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Budget Shopper: 10 Tasty, Healthy & Affordable Foods That Your Kids Will Love


Ever had your kid say, ghar ka khaana nahi khaana? If your kids are bored with this lockdown situation and not maintaining their healthy diet, then it’s time for you to spice things up and try out these delicious food condiments that your kids will definitely love! The cherry on top is that all these condiments are healthy and budget-friendly. Here is your go-to list of some popular condiments including sauces, spreads and more that will help you out. Add them to the food while cooking or serve them with regular meals and make your kids finish their lunch faster.

10 Healthy, Delicious & Budget-Friendly Food For Kids 

1. Oreo Cookie Dough By Doughp Shope

Remember when having the mouthwatering cookie dough from the bowl was so much more enticing than waiting for the cookies to be finally baked? Make your kids feel the same experience! For all the Oreo lovers out there, this heavenly creamy and luscious cookie dough will be your kids’ paradise. Buy here from the Red Dot Shop to satisfy your sweet cravings with eggless cookie dough. This will hit that sweet spot between the nostalgia of memories of licking the beaters from your bowl. 

Price: Rs 330

Make The Best Of It: Have this cookie dough raw from the jar or bake it into your favourite doughlicious Oreo cookies and feel the magic! 

2. Happy Tummys’ Almond Date Snack Bars

If you are having a hard time making your kids have dry fruits, you need to try this delicious option by Happy Tummys. Each snack bar contains 40% of almonds, while the rest is made of oats and dates. These bars are a good source of protein, calcium, fibre, vitamin E, and other nutrients that makes it a healthy snack to trust.

Price: Rs 240

Make The Best Of It: Add this to your breakfast smoothie bowl or pack it along with your picnic bag as an easy snack. 

3. Native Tongue’s Peanut Butter With Byadgi Chilli

Give your kids a flavour from the agricultural treasure trove of our country. This product is a fun twist on your classic peanut butter. Byadgi chilli from Karnataka with its distinct smokiness, the deep red flavour is what makes this peanut butter to a whole new level. It’s the spin on the traditional peanut chutney. It has a shelf life of 6 months. You can choose to buy either 200 grams or 400 grams. Head over to the Red Dot Shop here.

Price: Rs 300 – Rs 550

Make The Best Of It: Spread it over toast, paratha, and crispy dosa or use it as a dipping sauce!

4. Native Tongue’s Smoked Aam Panna

All children are big fans of mangoes. Plump Rajapuri Kairis are fire-roasted till the skin is charred and the rustic smoky aroma permeates through the pulp. This version of Aam Panna is flavoured with a signature blend of toasted spices, making it a perfect khatta-meetha summer cooler. Buy now from the Red Dot Shop here.

Price: Rs 250

Make The Best Of It: Add 1 part squash to 2 parts chilled water or club soda for a refreshing summer beverage or shake it in a cocktail. What more? Use it as a glaze for paneer or fish or drizzle it on a cool salad as a dressing!

5. Slurrp Farm’s Instant Breakfast Millet Pancake Mix

This pancake mix by Slurrp Farm is not just a breakfast option but can also be enjoyed as a healthy evening snack. The mix is made with the goodness of ragi and millet making it a healthy and nutritious choice for your kids. The mixture already has cocoa essentials in it. Natural and healthy multi-grain millet pancake mix, filled with the goodness of super grains – ragi, foxtail millet, jowar and mixed with cocoa for a yummy-scrummy meal. So, your kid can even enjoy these pancakes without any additional sugar syrup.

Price: Rs 149

Make The Best Of It: Mix the ingredients well as listed on the pack, prepare a batter and enjoy preparing pancakes in no time.

6. Rise Up Kombucha By The Odd Gumnut

Finding new drinks to keep your kids hydrated? Start with a mixed pack to taste the rainbow! A 4-bottle mixed pack arrives with 2x Original, 1x Blueberry and 1x Lemon & Ginger. These are authentically brewed – mixing 10 years of brewing experience with top-notch organic ingredients and zero-waste business practices to produce a fizzy, raw probiotic beverage that takes you from your morning health elixir to post-dinner digestive. Drinking kombucha consistently builds up good bacteria in your gut – aiding efficient digestion, increasing immunity and diversifying your microbiome. Buy now from the Red Dot Shop here.

Price: Rs 700

Make The Best Of It: Remember to always refrigerate. Drink it cold or at room temperature and do not dilute – drink it just as it is and enjoy!

7. Native Tongue’s Honey Mustard

This product is a fusion of flavours and is tailored for the Indian palate. A perfect blend of yellow and brown mustard pickled in local cane vinegar and flavoured with Mahabaleshwar honey.  It is stone-ground to a smooth buttery spread that is sure to add a zing to your sandwiches or dips. It has a shelf life of 1 year when refrigerated. Buy here from the Red Dot Shop. Looking for recipes using these products? Find here 5 easy and delicious sandwich recipes that will be a hit among your kids!

Price: Rs 275

Make The Best Of It: Add it to dips, salad dressings, glaze and spread it over toast or in a marinade.

8. Red Velvet Cookie Dough By Doughp Shope

Since it came into existence 500 years ago, red velvet has been one of the favourites of millions around the world, but have you tried red velvet cookie dough?

It’s super moist texture and creamy melt-in-your-mouth will want you to have more of this delicious scarlet cookie dough. It’s most certainly red velvet by name and red velvet by nature! There are many other options available for delicious cookie doughs like choco-chip, dark chocolate, Nutella, red velvet and vanilla. Choose your kid’s favourite flavour and give them a sweet surprise! Buy from the Red Dot Shop here!

Price: Rs 330

Make The Best Of It: Lick directly from the jar or make delicious cookies. You can take the help of your children for baking and decorating the cookies. You’ll have an amazing bonding experience!

9. Native Tongue’s Thandai Nut Butter

Your kids are bound to love this. Like in the traditional way, the nuts and spices are painstakingly stone-ground for hours till they release natural oils and come together as a smooth creamy flavour-packed nut butter. You again have 2 options to choose the quantity- 130 grams or 210 grams. This product has 6 months shelf life when refrigerated. What are you waiting for? Buy now from the Red Dot Shop here.

Price: Rs 375 – Rs 575

Make The Best Of It: To make thandai, blitz a heaped spoonful of nut butter in a blender along with milk or water for a dairy-free/vegan version. Top it over toast or in a cereal bowl or use it as a dressing on cut-fruits.

10. Native Tongue’s Mulberry Preserve

Are your kids tired of eating the same jam preserves? Give their taste buds a new taste with this mulberry preserve. Mulberries, locally known as shahtoot or tuti, from the hilly slopes of Mahabaleshwar, made into a chunky preserve will take you back to delightful memories of your dadi/nani’s backyard. Try this delicious mulberry preserve from the Red Dot Shop here.

Price: Rs 350

Make The Best Of It: Spread it over hot buttered toast, teacakes, pancakes, almost anything. And did we mention plum jam with scones for high tea?

Kids can be fussy about what they eat, especially when it comes to healthy home-cooked food. It is quite difficult to maintain a nutritious diet for your children, that’s why you must switch up your meals with healthier substitutes. Find delicious and affordable condiments and snacks from the above list, and find your kid loving healthy food again. Let us know in the comments what you and your child loved.



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