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Fitspo: 5 Sara Ali Khan Workout Videos & 5 Diet Tips From Her 30 Kg Weight Loss

Fitspo: 5 Sara Ali Khan Workout Videos & 5 Diet Tips From Her 30 Kg Weight Loss

Sara Ali Khan has come a long way from her New York days when she was almost hitting 100 kgs. Once she was done with her studies there and had her sights firmly set on a career in Bollywood, she realised the first thing she needed to do was rigorously workout on her 96 kg self. And that would need a strenuous fitness routine at the gym and focus on a healthy diet.

On Sara Ali Khan’s birthday (12th August), here’s taking a peek into her fitness routine & diet.

5 Fitness Tips The Diva Swears By

1. Treadmill

Sara loves to hop onto the treadmill to get rid of extra weight. 

2. Arm Workout With Weights

Look at those toned arms! There’s no beating them if you put in that effort at the gym, like this diva does.

3. Leg Workout 

Sara’s sinewy legs are to die for! But that is the result of a vigorous fitness routine at the gym.

4. Full Body Workout 

The gorgeous Sara spends hours in the gym focusing on full body workout to work every muscle in her body and never put on extra kilos. 

5. Workout With Janhvi Kapoor

Sara loves to workout with her best bud from B-Town, Janhvi Kapoor. Here, they are apparently having a great time together in each other’s company while working out. 

5 Diet Tips From Sara Ali Khan’s 30 Kg Weight Loss

1. Avoid Junk Food

When you want a body that is Bollywood-worthy, there’s no denying that you need to turn your back at the sight of junk food. Unless it’s a cheat day, of course!

2. Say ‘No’ To Fat-Inducing Foods

Sara’s daily diet is devoid of milk, sugar, and carbs – foods that are known for making you put on weight.

3. Healthy Workday Mix

Haldi (turmeric), spinach, and hot water – that’s Sara’s magic potion that she swears by when she’s working

4. Post-Workout Snack

Greek yoghurt, protein mix, and a little bit of coffee is her favourite post-workout snack. She savours it like its tiramisu!

5. Egg & Chicken For Meals

The diva’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner comprise eggs and chicken in various forms. And she ensures she does not eat pizzas at all, unless she is on a cheat meal.

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