BeautyBuzz 46: 5 Skin & Hair Care Tips From Birthday Girl Jacqueline...

Buzz 46: 5 Skin & Hair Care Tips From Birthday Girl Jacqueline Fernandez

On Jaqueline Fernandez’s birthday (11th August), swipe left below to learn more about the B-Town diva’s skin and hair care secrets.

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5 Skin & Hair Care Tips From Birthday Girl Jacqueline Fernandez
And its the birthday of B-town’s patakha - Jacqueline Fernandez. The Chittiyan Kalaiyan girl isnt just popular for her acting and her dance moves, but also her lustrous tresses and flawless skin. On her own YouTube channel, Jacqueline shares a bunch of her own tips, tricks and secrets. And we’re sharing them with you here.
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1. Healthy Lifestyle
It’s not just about what you put outside, it’s about the inside as well! Jacqueline is one of the fittest actresses in B-Town with a very strict diet regime and an equally intensive workout. Ensuring you eat a diet rich in fibre and protein (low on refined sugar and carbohydrates), staying hydrated regularly and getting your daily workout can go a long way in ensuring healthy hair and skin. Jacqueline swears by yoga, proper sleep and a well balanced diet for that glow on her skin.
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2. Mask-It-Up
A big fan of face masks, Jacqueline uses DIY and store bought masks to brighten and awaken her skin. Given the hectic, stressful lives that we too lead, we can all take her example and bring in some masks into our lives and give our skin the treat they deserve! You can make homemade masks in your kitchen, depending on what ingredients you have and what skin challenges you face. Or if DIY isnt your style, you can find a wide variety of masks online - right from sheet masks to clay masks to peel-offs.
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3. Face Massage
In many of her videos, Jacqueline talks about how she gives her skin a massage almost daily to improve blood circulation - ensuring it stays youthful and healthy. You too can do one daily - it doesnt take too much time or effort. If you’re a newbie to a face massage, there are plenty of videos on YouTube. And if you’d like to take your skincare routine to the next level, there are electronic face massagers and facial brushes that you could consider too!
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4. Eggs For The Hair
Eggs aren't just a staple kitchen ingredient, they're also a staple beauty ingredient. Especially for the hair. And this is one mantra Jacqueline absolutely sweras buy. And you can too. Apply a hair mask (you can add other ingredients of choice like your favourite hair oil or some curd) and watch your hair become shiny, lustrous and thick over a period of time.
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5. Ice Up Your Face!
Jacqueline swears by icing, a practice of rubbing ice on your face to open up pores. You can do this do. Use ice before your make up, or just before going to bed (after you’ve removed all your makeup of course). This will definitely help in giving you clear looking skin.
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