimum protection. Made of 7 layers of cotton flannel, these pads are durable, good in absorption and comfortable to wear. The pads can be washed up to 75 times and will stay good for up to 5 years if you wash and care for the pads properly.

Price: Rs 550

10. Koyl Menstrual Period Cup Soft Silicone

Menstrual Period Cup is Made By BND Enterprise 100 % Medical Grade Soft Silicone is a safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternative to pads or tampons that collects menstruation fluids rather than absorbing them. Fegore itching, rashes, chafing, odour and discomfort are the things of the past, 70% of users are encountering lesser swimming, travelling and exercising during periods. A cup is considered one of the most sustainable menstrual hygiene products.

Price: Rs 399

Now that you know some of the best budget-friendly and sustainable menstrual hygiene products, learn here about some common myths about periods that you need to stop believing. If you wish you had a stop destination for all queries related to periods, then click here and get all the answers!

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