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6 Lip Care Remedies From Leading B-Town Ladies For A Plump, Juicy Pout

There are quite a few female actors in the Indian film industry who are known for the shape or ampleness of their pout. And they have their own tried and tested home remedies and products that they swear by, to keep their lips hydrated and soft, and also make them appear plump.

Here are 6 DIY remedies and products that are loved by our Bollywood beauties. Try them all out and see which ones work out for you.

6 DIY Lip Care Remedies By Bollywood Celebrities

1. Rose Water & Sea Salt Lip Scrub – Priyanka Chopra Jonas

This Desi Girl always stays true to her roots, despite shifting base to the U.S. quite a few years back. If you listen to her interviews on her favourite beauty hacks, you wouldn’t come across even one where she does not talk about how Indians love using time-tested, all-natural DIY remedies that have proudly passed down to us by our dadis, nanis, and moms. 

Here are a couple of her favourite DIY lip masks that we came across on her Instagram and an interview with her dermat mom. 


  1. A pinch of sea salt (depending on how thick your lips)
  2. Few drops of pure vegetable oil
  3. Few drops of rose water

How To Use It

  • Take sea salt in a small glass bowl, followed by a few drops of 100% pure vegetable oil, and finally a few drops of pure rose water.
  • Give it a good mix with your fingers to blend it well.
  • Dab it on your lips and massage it all over with gentle fingers.
  • Finally, wash it off with water.

2. Rose Water & Sugar Lip Scrub – Priyanka Chopra Jonas

6 Bollywood Actresses Share How They Achieve Plump, Juicy Lips


  1. A few drops of rose water
  2. Sugar 
  3. Rose pearls (optional)

How To Use It

  • Mix rose water with a pinch of sugar.
  • Let this stay for a while till the sugar granules melt completely in the rose water, or break down the granules with the back of a fork and mix it well with the rose water.
  • You can add a few rose petals to introduce some pinkness to your lips.
  • Scoop the mixture up with a finger and massage it gently all over your pout.
  • When used the right way, the sugar works wonders in making your lips look plumper and poutier.

3. Fresh Cream Mask – Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Yet Again!)

Yeah, this diva does quite a few to maintain that pout, which is definitely one of her best features. Apart from the homemade lip scrubs that she just discussed above, she also swears by an overnight lip mask of fresh cream that she applies on her lips before hopping into bed.


  1. Fresh cream, enough for applying on your lips

How To Use It

  • Scoop up some fresh cream with a finger and apply it all over your pout.
  • Massage it all over with nimble fingers for it to work well as a scrub.
  • Wash it off with water or simply lick off the deliciousness!

4. Peptide-Enriched Lip Balm – Alia Bhatt 

Alia, being the lazy girl when she’s not shooting, swears by a commercial lip balm that does wonders in keeping her pout well hydrated, soft, and plump, along with a dash of yumminess. As she gives us a sneak peek into her daily AM and PM skincare routine in her recent video video-drop on her YouTube channel, she seems to be bowled over by this peptide treatment in salted caramel flavour. She uses this twice every day after her AM and PM regimen, and anytime in between, whenever her lips feel parched.

5. Coffee, Coconut Oil, & Sugar Lip Scrub – Katrina Kaif

6 Bollywood Actresses Share How They Achieve Plump, Juicy Lips


  1. 1 tbsp coffee powder
  2. ½ coconut oil
  3. ½ tbsp sugar

How To Use It

  • Take the coffee powder in a small glass bowl and then add sugar and coconut oil.
  • To mix the ingredients thoroughly and get an even paste, keep stirring continuously till the sugar completely dissolves in the mixture.
  • Scoop up a little bit with your fingers and massage the same on your pout with nimble fingers.
  • Wash it off with water.

6. Sugar & Olive Oil Lip Scrub – Alaya F.

The Freddy actor uses the nourishing and hydrating benefits of this scrub for imparting long-term moisturisation to her lips that is prone to peeling every now and then. Especially during the dry winters. She carries this magic recipe in a small jar whenever she heads out, so she can use it whenever her plump pout needs hydration and exfoliation. 


  1. A pinch of brown sugar
  2. A few drops of olive oil

How To Use It

  • Take brown sugar in a glass bowl, followed by a few drops of olive oil.
  • Give it a good mix, and keep stirring till you get an even paste.
  • Scoop the mixture up with a finger and massage it gently all over your pout to exfoliate your skin.
  • Wash it off with water.

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