Health10 Essential Oils For Some Of Women's Most Common Health Problems

10 Essential Oils For Some Of Women’s Most Common Health Problems

Very few remedies successfully treat a host of health concerns at one go. A few exceptions that come close to this one-size-fits-all solution are yoga and essential oils. Essential oils can do so much more than what we usually give them credit for. It treats various health conditions of the body and mind right from their roots. No wonder, this time-tested natural oil treatment, extracted from the roots, herbs, and flowers of plants is referred to as aromatherapy. And quite justifiably so. 

Here are 10 essential oils that are known for being a natural remedy for various health concerns. 

1. Lavender

10 Essential Oils For Some Of Women's Most Common Health Problems

Use It For: Sleeplessness or disturbed sleep

One of the most-used and much-preferred essential oils for boosting mental health and making your mind feel relaxed. A perfect essential oil for aromatherapy. They are rich in anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety, properties – one that has a calming effect on you. So much so that a few drops of this oil on your clothes is enough to give you relief from stress. Make the most of this floral, aromatic, subtly scented oil by spaying a few drops of it on your pillow for enjoying sound sleep.

2. Chamomile

Use It For: Sleeplessness or disturbed sleep, and calms nerves

Well, the chamomile plant is known to have sedative effects, which is why the essential oil of this herb is closely associated with being rich as a relaxant, aiding in undisturbed sleep. Chamomile works its magic in relieving symptoms of anxiety, apart from reducing cortisol levels in the morning. Apply a few drops of chamomile essential oil before bedtime to experience how it soothes your senses and calms your nerves.

3. Orange

Use It For: Anxiety

Yet another oil packed with anxiolytic properties, this citrus-based oil is known for making you feel relaxed, proving to be especially beneficial for those experiencing symptoms of anxiety. The citric scent can also heighten your sense of alertness while enveloping you under its calming effects. A great oil for aromatherapy and for those who love meditating, it induces you into a meditative state of mind by keeping stress away.

4. Lemon

Use It For: Stress-buster

The citric and subtle aroma of lemon has sedative and anxiety-reducing properties. It has also been found to enhance attention level, concentration level, cognitive performance, and mood. Its undoubtedly refreshing smell soothes nerves, uplifts your mood, and induces a happy, feel-good sensation.

5. Sandalwood

10 Essential Oils For Some Of Women's Most Common Health Problems

Use It For: Mood-booster

Extracted from the bark of one of the most expensive trees in the world, it is recognised for its distinctly different earthy and warm tones. The anxiolytic properties add its charm in reducing anxiety. No wonder it has been used in the medical field to treat people diagnosed with anxiety and other stress-induced mental disorders for time immemorial. Use it as a diffuser, apply it topically, or inhale it, to elevate your mood.

6. Clary Sage

Use It For: Controlling blood pressure & relieving stress

Clary sage, also known as Salvia sclarea, is a flowering herb that’s native to the Mediterranean region. It works wonders as a stress reliever by controlling levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. What’s more, it creates an antidepressant-like effect for menopausal women after being inhaled. Want a mood-lifter or a natural remedy to control blood pressure? This essential oil will do both for you. 

7. Bergamot

Use It For: Relaxing nerves & calming senses

Bergamot is a unique blend of citrusy and woody flavours. Sourced from the peel of a citrus fruit called Citrus bergamia, it enables you to de-stress and feel composed. It is also said that inhaling bergamot essential oil for 15 minutes is like a breath of fresh air, which invigorates your senses and allows tranquillity to set in. You can either use it as a diffuser or directly inhale it. However, be careful not to apply it directly on your skin before stepping out in day time because it may lead to burns as a result of its photosensitive qualities. 

8. Rose

Use It For: Improving brain power

A lot of us already might know about the benefits of rose water for the skin and its popularity in the perfume industry. But the benefits extend to far more than that and spill over to its medicinal benefits as a stress-buster. The gentle, entrancing floral is also known to significantly control heightened breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation, and systolic blood pressure when applied topically. 

9. Jasmine

Use It For: Alleviating symptoms of depression & controlling blood pressure

Jasmine oil, derived from the white flowers of the jasmine plant, also known as Jasminun officinale, is a widely popular plant for its sweet aroma. No wonder, it is a favourite among many with a green thumb. The oil controls negative emotions, uplifts your overall mood, and naturally treats symptoms of depression. Not just that, it has also been observed that the essential oil improves blood oxygen saturation, breathing rate, and blood pressure, and increases alertness. 

10. Ylang Ylang 

Use It For: Controlling blood pressure & enabling relaxation

Ylang Ylang is a yellow, star-shaped flower of the Cananga tree. The essential oil extracted from this flower helps in controlling blood pressure, making you feel relaxed and at peace. Feeling emotionally uneasy and perturbed after a stressful day or experiencing blood pressure issues frequently? This essential oil has you covered.

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