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    Neem For Face & Skin – 9 Desi Nuskhe For Glowing Skin


    Problems such as skin rashes, mouth ulcers and indigestion are common and one would immediately resort to allopathic or chemical treatments. However, you tend to forget the basic and essential item which is full of medicinal values: Neem! Be it mouth ulcers, acne or dandruff, neem extracts have the power to solve any of these problems. While the world is starting to rediscover its benefits recently, it was first used all the way back in 2000 – 4000 BC in Ayurvedic and Unani medicines. Used in a variety of ways for different remedial purposes, neem oil for skin treatments has now gained immense popularity among organic cosmetics across continents.

    As neem is an antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-aging product, at the same time, it acts as the best remedial solution to various skin issues. This article will help you unfold some great ways how neem leaf for face and other body parts can be used to naturally enhance the quality of your skin.

    5 Must Know Benefits Of Neem For Face & Skin

    1. Treats Dry Skin and Wrinkles

    Neem is loaded with vitamin C. Because of this, it has the power to stimulate collagen formation and hence smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles on your face giving you a younger look. Neem oil for skin also balances out the skin’s oil production hence creating well-balanced and not too dry skin.

    2. Treats Acne

    Neem oil is a natural ingredient that helps treat acne effectively. Its antibacterial properties keep the pimple-causing bacteria away and hence reduces acne. It also gives you a cooling effect while releasing a non-comedogenic oil that pulls out excess oil and hence keeps it dry and clean which subsequently reduces pimples on your face. Along with oil, application of neem leaf for face problems has proven to be a natural & effective remedy. You can also try using curd for face as it helps in keeping oiliness and acne in check.

    3. Reduces Scars

    In a small survey of nine people, neem for skin was shown to be effective in helping the healing process of surgical scalp wounds. This is in continuation of its effects on wrinkles where it helps skin grow well to cover out scars and blemishes easily due to their high vitamin E content.

    4. Skin Exfoliation

    Neem has natural detoxifying properties that help you exfoliate your skin well and hence help keep it healthy and away from any bacteria or infection. Because of its high quantity of antioxidants, triglycerides, vitamin E and vitamin C, neem deeply cleanses your skin and keeps it moist, and protects it from all the dust and pollution damages.

    5. Treats Skin Infections

    The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of neem makes it the best option to treat skin infections. The fatty acids contained in it promote quick wound healing and make your skin healthier. You can easily prepare a fresh neem face pack at home to pamper your skin naturally. 

    Now that you know how effective neem can be for all your skin troubles, read out a few DIY products that you can make and use in no time to give your skin the treatment it deserves.

    9 DIY Neem Face Packs To Keep Common Skin Care Concerns At Bay

    1. Neem Face Pack For Oil Removal

    When the power of neem and lemon is mixed together, you get a concoction that is naturally rich in antibacterial properties and vitamin C that balances out the oil in your skin.

    How To Do It:

    1. Take 2 teaspoons of powdered neem leaves, 2 teaspoons of rosewater and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in a bowl.
    2. Blend it together and bring it to a paste-like consistency.
    3. Apply this paste on your face and leave for 10-15 minutes after gently scrubbing your face with this paste.
    4. Wash with cold water.

    2. Face Toner And Blackhead Remover

    The fatty acids and glycerides in neem oil along with its vitamin C and E, when left to act on your face overnight, can give your skin great results. Not only does it remove blackheads but also helps open clogged skin pores which give you fresh-looking skin in the morning. If you’re struggling with face pimples then topical application of neem pack for acne will do wonders to your skin.

    How To Do It:

    1. In a pan, boil some neem leaves with water.
    2. Boil it for a few minutes till the neem extracts get infused with water and the water turns green.
    3. Let it cool and transfer it into a bottle to store for use.
    4. Before you head to bed, apply this toner to your face to give it a clean and clear look every morning.

    3. Foot Repair Salve

    Neem oil has the prized antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it the perfect ingredient for a foot salve that treats athlete’s foot and many other foot skin issues.

    How To Do It:

    1. Combine together almost equal quantities of beeswax and cocoa butter in a double boiler until it melts down completely.
    2. In a separate bowl, mix in coconut oil, neem oil, rose-hip seed oil, and vitamin E oil.
    3. Then pour this oil mixture into the melted beeswax and cocoa butter till all ingredients are smoothly incorporated.
    4. Freeze this concoction to form a foot repair salve that can be used once a day to maintain healthier feet or twice a day to heal damaged feet.

    4. Exfoliation Pack

    When neem is mixed with rosewater and sandalwood, it creates a remedial neem face pack that deep cleanses your face and controls oil production. It also unclogs pores and reduces dark spots to give you fresh skin.

    How To Do It:

    1. Boil about 8-9 neem leaves with water and make it into a paste.
    2. To this paste add 1 teaspoon of rosewater and ½ teaspoon of sandalwood powder or paste.
    3. Mix it well and apply to your face.
    4. Leave it for about 15 minutes or till it dries off completely.
    5. After letting it rest on your face for some time, wash it off with cold water to get instant clear skin.

    5. Neem Oil To Treat Warts And Moles

    The compounds present in neem oil have proved to effectively get rid of warts and moles without any side effects. It helps you to achieve clean and flawless skin naturally. Enriched with all beauty qualities, neem oil for face is a perfect remedial solution for all face skin-related issues. 

    How To Do It:

    1. Cold-pressed neem oil by crushing the seed kernels of neem to separate the oil from kernels.
    2. Apply this undiluted neem oil to the affected area with a clean cloth.
    3. Tie a bandage or gauze over this area to prevent the oil from being wiped off.
    4. Repeat this process daily for 2-3 weeks to start seeing results.

