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15 Fun & Hatke Ideas For New Year Eve’s Celebration With Friends & Family


New Year’s is a time for friends and family. Whether it’s going out for dinner or a party, or doing New Year’s Eve activities at home, it’s always a toss-up of what you can do to celebrate.

This year, why not celebrate at home with your family and loved ones? As fun as going out can be, it can also be a bit much with the whole world celebrating. If you want a quiet but still exciting and fun time, here are some new year celebration ideas.

5 Fun New Year Celebration Ideas With Family

1. Family Game Night

Who doesn’t want to defeat their sibling at Monopoly? A fun celebration ideas for new year at home, have a family game night!

Game night is always a blast, and with your family it’ll promise to be even more exciting. Prepare for accusations to fly around for relationships to be threatened, especially if you’re playing Uno! Set out card games, play dumb charades, taboo and every board game you have!

2. Charcuterie Board

Make a family charcuterie board! Decide a theme that makes everyone happy, get a few round or rectangular wooden trays and go crazy. You can make a chaat board, cheese board, fruit board or chocolate board. If you want to go full desi, make a chutney board with khakra, puri and soya sticks as dipping ingredients.

You can even turn this into a competition, where the team with the best charcuterie board gets to decide dinner!

3. Personality Swap

Take a bowl, put everyone’s names into it and then go around the room so that everyone has a name. Then, this person will proceed to act like them for the next 15-20 minutes and everyone else has to guess who they’re behaving like.

A hilarious game to find out how your family would portray you, and a really fun new year’s eve at home ideas. 

4. Memories Jar

Have everyone write one good memory of the year, and one memory they would like to make and put it in a mason jar. You can do this at the end of your party, right after the clock strikes 12 for a memorable addition to your ideas for new year’s celebration.

5. Exchange Gifts

Have a small gift exchange with your loved ones to complete your New Year’s Eve activities at home. Keep a small cap on the price so that the gifts are funnier and more relaxed, and plan it like a secret Santa!

5 Exciting Ideas For New Year Eve’s Celebration With Your Little Ones

1. Balloon Pop

Fun New Year’s Eve ideas for families should always include a balloon pop moment! Get 6-8 balloons, one for every hour that you plan on celebrating and pop it whenever the clock strikes! It’s an easy way to get the kids excited without doing too much.

2. Activity Calendar

Similar to the balloon pop, you can have an hourly activity calendar to keep the kids occupied and having fun. At each hour, pick a new activity from the bowl together to do as a team. It can be a puzzle, a treasure hunt or even an eating competition!  

3. Snack Table

Which child doesn’t love snacks? As a part of your ideas for new year celebration at home, have your kids help you set up a snack table. They can choose to bring two favourite snacks and then decorate it, so that they can raid it for the rest of the night.  

4. Arts And Crafts

A little messy, but a fun celebration ideas for new year at home! Sit down with the little ones to make something exciting and bring the New Year in. You can do something simple, like painting or a collage, or go all out and bring the paper-mâché and make masks and decorate pots! The possibilities are endless.  

5. Movie Night

One of the more classic new year celebration ideas, snuggle up for a family movie night. There are plenty of good, child-friendly movies that you can enjoy with the kids, so pick three, build a blanket fort in your living room and celebrate the New Year with comfort and happiness.

5 Romantic Ideas For New Year Celebration At Home For Couples

1. Dance Party At Home

Don’t want to go to the club? Bring the club to you!

A fun New Year’s Eve ideas for couples is having your very own dance party at home. Dim the lights, clear out a bedroom and wear your clubbing best. Since you are your own DJ, you know best what songs will make you groove!

2. Romantic Dinner

A little cliché, but if done right, it can make your New Year!

Set up a romantic dinner with your partner. Depending on what they like, it could either be a candle-lit dinner or a picnic in your favourite park. A time full of favourite food and quiet conversations is a must have if you want romantic New Years Eve ideas.

3. Dress As Your Partner

This has the potential to be your funniest new year yet. Plan your evening to celebrate dressed like your partner. You have to pull out something iconic or something that is extremely similar to what they usually wear. Make sure to take lots of pictures and really enjoy yourself!

4. PowerPoint Presentations

No, this is not a group project, just one of our silly ideas for New Year’s celebration. Pick an absolutely ridiculous topic and make a PowerPoint presentation on it. We promise, it’ll be an absolute hit. Talk about which FRIENDS character your partner is most like, or which vegetable you hate or even why red is the best colour in the world. The more ridiculous, the better!

5. Make A Memory Collage

One of our favourite New Year’s Eve ideas for couples at home, is to make a memory collage. Print out your favourite pictures of the year, and bring out any shared bills, tickets or receipts and make a collage of the year you’ve spent together. It can be a happy, sweet way of reflecting on your time as a couple.

5 Crowd Favourite Party Menu Additions For A Memorable New Year Celebration

1. Chips And Dip

Pull out all kinds of chips. Every. Single. One.

Chips are always a crowd pleaser and easy to eat at any time. Pair them up with some hummus, garlic mayo, cheese sauce or beetroot dip, and you’ve got a whole platter ready!

2. Cheese Board

A little unconventional, but certainly delicious. One of your ideas for New Year’s Eve, should be to have a cheese board. Put out the gouda, sharp cheddar, burrata and camembert for a classy addition to your party.  

3. Desi Snacks

Two words – soya sticks. No party is complete without a whole set of desi snacks available at the local store! You don’t even have to think about it, just grab your favourites and watch them disappear at your party.

4. Finger Food

Finger food like sandwiches, fries, cutlets are always great ideas for New Year’s Eve. Small food is easy to pick up and eat while on the go, and certainly quicker than having a full course meal.

5. Colourful Drinks

No party is complete without drinks! Set aside a few colourful options. Depending on your guests’ preference, they should be able to pick between alcoholic and non-alcoholic quite easily.

5 Last Minute Planning Tips That Can Come Handy

  1. Go wild with the décor, it’s New Year’s!
  2. Remove all breakable items from where you’re having the party.
  3. If there’s alcohol involved, remember to put out plenty of water and encourage people to stay hydrated.
  4. Too much food is okay, too little is unacceptable.
  5. Give yourself time to relax before the party, once everyone comes in you won’t be able to find a moment for yourself.

New year’s can be a fun and exciting time. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to prepare new year celebration ideas before enjoying your party. Happy New Year’s!

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