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10 New Year Party Outfit Ideas & Makeup Tips To Slay The Night


It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means, party time! Be it office parties, Christmas parties, or New Year’s Eve parties, December is full of celebrations and outings.

When it’s time to decide what you need to wear for these, don’t just open up your cupboard doors and stare into the mess. Start planning your New Year’s Eve outfit ideas early and get ahead of the curve. Don’t even think about that boring shirt you’ve worn a dozen times and your favourite pair of jeans. It’s time to welcome the New Year in style!

10 Show-Stopping NYE Party Outfit Ideas That Are Worth Stealing

1. Glitter Bomb

This year, glitter is really in. A dress, a skirt, or a nice glittery shirt with trousers of a solid colour, you can do no wrong. If glitter isn’t entirely your thing, you can always opt for sequins instead, which give you a similar shimmery without the shine of glitter.

Accessorise with jewellery matching the glitter you’re wearing, and put on your most shiny eye-shadow to finish the look.  

2. Something Blue

Blue is a crowd favourite. An incredibly pretty colour to wear during the winters, pick something in a shade of blue to be a part of your New Year party dress ideas. Our suggestion is to go for a royal blue or a navy-blue outfit, for a rich, decadent look. With nude heels, matching jewellery and a bold lip, you’ll have an incredible outfit for New Year Party.

3. Mini, Midi, Maxi

Dress to impress, literally!

Dresses of all shapes are great outfit ideas for New Year party. Depending on the type of party you’re going to and the weather you’re in, you can wear a dress for any occasion.

Office party? Wear a solid-coloured, calf-length dress! Casual house party with friends? A floral mini dress for you! Dinner party with friends? Go for a lovely maxi dress that matches the vibe of the restaurant. Put on some light makeup for New Year party and you’re ready to go! 

4. Turtleneck Combo

Winters are the only time we can get away with wearing a turtleneck without overheating. They also have the added benefit of looking extremely cool! You can wear turtlenecks with fitting pants, a short skirt or inside a sleeveless dress. For shoes, we highly recommend boots to complete your outfit for New Year party.

Pro tip: wear a thin chain around your neck over the turtleneck. Not only will it look nice, but also give you the opportunity to accessorise in a turtleneck!

5. Sweaters Galore

You can’t have a New Year’s party without at least one sweater appearance. A staple in the New Year’s Eve outfit ideas, sweaters are your easy go-to for parties. Especially for house parties, when comfort is key, wear your best-knit sweater with some loose trousers or jeans for a casual-chic look.

If you’re looking to be a little adventurous, pull on a sweater dress and pair it with some nice winter boots to finish the look.  

6. Cocktail Dress

Looking to make a statement with your NYE party outfit ideas? Look no further than the cocktail dress.

A cocktail dress needs an occasion, but what better occasion than a new year party? Be bold with your colours and go beyond the reds and the blacks. Go for an emerald green dress or an aubergine purple. Wear it with chunky heels and tie your hair up in a sleek bun. We promise you’ll make heads turn.

7. High Waisted Trousers

A great option to have in your New Year party dress ideas roster are high-waisted trousers. They are very comfortable and look chic enough to be worn for formal and informal occasions. If you have to make an office party appearance, put on your high waisted trousers with a well-fitted shirt and a trench coat or overcoat.

You can be creative with your shoes, so think white sneakers or black pumps. Don’t forget to add some dangly earrings and a thin bracelet as accessories!

8. A-Line Skirt With A Slit

Sexy without being too sexy, an A-line skirt with a slit is the answer to all your party outfit woes. We would recommend getting the skirt in a dark colour like black, maroon, royal blue or emerald green. Pair the skirt with a top that has a u-shaped neck and shows off your collarbones. Wear a thin gold or silver chain, some studs as earrings and carry a small purse for a chic, yet casual look.

9. Leather Skirt

Not a very popular option, but one we love!

Leather (faux leather) skirts are quite fitting and really catchy. You can wear it with anything you like, and it’ll still look fab! Oversized sweaters, t-shirts, button-down shirts, or even a tank top would look great with a leather skirt.

Pro tip: if you’re in a colder part of the country, wear your leather skirt with boots, an overcoat and fleece stockings!

10. Off-Shoulder Outfits

Show off that clavicle in a fun off-shoulder top or dress for your New Year’s party!

Puffy sleeves, sheer sleeves are also in this season, but a personal favourite is anything off-shoulder. They frame your face and neck beautifully, and give you a chance to rock a stunning necklace or choker.  

You can wear your off-shoulder top with a skirt, some straight cut trousers or a pair of nice jeans. Depending on the style of your top, you can also be creative with the shoe choice!

4 New Year Party Makeup Tips To Achieve That Party-Perfect Look 

Thinking about makeup for New Years Eve party? Look no further!

1. Go For A Bold Lip

Bright reds, dark maroons and non-traditional colours like purple will really make your face pop.

2. Embrace The Eye-Shadow

A shiny eye-shadow is an absolute winner for parties. Especially if you’re going to a place where there’s going to be dancing and flashing lights, your shiny eyeshadow will catch a lot of appreciative eyes.

3. Eye Jewels

No, we’re not bringing back all the trends from the past. But maybe, the bedazzling everything trend should have never gone away. For your New Year party make up this year, carefully and artistically stick fake jewels (or stick-ons) around eyes and eyebrows for a bold and beautiful look.

4. Cheek Tint

For that perfect rosy complexion this winter, slap on that cheek tint and blend blend blend! The tint will highlight your cheekbones and bring a healthy flush to your face. You can even make it better by dabbing a little bit of highlighter across your cheeks for just a hint of glitter.

We hope you have an amazing time at all your parties and really glam up! Make sure to accessorise appropriately and take lots of pictures of your NYE party outfit ideas! Have an exciting New Year’s party season!

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