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Signs Being Heavy Chested Is The Cause Of Your Back Pain (& What You Can Do About It)


Your breast friends might be your favourite physical attribute, but like everything else, they have their own share of pros and cons. And one of the disadvantages of your ample assets is the pain that it may cause. Not just lower and upper back pain, but pain in your shoulders too. And add to that slouchy shoulders and a bent spine, and whatnot. 

But it may be initially confusing to be completely sure of the reason behind these challenges. If you are a big-boobed girl, here are 4 signs that may confirm the reason behind your sudden pain in your back and shoulders and 4 ways to keep it in check.

4 Signs Your Big Boobs Is The Reason Behind Your Back Pain

1. You Feel Chronic Pain In The Spine & Neck

Signs Being Heavy Chested Is The Cause Of Your Back Pain (& What You Can Do About It)

Pain in the spine and neck is quite common among all of us. It may be the result of a poor sleeping or sitting posture, or a sedentary lifestyle. But, in such cases, the pain recedes after some rest, unless you’ve aggravated the condition. However, if the pain is stubborn and refuses to subside, chances are that it may be due to your ample assets.

2. You’ve Suddenly Developed A Curved Spine

Along with the constant, niggling or excruciating pain in the spine (and neck too, perhaps), you may notice a slouch in your posture, not a deliberate one. This indicates that your spine has got curved and deformed, leading to a bent posture.

3. You Feel Your Shoulders Slouching Too

You’ve been going about your life as usual and you suddenly notice an unexplained slouch in your shoulders, along with pain in your back and neck. Or, somebody just pointed out your stooping posture and slouching shoulders. Your heavy chest can be the reason behind this new development.

4. You Find Following A Fitness Routine Difficult Because Of Back Pain

As if your big boobs don’t cause you enough embarrassment with their constant jiggling, almost wanting to jump out of your bra, you’ve got another problem at hand. And that’s that obstinate pain at the back, and you can’t understand what exactly it originated from suddenly. Your big breasts may be the reason behind this too. 

4 Ways To Treat The Back Pain Caused Due To Your Heavy Boobs

Despite the difficulties of those big breasts, the following tricks and tips are likely to help you in eliminating your back and shoulder pain.

1. Change Your Bra

The bra you wear daily may not be appropriate for you. An estimated 80% of the female population wear bras of the wrong size or fit or both. Check whether it is supportive enough, whether the straps are adjustable and sufficiently comfortable, and then check the fit. Evaluate whether your breasts feel comfortable in them and whether the bra straps are just right to hold your boobs up, without exerting excessive pressure on your shoulders. Also, check whether the bra band doesn’t curve your spine in an unusual way.

Learn how to correctly choose and wear a bra here.

2. Strengthen Your Back Muscles

Since you have big boobs, your shoulders need to be packed with enough power for it to not hurt despite carrying a significant part of the weight of your massive assets. Strengthening the muscles of your upper and lower back through a vigorous fitness routine will work wonders in alleviating your back pain. You can include bodyweight exercises and practice yoga to strengthen your back and do push-ups for the entire upper body. 

3. Strengthen Your Shoulders

If your breasts put too much pressure on your bra straps, pulling your shoulders forward in the process, exercising the shoulders muscles to strengthen them is one of the ways out of experiencing the pain. This will reduce your muscle pain and prevent it from occurring again.

4. Don’t Miss Out On Your Abs

Work on your core strength to get rid of the back pain owing to your heavy breasts. These muscles stabilise your entire upper body, including your chest and upper back. It also helps you to maintain proper posture while sitting and standing. However, this doesn’t imply you need to solely focus on crunches and sit-ups. Focus on a workout routine that specialises in stabilising your muscles and maintaining your balance. So, work on your entire body and say goodbye to all that pain arising from your big assets.

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