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5 Lifesavers You Should Be Packing In Your Bag On Period Days


When you’re on your period, you’re always extra-cautious. Checking for stains, making sure you’re eating right and remembering to take rest is second nature by now. Stepping out of the house on your period is always an exercise in checking and double checking, to make sure you’re ready to face the day in comfort and without embarrassment.

If you’re working, studying or doing something that requires daily travel, a well-equipped bag holds the answer to all your problems. We trust that you know exactly what you need, but here’s a small checklist to ensure that you’re good to go, anywhere and anytime!

1. Tampons or Pads

Let’s start with the obvious – extra tampons or pads.

Depending on your blood flow and comfort levels, you should always carry some extra tampons or pads just in case. Unexpected accidents can always happen, and your plans might change during the day. Its always good to be extra prepared and you’ll thank your past self for it!

In fact, we encourage you to always carry extra sanitary products. Not only will they save you from an uncomfortable situation, you also have the added benefit of helping someone out when they need a pad!

P.S – if you use a menstrual cup, carry a pad or tampon just in case. You never know when it might come handy.

2. Pain Relief Medication

Sometimes, only medication will help the pain go away. If you have moderate to severe period cramps, always have some form of pain relief medication in your bag.

Most pain medication that can be helpful during your period is over the counter (OTC), which means you can purchase it without a prescription. You can get an anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or Meftal. Or, you can purchase medicine which contains acetaminophen, which directly blocks pain receptors.

3. Wet wipes or tissue paper

Being as hygienic as possible on your period is paramount. Always make sure to carry some wet wipes or tissue paper so that even in unfamiliar, potentially unclean environments, you are prepared for the worst.

Additionally, carrying tissue paper means that you can dispose of your tampon or pad in a pinch if needed.

4. Extra underwear

We’ve all had that dreaded accident. Sometimes you bleed too much, sometimes your pad or tampon isn’t placed correctly and you accidentally stain your clothing. Sometimes, your period makes a surprise visit either before or after your usual dates and catches you unprepared.

Carrying extra underwear in your bag is like having a safety net. You won’t be forced to wear stained underwear for the rest of the day, and you can move around, worry free!  

5. Discreet bag or pouch

A small pouch or bag to carry all your menstrual products is a great hack. They can keep your products safe and away from the rest of the contents of your bag. Plus, it’s a great way of taking things to the washroom without carrying your entire bag and being discreet.

Pro tip: also carry a small roll of newspaper or a plastic bag if you want to dispose of your pad or tampon.

Remember, you know your body the best. Everyone’s cycle is a different challenge and what you need, may not be the same as what someone else needs. So, pack up your bag with your period essentials and make sure you’re always good to go! 

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