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9 DIY Christmas Party Decor, Themes, Ornament & Wreath Ideas For A Merry Celebration


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! December is finally here; the weather is cooling (in some parts of the country) and Christmas season is in full swing. For those who don’t celebrate the religious aspects of Christmas, the festival has become one of celebration with your loved ones, good food and endless cake!

If you’re planning a Christmas party, we have some handmade Christmas decorations and Christmas party themes for you!

3 Unique Christmas Party Themes To Spread The Festive Cheer:

1. A White Christmas

Living in India doesn’t really give us much of an opportunity for a white Christmas, but who says that should stop us? Plan a party with the theme White Christmas and have your guests dress in white for the occasion!

Christmas Party Decor:

  1. DIY Christmas Decor – Use cotton placed around the room strategically to show snow.
  2. Have a white Christmas tree.
  3. Create a snowman out of old Chinese lanterns.
  4. Put up white Christmas balloon decorations and streamers.

2. Ugly Sweater Party

There are some uniquely hideous Christmas sweaters out there, so why not have a party with all your friends dressed in them? Make sure there’s a prize for ugliest sweater, and you’re set!

Christmas Party Decor:

  1. DIY Christmas Decor – Hang up your nice looking sweaters on a wall or along a curtain, for a fun photo opportunity. 
  2. If you have soft toys or plushies, dress them up in Christmas colours and place them around your house. 
  3. Put post-its on mirrors in the house saying “Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who has the ugliest sweater of them all?”
  4. Make sure all your cutlery is mismatched. If all the people can look ridiculous, the surroundings should match!

3. Santa Christmas  

Have a Santa Claus themed Christmas party. Hear us out, it sounds a little ridiculous but has the potential of being really fun and hilarious. The only rule is that everyone must wear one part of Santa’s iconic costume. It can be the hat, the beard, the trousers or even the full suit! You can even have a vote to decide who wins best costume!


  1. Give everyone a Santa beard when they walk through the door.
  2. Red and white everything – balloons, streamers, pillows, plates.
  3. Have a small photo booth with Santa props like glasses, more beards, a hat and a fake bag of gifts.
  4. If you have a furry friend, put a reindeer headband on them so that they can be one of Santa’s reindeer!

3 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas To Elevate Your Festive Decor

Do you want to make homemade Christmas decorations? Look no further because we have the perfect Christmas wreath ideas for you! We do suggest that you get a sturdy wreath frame though, just to make life a little easier.

1. DIY Balloon Wreath

Want some simple Christmas balloon decorations? Make an easy balloon wreath at home that’ll hardly take you any time.

  1. First blow up your balloons. We suggest using red and green balloons, to keep the Christmas spirit. Make sure your balloons are different sizes!
  2. You’ll need something solid to hold up the balloons. Try a cardboard cut out shaped in a circle, or a sturdy wire that you shape into a circle.
  3. If you’re using cardboard, stick the balloons in the pattern you want on the cardboard.
  4. If you’re using wire, tie the balloons with a little bit of string to the wire. And there you have it, Christmas balloon decorations!

2. Repurpose Your Old Wreath

If you already have a Christmas wreath that’s getting a little old, just spruce it up to give it a new look. Here’s a simple DIY outdoor christmas decorations you can try – 

  1. If it’s a plain, green wreath, stick some bright red flowers along the frame to add a bit of colour to it.
  2. Use some small tree ornaments and decorate the wreath like you would a Christmas tree.
  3. Weave fairy lights into the wreath, and let it sparkle!

3. Ice Cream Stick Wreath

With ice cream sticks, you can make a fun, unique mini-wreath that will look stunning on your mantle.

  1. Take 50 to 60 ice cream sticks and paint them in different shades of green.
  2. Then, think about how you would like to layer them and begin sticking them so that they resemble a circular wreath.
  3. Finish it off with a nice red bow!

3 Creative Christmas Ornament Ideas To Deck Up Your Tree

Homemade Christmas decorations like ornaments are a great way to be creative and do a family activity! 

1. Photo Garland

For your Christmas tree, you can tie a photo garland around it to make it extra special and have lovely handmade Christmas decorations. 

  1. Take some of your favourite photos and print them into small squares.
  2. Punch two holes on either side of the photos, and string them up with a long ribbon.
  3. Hang it on the Christmas tree as a beautiful handmade Christmas decoration.

2. Decorative Mason Jars / Glass Bottles

We all have empty glass jars and bottles laying around, why not turn them into simple Christmas table decorations?

  1. You can add berries, marbles, lights or even candles to your jars to make them look pretty.
  2. For a centre piece, add a layer of green marbles, then red marbles and then white marbles inside a jar. Top it off with a cute reindeer toy or a Santa hat.

3. DIY Tree Topper

If you have a Christmas tree, go the extra mile this year and make your own tree topper as a part of your easy DIY Christmas decorations. 

  1. Use a foam board or some sturdy cardboard and cut out your desired shape. It can be a star, a candy cane, or even a Christmas tree shape!
  2. Once you’ve cut it out, make a base with red and/or green. You can paint it or wrap it up in a cloth of your desired colour, to get a proper Christmas-y feeling.
  3. Finally, decorate your tree topper with some glitter, shiny baubles and ribbons.

5 Last Minute Party Planning Tips:

  1. Parties are chaos, and that’s okay! Just relax and enjoy yourself.
  2. Always make sure there’s plenty of tissues to go around.
  3. Keep your breakables away.
  4. Play soft Christmas carols in the background to set the vibe.
  5. Light some scented candles.

We hope you use some of these easy DIY Christmas decorations to make your party an absolute blast! Your party is going to be fantastic; we just know it! Remember to keep calm, take lots of pictures and enjoy the good food. Smile, it’s Christmas! 

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