    6. Hair Mask For Dandruff Free Scalp

    Along with body and face skin, neem also works well on the skin of your head that holds the hair roots together. Neem has been found very effective in treating the fungus that causes the flakes in your hair. Neem & aloe vera gel coupled together act as an effective hair mask that helps remove dandruff and add a natural shine to dull & damaged hair. For skin purposes, neem aloe vera face wash can be used to repair the damaged cells on the face and achieve a glowing & healthy skin naturally. 

    How To Do It:

    1. Mix a few drops of neem oil with pure aloe vera gel.
    2. Once infused together this gel can be applied as a mask to damp hair.
    3. Rest this mask for 30 minutes and wash it off with shampoo for best results.

    7. Neem & Gram Flour Mask For Depigmentation

    Gram flour has been used for years to treat uneven skin tone and give one brighter skin. Coupled with neem oil this mix gives you a flawless skin complexion and removes impurities from your skin to make you look fresh and young.

    How To Do It:

    1. Add 1 teaspoon of neem powder to 1 teaspoon of gram flour in a bowl.
    2. Add some yoghurt to this mix and mix them well to form a paste.
    3. Apply this paste to your face or hands and let it dry for 15-20 minutes.
    4. Once completely dry wash it off with cold water.
    5. This mask can be used 2-3 times a week for best results.

    8. Neem Oil & Bee Pollen Skin Cream

    Topical application of natural bee pollen has been known to naturally calm inflammatory skin conditions and skin irritations such as eczema. Combined with the antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal power of neem oil this skin cream works well to protect your skin from any infection.

    How To Do It:

    1. Heat together 3 tablespoons of cocoa butter with about ½ tablespoon of emulsifying wax in a pan to incorporate it together.
    2. Mix ½ tablespoon bee pollen powder with 1 teaspoon of arrowroot powder and about ½ tablespoon of lanolin.
    3. Into the above powder mix add 2 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 tablespoon of neem oil, and ½ tablespoon of rose-hip seed oil and stir it to incorporate it well.
    4. Next, add this mix to the cocoa butter and emulsifying wax and mix it well over a flame.
    5. Pour this mix into a container and freeze for about 2 days to reach cream-like consistency. Use this mix regularly to get rid of any skin infections you may have.

    9. Neem Powder Face Pack For Skin Infection

    When you incorporate garlic and coconut oil with neem powder, you get a rich neem face pack that is equipped to treat all major skin infections while also getting rid of acne and blemishes from your face.

    How To Do It:

    1. Boil 6-7 neem leaves.
    2. Heat coconut oil and crush garlic cloves to add to the neem paste.
    3. Apply it to the affected areas on your face.

    Potential Side Effects Of Neem On Skin

    Neem has been known to be safe for use when orally ingested by adults for up to 10 weeks, when applied inside the mouth for 6 weeks and when applied on the skin for up to 2-3 weeks. Large doses or for long periods of time may harm the kidney and liver. Serious side effects of neem in children include vomiting, diarrhoea, and drowsiness. Thus, it is recommended to use it in a prescribed quantity to gain best results.

    Key Takeaways

    1. Neem has naturally occurring antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that give your skin the best care it deserves. 
    2. Because of this high vitamin C and E, smooth and clear skin with unclogged pores can be achieved very quickly with regular use.
    3. It is also a great natural product for skin tightening to reduce wrinkles and make you look younger.
    4. Neem oil used on a daily basis is a great cleanser that treats uneven skin tone due to daily exposure to dust and pollution.
    5. When used daily, it helps to prevent and cure infections.

    While overexposure to any natural or man-made chemical is harmful in the long run, when used in appropriate quantities neem has shown great results. Neem packs for acne is the best product especially if you are a teen, who face acne problems during puberty. Its vitamin C, E, triglycerides, and fatty acids all play a combined role in giving your skin a fresh and young look that is natural and hence reduces any harms that chemicals may cause.

    FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. It’s my first time using neem oil, any safety precautions?

    A. Neem is a completely natural product and hence the adverse effects would be bare minimum and only on certain skin types if at all. However, if it’s your first time, start by using a small, diluted amount of it on a small area of your skin. This should ideally be away from your face to check if your skin reacts adversely to it while still staying safe.

    Q. Can neem oil be used in all seasons?

    A. Neem oil has fatty acids and triglycerides that coupled with its natural vitamin C and E content helps keep your skin plush and healthy. Because of its naturally occurring elements, it’s perfect to keep your skin healthy round the year. Whether you have dry skin or itchy and inflamed skin because of climate changes or a dry climate, Neem is best equipped to help you keep your skin plush and healthy.

    Q. Can neem be used for dry skin?

    A. Absolutely! Neem has over 100 bio-active components that are best to moisturise your skin and make it feel fresh. Its vitamin C and E are key in keeping your skin clean and moisturised at all times. You can create a neem-based cream or oil that can be used for constant application to moisturise your skin on the go just like any other moisturising cream.

    Q. Should I ingest neem instead of topically applying it?

    A. While ingesting neem is healthy, it may not be as effective on your skin as a topical application on affected areas. This is because as compared to topical application, you would have to ingest significantly higher quantities of neem to get the required results. High quantities of ingested neem also has serious health hazards like vomiting, liver damage, metabolic acidosis and the like. 

    Q. Can I apply neem oil overnight?

    A. Neem is a natural ingredient and hence can be kept applied on your face overnight to give it a clean and clear look by the morning. In fact when neem oil is left overnight on your skin its components get more time to react on your skin and hence gives you fresh and clean skin in the morning. Neem oil for your hair would also leave a nice fragrance if left to act on your scalp overnight.

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