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Expert Talk: Winter Sarees and How to Style Them


As the frosty winds signal the arrival of winter, it’s time to indulge in the elegance and warmth of traditional Indian attire—the ever-charming saree. World Saree Day on December 21st is a celebration of this timeless garment. Let us delve into the world of winter sarees and unravel styling secrets that perfectly marry tradition with comfort.

To find out what sarees work best for winter and how to drape them, The Channel 46 collaborated with Shruti Shah, Founder of Sacred Weaves to share her insight on the matter.

Embracing Warmth: Tussar Banarasi Sarees

A harmonious blend of two exquisite art forms, embody the essence of elegance and warmth. These sarees, crafted with Tussar silk and adorned with intricate Banarasi motifs, offer a delightful embrace during the winter season. The thick texture and earthy tones of Tussar silk make it an ideal choice for the cold weather, ensuring both style and comfort. 

Embellished with the artistry of Banarasi motifs, each saree becomes a tapestry of cultural richness and artistic finesse. The detailed craftsmanship, often inspired by heritage and nature, infuses a storytelling element into the fabric—a tribute to tradition and timeless sophistication.

To elevate this ensemble, pairing the Tussar Banarasi saree with a full-sleeves blouse not only adds a layer of practicality but also complements the richness of the saree. Accessorizing with statement jewelry further accentuates its grace, creating a look that transcends eras—imbued with refined charm and sophistication.

In essence, the Tussar Banarasi saree isn’t just about fashion; it’s a homage to cultural legacy, craftsmanship, and enduring elegance, merging two art forms into a wearable expression of grace and sophistication that withstands the test of time.

Luxurious Sophistication: Dupion Banarasi Sarees

Dupion Banarasi sarees are a celebration of luxurious sophistication. The richness of thick Dupion silk, coupled with the finesse of Banarasi craftsmanship, creates sarees that are both opulent and warm. The characteristic sheen of Dupion silk elevates the glamour quotient while providing ample warmth in winters. 

Pairing it with a long-sleeved black blouse accentuates sophistication while ensuring warmth. To further elevate the ensemble, draping a contrasting shawl gracefully over the shoulders adds both a stylish layer and an additional element of coziness, creating a harmonious blend of fashion and comfort.

These sarees aren’t just about aesthetics; they symbolize a convergence of luxurious fabrics and intricate craftsmanship. The Dupion Banarasi saree, adorned with its characteristic sheen and artful motifs, stands as a wearable ode to timeless elegance and practical luxury, ideal for making a statement while staying snug during the winter.

Elegance Personified: Satin Banarasi Sarees

Satin Banarasi sarees are a testament to timeless elegance. The smoothness and luster of satin beautifully complement the intricate Banarasi weaving, making these sarees a winter wardrobe essential. The fluidity of satin fabric drapes gracefully, offering a sense of effortless charm. 

What distinguishes Satin Banarasi sarees is not just their aesthetic appeal but also their practicality. The fluidity of satin allows for graceful draping, bestowing an effortless charm upon the wearer. This combination of style and ease makes them a go-to choice for winter occasions, where comfort meets luxury.

Opt for a Satin Banarasi saree in jewel tones and pair it with a velvet blouse to exude winter For an exquisite winter look, opt for a Satin Banarasi saree in rich jewel tones. Pairing it with a velvet blouse not only adds a contrasting texture but also amplifies the opulence, creating a striking ensemble that radiates winter glamour. This combination celebrates the fusion of luxurious fabrics and traditional craftsmanship, transforming each saree into a wearable masterpiece that embodies timeless allure and seasonal sophistication.

Styling Tips for Winter

  1. Layering with Shawls and Jackets 

Embrace the cold by layering your saree ensemble with elegant shawls or stylish jackets that complement the saree’s color palette.

  1. Experiment with Blouse Styles

Long-sleeved, high-necked blouses not only add warmth but also lend a chic touch to your winter saree look.

  1. Accessorize Thoughtfully

Opt for statement jewelry pieces like antique necklaces or chandelier earrings to enhance the winter saree vibe.

  1. Footwear Matters

Complete your winter saree look with closed-toe heels or embroidered boots for a fusion of tradition and contemporary style.

  1. Play with Fabrics 

Mix and match different fabric textures like velvet, wool, or cashmere with your saree for a unique and cozy appeal.

World Saree Day is an occasion to celebrate the heritage of sarees while exploring their adaptability to seasonal changes. Embrace the beauty of winter with these exquisite Banarasi sarees, staying cozy yet chic in every drape.

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