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7 Easy Pee-sy Hygiene Tips For When You Pee


 Time, tide and your bladder wait for none, so when you have to pee, you just get up and head on to the bathroom. Since it’s a natural part of our life that we do multiple times a day, our bathroom trips have their own routine.

We’re sure you’re making every effort to be as clean as possible, so here are some tips just as a reminder.

1. Always Wipe The Seat

Wiping down the toilet seat with some sanitizer and toilet paper or even disinfectant wipes is a good practice to have. In public toilets especially, wiping the seat will help eliminate a considerable amount of bacteria. Make sure to wipe before and after, so that you don’t risk yourself or leave a mess behind.

2. Don’t Hover

One would think that hovering over a public toilet would prevent the chances of an infection, but in fact, the opposite is true. By hovering, your ab and pelvic muscles tense up, and when you squat partially, it causes tension on the muscles of your pelvic girdle. This tensing up leads to a lack of proper urine flow and makes it difficult to pee properly.

Moreover, if you hover, chances are that your bladder didn’t empty out entirely which can lead to possible urinary tracts infections.  

Another important reason to not hover is so that you avoid pee splash or backsplash. Gross!

3. Sit The Whole Time 

It’s important to finish once you’ve started peeing. Sit the whole time, relax and let your bladder empty out completely. Stopping mid pee, or getting up before your bladder is empty can lead to residual urine, which in turn may lead to urinary tract infections.

When you’re sitting down to pee, take your time and don’t rush through it.

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4. Once Done, Wash Your Privates With Water 

You may already know this, but our inner vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism. The inside does not need to be cleaned with soap, in fact, most medical professionals advise against it.

When you finish peeing, gently wash your vulva with water. Do not use soap or douche. Use only water and clean only externally.  

5. Wipe With A Dry Clean Tissue, Front To Back

A rule that you always must follow after peeing, wipe from front to back. We promise it’s not for any random reason, but to primarily prevent infections. The reason is to avoid contaminating your urethra with anything from your rectum, as it increases the risk of a urinary tract infection.

If you want to make sure all of your privates are well-wiped, we suggest using two separate wipes. But if you’re using only one, front to back is the way to go.

6. Do Not Over Wipe

Keeping dry is extremely important. If you do not wipe after peeing, you end up wetting your underwear which can then lead to a possible infection.

However, over-wiping can also be a major problem. Remember, your vaginal discharge is a natural bodily phenomenon and a little dampness is to be expected. By over-wiping, you risk vaginal dryness and itchiness.

7. Wash Your Hands!

We know you know, but it bears repeating! Always, always wash your hands with soap after peeing. When you clean yourself after peeing, you inevitably get your hands a little dirty. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the bathroom, for good hygiene and fresh hands. If you’re in a pinch, a sanitiser is equally good, but nothing beats good old soap and water.  

Going to the bathroom is a part of your everyday life. We mindlessly go, do our business and come back without giving it a second thought. For our own health and safety, let’s remember to be as hygienic as possible every time we go to the bathroom. Pee safe!

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